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A Letter To Relentless Aaron

ivery says: i want to be a writer and get my work out there. just wanted to know could you give me some pointers on how i should go about doing that. thankz

Relentless Aaron says: by the quick note you sent, it doesn't seem like you're as interested in being a writer as you are with the fascination of the same. Either that, or you're just wanting to pick my brain to get my textbook reply. Assuming none of that is true, I will still direct you

Relentless Aaron, your free, accessible writing life coach (yeah... RIGHT!)

1st of all, research your question on the Internet. Since you emailed me, and reached out to me through my website, I must assume you have a command for using the computer, Internet, Worldwide Web. So then, why don't you just do your research?

There are many books on writing, some of which I note in my blogs on Facebook and here at and there are many other blogs I've written (interviews I've done) that you can find by merely doing a Google search.

So, now that we've covered your want, how about we get into the "pointers" you ask for.

  1. Pointer #1-Read about writing (already gave you that pointer.)
  2. Pointer #2- Read books by the best selling authors of the genre you intend to conquer.
  3. Pointer #3- Write as much as you possibly can, until it becomes your lifestyle.
  4. Pointer #4- Begin branding your name in the industry you intend to conquer by submitting short essays that are relevant (to this and that issue) in this and that  newspaper or magazine.
  5. And finally- (you didn't think I was gonna give you the cow, did you?)-Pointer #5-Don't be so attached to your work (or to the suggestions of others in the quest to, ahem, keep it real.) The only thing you should be doing is writing what you know, feel and have an urgency to share. There goes my advice for the day. Word. #Relentless


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