THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW ME PERSONALLY know me to be frank and concise, as well as unpredictable and (sometimes) glib & polarizing. Hey, this is the voice I've been given. For the greater good? Well, for now the jury is out on that one. Time will tell. Meanwhile, you can't take CONSISTENT, HARD-WORKING, INSPIRING or TALENTED from me. And thats what you'll see in my random posts. Here are some highlights. Thanks for spending time with me.

I LOVE THIS PROCESS: of me being free to be me, to be human and imperfect and talented and connected and global and paid and grounded and frugal and conscious and vulgar and still spiritual and yet so extra-ordinary. I LOVE the process of weeding out those who don't belong here, connected to me, by my side, in my real-time, influenced & inspired by me, but at the same time learning about those I do love, those who do love and respect me. And (yes) I can even agree to disagree, and understand those who challenge me. I appreciate that I live life on so many dimensions; dimensions that the average person couldn't fathom, and yet with a certain peace that embraces and protects me from harm. I'm anointed and I understand my value. I'm humble and can still indulge in prayer and meditation and the grace that comes my way. Beyond all that, I'm still RELENTLESS

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DIS ONE HARD-WORKIN MAN. Work-ethic=1000. And when a woman realizes she cant control me, my sarcasm, my liberty, my fame, instead of "friendly" she becomes upset/angry/distant. My thing is, WHO NEEDS THAT NEGATIVE ENERGY??? Life is TOO fuckin short, and im too successful to embrace women who don't embrace me. ALL OF ME! What was that song? "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"

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