We’re Holding Another Superpreneur Event @ The Relentless House!

No personal guarantee is necessary to build your business credit. On Sunday, March 3 a small group of business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring business credit gurus are invited to come together at The Relentless House for the purpose of collaborating and sharing information relating to trade accounts and the ease of which to acquire basic and extreme levels of credibility for your business. And strategies to be addressed or basic set up, first round trade accounts, second round trade accounts, maximum leverage, finally hurdles and challenges your request. RSVP NECESSARY. Closing at 20 guests.

Side note: it’s very important for us to share freely, especially things such as information that doesn’t require hands-on, real-time efforts. The least we can do is share a little of our time so that our circle can grow strong. If you’re not strong, free, progressing, then how strong, free and progressive am I really? If you’re not there, I’m not there either. Its just how I feel. Go there with us this Sunday. We look forward to meeting you, SUPERPRENEUR!





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