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Lookin For Sudden Inspiration? This group of short clips WILL NOT FAIL YOU!

The Return Of The Hummingbird

fightINGWe are frustrated human beings. we don’t know how to exercise discipline in how we communicate. Once communication has faltered, then it is a matter of respect and the ability to exhibit respect on the most basic level. But once the respect is lost, then we bottom-out to what we all are at the foundation. #animals

I learned a long time ago that in the desert there are hummingbirds and vultures. I had to decide whether I would be the deadliest vulture or the most peaceful/resourceful hummingbird.

On occasion I’d forget and digress to the primitive, predatory vulture’s ways/mostly as a preventive measure/not that I’d go out looking for trouble. But for the most part, and ultimately, I’m comfortable enough and wise enough to know that I will reach more people and effect more change by staying positive. Being the hummingbird means being resourceful and helping others. Being the hummingbird means giving and receiving love. It means compassion and concern and affection.

Being a hummingbird is really a self-affirming way to live, breathe and co-exist in harmony with others. Its a healing existence; something very natural to all of us.

Our cuts must heal in peace. Our minds must heal in peace. At night, we must sleep in peace in order to feel refreshed in the morning. The hummingbird: Its that soothing existence. Its therapeutic and allows for meditation. It means balance and purpose as apposed to the erratic, impulsive ways that we human beings can become (at our worst). Instead of irrational behavior and malice aforethought, we can assume confidence when we’re walking and performing in accordance with nature’s laws. Gravity. Attraction. Correspondence. Nature. These laws are bountiful ones that apply to EVERYONE. There’s no getting around them. There’s no talking your way out of them. This isn’t a religious sect or cult. These are realities that are part of our everyday existence, whether you wake up or not. They insure quality of life. Adhering to them means “in-tune” and “harmonious.” And as much as we all have these muddied pasts (or that we’ve avoided and/or side-stepped them), there is something called “growth” and “maturity” that awaits us.

There will be a day in your life when you embrace the necessary changes that keep with a certain purpose and a certain “walk” in life. You may hafta get popped upside the head to recognize it. You may hafta have a near-tragic accident.

It may be the loss of a loved one and your new realization of mortality. No matter what the significant emotional event, you will inevitably (and hopefully) land here… at peace.hqdefault

If you’re a writer like me, you can easily release through the vessel that is your passion. Same with musicians or artists. You can live that other life in a sort of therapeutic push towards flushing out the old. As a writer I can vicariously take on characters in my books. I can live thru them to release certain pain and anger and hostility. However in person/in real-time, I need to be able to separate the fiction from the nonfiction. I need to exercise the utmost discipline and to keep it positive as much as possible, and to further grow and protect my wealth of resources. There are so many images and sounds and experiences that make up this jaded, tattered tapestry that lines the walls of our minds and many times causes us to “act out” or “flip.” You do have the ability to make those adjustments in your life. Remember: YOUR PAST DOES NOT EQUAL YOUR FUTURE. There is so much pain and misery and deception in our communities that many of us find comfort there/something like a dog sleeping comfortably. We are sucked-in to the “haves” verses the “have nots” argument, the “who’s better than who” argument, and the “who’s stronger” argument. I worked hard to earn my wealth of resources. I will no longer surrender to those practices, the lunacy or the challenges of those other lost souls/the others who are (or who think they are vultures; the lowest inhabitants of our animal kingdom. Yes, we have learned to speak, however knowing the language is not quite the same as using or putting the language to work. And so I put it to work in the most productive, the most positive ways I know how. Because life is too short for anything else. #relentlessaaron #blackinstagram #conyersgeorgia #publishedauthor #thegormetauthor #urbanlitking #urbanlit #blacktwitter #inspiring #entrepreneur #writer #inspiring #lifecoach #mountvernonnewyork


if you are not interacting with people, then what are you doing to fill that void? Are you just enjoying that idle time. Are you the progressive/productive type that appreciates digging into a pile of work, not one to squander idle time? Maybe. However, if none of this applies to you then, somebody/somewhere might be a little “backed-up.”

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The Most Important Coffee Shop On The Planet Earth – Starbucks, Conyers Ga

Welcome to Starbucks in Conyers Georgia, “the most important coffee shop on the planet Earth.” It is not because of resources, or even access to resources, that this is the worlds most “important” coffee shop; it’s because this shop is the most resourceful community with its many resources. And, as customers, webern nadette stanis do this by default-compassion. Yes, we hold many resources amongst us, be it talents, knowledge or connections. And as one of those customers, I have realized my own resources as well as my potential to “be resourceful.” All I know is that I have put that ability to work for me and others.

I have helped others find work. I have helped raise money, food & clothing for various dire needs. I have done this with my own personal power, so imagine what we’re doing as a community of resourceful folk. Here’s some of it:

A philanthropic friend of mine took a homeless man to get eyewear, he also gave the same guy a roof over his head for more than a year/no charge. Another friend of mine gave that same homeless man some work, as well as a laptop computer, while still another gave him a gym membership so that he could clean up after himself. You should’ve seen the transformation! There was a house fire here in town that took the lives of a few young children and left a few living. This most important coffee shop on Earth raised money FOR TWO MONTHS, both at the counter and the drive-thru, all of it deposited on behalf of the family. These are just a few of the positive interactions I’ve witnessed, besides those I’ve received myself. I am walking, talking evidence that we are a resourceful community, despite the trying times we’re always hearing about. And all of this… all of it is the result of networking, communicating and planning right here at Starbucks in Conyers Georgia. Making the best of what we have, right where we are. No need to run to the big city. No need to take the resources out of the neighborhood. Yes, this is the most important coffee shop on the Planet Earth. Here are some more reasons why:

If you have a not-for profit community initiative, we know that (already) you’ve proven a certain credibility and that you exist to help others. So, its only right that we reach out to help you raise a money and/or awareness in your quest. When you get a moment stop by our Facebook Page.
This is where we post for initiatives and organizations we support.
We recently assisted one of television’s biggest stars; I’m speaking about Bernadette Stanis, better known as “Thelma” from the hit TV sitcom “Good Times.” Here at Starbucks in Conyers Georgia we helped Bernadette raise thousands of dollars for her Alzheimer’s foundation and related initiatives. Here’s more information about her efforts. REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES

Sure, Conyers is small in a world of big cities and historic towns. However, here in our little town, population 15,408 (2012 census), we help organizations such as free health clinics, battered women’s shelters, food banks, and even efforts to assist teenaged mothers as well as spreading awareness about organ donations. Yes, this is a small town in our massive nation, however, in this small town there is a big heart, And it beats right here at the world’s most important coffee shop.
eric estrada at starbucks conyers georgia relentless aaronOkay, so maybe your interest is not necessarily those nonprofit initiative; well, here at the world’s most important coffeeshop, we also welcome and embrace a community of entrepreneurs, professionals, sports legends, as well as large and small personalities who travel through or who reside nearby. Whether it is the legendary Eric Estrada-arguably the first Latino sitcom star (bka Officer “Ponch” from the renowned TV show “Chips“), or NFL titans like Daniel Buggs (NY Giants, Redskins) & Ervin “The Blueprint” Parker (Seattle Seahawks). Or perhaps you’re more familiar with singers such as jodithompson mcgriffcomedians and comedic actors like Jodi Thompson (Sweet Home Alabama), or McGriff, whos appeared on BET Comic View and Bad Boys of Comedy and of course there’s the legendary funnyman, Comedian C. Davis, who hosts all of our monthly comedy events.

Okay, so yes, the worlds most important coffeeshop might also compete for the most talented coffeeshop, but we cannot forget our community leadership,

such as State Senator Ron Ramsey and or County Commissioners and Magistrates. We cannot forget our large and small business moguls, our fitness center owners, our licensed plumbers, carpenters, chiropractors, concert promoters, holistic & relationship counselors video & website producers, doctors and health & financial experts, and uhm… pole-fitness anyone?
Proprietors of clothing shops, dog kennels and a host of real estate and legal professionals all call this Starbucks store “home.” We cannot forget them as relentless aaron and key once' bowlesthey too people the most important coffee shop on earth. They connect with other resources here, as well as they hire others to help build their brands. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot forget the law enforcement, the dentists, the home-security & surveillance specialists, most everyone being resourceful.  And we definitely don’t want to miss the reverends & preachers who come here for their occasional cup of coffee. All of this fantastic, vibrant, progressive energy under one roof, here at Starbucks of Conyers Georgia

But WAIT!  Did you know that we produce monthly and weekly comedy & music events here? Did you know about the numerous videoclips that you can see on YouTube?
 That world renowned coffeeshop is known as Starbucks, and its right here on highway 138 in Conyers Georgia. Oh yes, if you listen closely during the quiet hours, you might just hear that heartbeat I mentioned. And also, if you’re lucky you might even run into an author with just a bit of notoriety.


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I felt like a disco ball a few minutes ago, so I compiled a short list of favorites. What’s YOUR favorite 70’s DISCO hit? I’d like to know.

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If You Happen To Be Anywhere East of Atlanta (Conyers – Jazz – Starbucks)

It all begins this week in Conyers. The Starbucks franchise that I call “Home” is adopting wine, beer and the various foods that are served with the menu. Its a big deal because there’s nowhere to lounge, have conversation, under comfortable circumstances (not in Conyers, Ga, anyway). Moreover, this will attract new customers, and new customers means new relationships…same town. Just all sorts of possibilities in new relationships. And now that I’ll be producing additional events here in the store, see, this is gonna be a blast! #Excited.


Conyers Georgia jazz starbucks wednesday

You’re A Loser, So Long As You Believe You Are


So… The girl (or guy) you had within arms reach, The marriage you thought was written in stone. The deal that didn’t quite close. The job you thought was forever… all these potential successes have turned sour, so what do you do? Hank Aaron had to strike out hundreds of times in oder for him to be known as the world’s greatest home run hitter. Michael Jordan has missed many free throws and three-pointers but he is recognized as one of the world’s greatest basketball players. The moral to the story is

if you’re looking for treasure you will need to go where the water is deep, for there is no valued treasure that is easy to acquire.

you keep on fighting and you keep on trying and you keep on going until you win. There is no other option! you amass the resources that are necessary for you to accomplish your goal. You chart your initiative in a blueprint. You follow your blueprint. Above all, you do not give up.


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Not Loving Too Fast

Loving Relentless aaron - the saga

Loving Relentless aaron – the saga

JADED SOUL THAT I AM, It’s difficult to pursue, to court or to “vet” a potential mate without the element of “sex” in the equation. In my mind, I’ve “flipped the switch” so that I can “think straight” as we move forward during this sensitive time. I’m determined to have a friend and to “figure her out” before any of the extras. Because I’m so busy, I’m finding it super-easy to shut down that side of my brain, (YES, I SAID SHUT DOWN/World is coming to an end, I know) knowing that such a significant activity will add leverage and importance to our relationship; but can I get that leverage and importance WITHOUT the sex? On one hand, we know sex can glue-together any of the distance that two people might find… different family upbringings, different walk in life… sometimes even what and when they eat. People DO have different lives, and sometimes that can create a gap, a void, or some “distance.” On the other hand, sex can blind you to certain things. You might ignore the “hole in the donut” and instead concentrate on the substance the quality and the enjoyment of the donut itself. And this sudden abstinence is, well, “cute.” And its also SO outside of my comfort zone! And yet I’m also aware that the LACK of sex can also create a sort of leverage and intensity for that moment when the hammer DOES fall. (and it will, dammit. One day soon IT WILL!) lol. Time will reveal. #relentless

Graduation Time Again. So Here’s A Gift From Relentless Aaron

Salonge Knowles and Donald Stirling; Guilty! Unbalanced Lives…

20140514-062036.jpgOn Tuesday I had lunch outdoors and a friend came up and began conversation about the fight (you know the one/the Solange Knowles fight that wasn’t a fight?) I attempted to put things in proper perspective for him and said

“no matter how much money we have, that will not stop the fuckery.”

I expounded and said “the big trick” in life is that we feed into the idea that its possible to make more of your 24 hours. Somehow, if you have more money, you have purchased time, if only in your mind. My friend’s contention was that if he had $1 million he would be happy. I had to first let him finish talking (making his points) before I “went in” to dissect the way he thinks and his “old school” belief systems, to the point that he began to agree with me. I used an analogy of him with his (let’s say) lottery winnings, traveling the world and physically experiencing this, that, and the other… Versus me, on a small farm with a little House on the Prairie. I had to detail for him how much I could make of such a simple life, how rich and engaging the experiences would be, as opposed to running all over the world to wet my stick, running after younger women, or any other such tension-relieving activity to fulfill my curiosity. I had to explain all of the various activities that I could engage in on a farm; activities that were entirely enriching and relevant to human existence. I could do something as simple as watching ants on a farm. And I could learn from that. I could identify the various animals in my so-called wilderness, from the birds to the worms… all of them feeding the ecosystem that we all (rich or poor) must drink, eat and breathe within. I remember my older friend rationalizing his position, saying: “well, if you put it that way… ” But it’s not me putting it a certain way; it’s just the reality we liven in.

But family, isn’t this a problem? People thinking, believing and imagining that theres a “better life” or “more to life” or that you’re living an “amazing life” where there is excess? Where there is glitz & glamour, limos and Evian. Aren’t so many of us struggling and panicking and losing our patience with the way things are, if only to acquire or achieve what has been presented before us on TV in movies and magazines? These various media entities make it so appetizing to own more and possess more and hoard more. But are we truly “living” “doing” or “being” more?

More more more, how do you like it, how do you like it?

So ask yourself, have you ever experienced true peace in your life, true love in your life, and abundant healthy living habits? In your hustle and your daily grind, do you even know what that feels like? Can’t I get that peace of mind and balance on a farm? Do you think Solange Knowles has that carefree, peaceful balance in her life? Clearly not, if she could it necessary to inflict violence on someone else. I mean, I could see if she was a professional fighter, or even if she were looking for attention. These are areas that “balance” wouldn’t be in the conversation. But it is clear to us that Solange has a young mind, influenced by power, fame and money (or lack thereof) and that balance is INDEED the issue.

 But say I did have an extra million dollars lying around, do you not think there would be certain maintenance of that million dollars; the house, the car, the expensive lifestyle? And what if you ran into snafus where coming up with the finances to pay such expenses lead to stress, frustration or hostility… If you own a house is there not taxes to pay and upkeep to see to? If you don’t do your massive lawn then chances are you’ll need to pay someone to keep it for you. And if you’re not tending to your massive pool or waxing your massive car collection, or polishing your 10 bathrooms with your 10 golden toilet stools, then chances are you will need a staff of individuals to maintain that for you. And you’ll need to pay them. So then you’ve spent an awful lot of money on life’s extravagant features, only to realize that you need to pay weekly salaries or monthly service fees to maintain all of the above. What that means is that you better have some residual income. At least, you’d better have a certain amount of money in the bank, earning you interest enough to cover all expenses. That’s the only way you will be able to enjoy what you’ve bought into. Oh… one more thing…

you’d better have a balanced, healthy ritual going on too. Because tension and stress comes with the program.

What’s that you say? All that money has bought you more girlfriends? Well my friend, if you thought there was maintenance for your cars your houses and your land, then you had better go back to the drawing board because the math gets extra wicked when you start dealing with multiple women and multiple relationships. Everyday, we are watching relationships falter on the boob tube. Right before our very eyes we are watching one millionaire after another succumb and fall apart, subjected to the temptations of life. They have bought into this abundant lifestyle whether by their limited talents or their pot luck winnings. If they already had in a relationship, that relationship will be tested by the newfound fame coming into their lives. With your newfound fame will come the other crabs behind you, all of them trying to get out of the barrel. Yes, that can be women, that can be friends, and that will especially be your family. All of those people will feel entitled to live off of your winnings and your earnings. and if you deny them that access, the drama has only just begun. Take a look at Ted Williams, who gained instant worldwide notoriety for having the “Golden Voice.” Ted was found to be homeless, collecting change in the street, and thanks to social media the world got to recognize his talents. He earned instant fame, and the family soon came a’knockin. His offsprings, at least one of them, created an altercation that became “domestic.” Look at The racist Donald Sterling. he thought he could purchase multiple relationships with his billions of dollars. He thought his money could also buy an atmosphere that supports his opinion. He thought that his money could buy him credibility amongst other races, most likely to offset his extreme racist views. Look at the performers that have experienced physical breakdowns, because their popularity calls for them to try and be at more than one event in a particular day. It gets worse if those events are in neighboring states or at a distance from one another, because an entertainer will immediately take advantage of a quick flight but for to make it to another event, just to pick up more money from the precious weekend gigs, making more out of there 24 hours. Or so it seems. So, that entertainer has now satisfied two audiences. The questions that we don’t ask are: is your health keeping with the demands on your physical presence? More importantly, is your mental health able to keep with the fast-paced world that you have been imported into? And this goes to everyone from sports stars to rap stars to business moguls.

Note, I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but you had better be making some nice coin to maintain that team you’ll need; one that manages your life as well as their own. Second note, if any of your team members are not being compensated for their time they will not be happy and they will not achieve maximum results on your behalf. In fact, they might steal time, money or resources from you, just to make sense of being with you. Yes, these are the things we don’t think about when we want for larger resources and earnings. But with proper planning, good reference and mentorship from verified professional busy-bodies… with the proper training, you too can maintain a healthy, abundant lifestyle. But heres my lil secret… you don’t need a whole lot of money to achieve those results in your life right now. 1) keep an exercise regimen in your daily routine. 2) maintain a healthy diet whether it’s food to nourish your body or books to nourish your brain. 3) Be extra sure that the people you connect with on a daily basis are those that contribute to your growth. I’m done this morning. I hope you’ve taken away something valuable from my words #RelentlessAaron #blackinstagram #conyersgeorgia #publishedauthor #thegormetauthor #urbanlitking #urbanlit #blacktwitter #inspiring #entrepreneur #writer #inspiring #lifecoach #mountvernonnewyork

I Put In Work For Hip Hop Artists, R&B Greats, Jazz Legends and Much More!

Here’s a DAMNED GOOD LAUGH if you know Beyonce, Jay-Z & Solange

The Internet ROARED TODAY with the news that Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, “attacked” her brother in-law in an elevator/security and all. Here’s the video (below) and what the world had to say about it…





“Security guards wives not allowed on the elevator”
“If you’re here, who’s watching Blue?”
“Go ahead, strike a hit. I can’t remember the last time you did that anyway”
“Can I borrow one of your grammys? Blu need a new sippy cup”
“You are the Tito of your family”
“the buttons on this elevator got more hits than you”
“Blue got more fans than you”
“I can live with a 10% family discount for our concert tickets but that’s it”
“Michelle sold more records than you”
“this elevator is full can you catch the next 1?”


In Case You Don’t Know What I’m Doing At Starbucks (Everyday)…

Time To Go – The RV Is Officially Up For Sale!


Awesome Camper/Motor Home Deal! Selling Old, Buying New RV - $1800 (Atlanta)

My RV is in Great condition, and it has served me WELL. The money I've saved,  the women I've laid, the business deals, all the home-cooked meals...

My RV got me front page news, its a haven from the blues, a world I choose. The peace of mind I feel allows me to express my truth...

I've written books here, shot films here, and thank God no collisions with any deer. No I don' smoke and I don't drink beer, but a glass of wine now and then, especially to bring in the year.

I am purchasing a newer model motor home real soon. Its got all the immunities, except way more room. The next level in my life, 2 levels before the moon. And I'll travel a little, maybe sing some tunes.

But for now I must say farewell to my friend. She's served me well/on her I'd depend.

"00h0h_5pipAr9ncla_600x450Old Reliable" should be her nickname, and thanks to Breaking Bad for all the "meth-lab fame."

Its the end of an era, Relentless you did that! From a cargo van, to a camper in 2 yrs flat.

A museum should own this! Yup, in time you'll see... the work I've done will make history!

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! It can be used as a home or an office on wheels! I just had a rebuilt transmission put in/January, so it runs smooth and is great on gas. I had a starter, alternator, and new batteries installed. My RV also has all the amenities such as the refrigerator/freezer, surround-sound entertainment, shower & bathroom, kitchenette, microwave & stove. Theres lots of storage. I currently used as it as my home; but I'm now moving to a new residence. The unit has a full sleeper in the rear for adult(s). Room for two kids in a 2nd sleeper. The tires are good. The vehicle is ready to drive on short or long trips. It has about 50,000 miles and can stand a couple hundred thousand more! Working generator; heat and AC also works fine. 1984 Chevy Strong 450 engine

00b0b_cjKeAjhKDko_600x450Update: I've decided to keep the RV

A Look Back At My Thoughts Inside of a Failing Marriage

Let me begin with saying that these older posts and posting them is therapeutic, if not insightful. They give me another look into the mind I’ve developed from and a greater perspective on my own personal growth.

“Back To Back”

Relentless Aaron - King of Urban FictionDear Diary: I know that so many people must be going through this very situation. My significant other is right there in the bed next to me, except we’re sleeping back-to-back. I’m sure she’s frustrated since I’m in her way, in the very space where another caring, affectionate man could be. And I’m sure as hell just as frustrated, because I know that I could have it all, too. I know there’s a down-to-earth woman out there who has the affection I need, but her place in bed next to me is occupied. Basically, we’re both in a place we don’t want to be in and we’re making each other sick to our stomachs, enough so that we have to sleep back-to-back.

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. And I know that I’m as much at fault as she is, with as much potential and ability as she has, to turn over in the bed and say

baby, this is silly. Why don’t we just both make the effort to fix this before it gets out of hand. Why don’t we just look for those feelings we once had and try to at least fake our way through this until it becomes normal again to love and hold one another.”

But my thoughts are getting in the way just as much as hers. Just as she is, I’m thinking about all the foul things that have been said. Just as she is, I’m thinking about a better life, the new love, the fresh start and the appreciation that I could indeed receive from that next mass of walking, talking human energy; an energy that is unconditional, a woman who can appreciate the total man that I am and that I aim to be. I know I deserve this and that I can have this. I don’t have to put up with her fair-weather faith in my dreams, hopes and wherewithal to succeed. I don’t have to put up with her blatant disregard for the information age and how necessary it all is to us. Jesus, the woman doesn’t even have an e-mail address. I set up a Myspace page for her, and that is even outside of her ability to understand or to indulge.

But there are other issues here. We’re married, with responsibilities. Our children. We made two of them. And they’ve grown into intelligent, self-motivated, achievers with their very own dreams and ambitions. The children are not mistakes; they look like the two of us; they both have our various attributes; our son has his mother’s quick wit. Our daughter is just as quick-witted, except that she is a lot more patient and cunning and calculating than her brother. That is not to say that she is all-the-way patient, just that she is more patient than he. I can’t quite say why our son is such a klutz sometimes; I guess it just is what it is. The whole point here is that we made these two children intentionally, in a one-bedroom apartment, over ten years ago, when love and passion was waaaaaaay more abundant than money. And now, more than ten years later, women are throwing pussy at me just as much as men are throwing money and promise at her. All of that temptation only makes it harder to focus on togetherness and unity. Couple that with the challenging time we have paying bills, and you have a fucking fiasco in the making. At one point, I would’ve given everything I had to maintain this relationship. But now, with the promises of 7-figure earnings strolling down my path, and with more possibility and more encouragement than ever to just wing it as a single man once again, it makes things so much more convenient to just walk the fuck out of this storm. I can almost smell a bed of roses right around the corner.

And yet, while all of that feels so appealing, and while all of these mixed emotions are driving me insane, I can say I still love this bitch to death. She puts it down like no other woman I know. Kinky sex. Cooking. Housekeeping. All the stuff an above-average chick on the side is gonna envy until it oozes out of her perky tits. Plus, I know in my heart that I’ve contributed so much to the woman that she is, and the family that we are. Okay sure, the left side of my brain can come up with all sorts of excuses why this shit is going down hill. But, that’s a common man’s thinking. That’s for the weak dude who can’t find an ounce of discipline in his body. Now, it’s up to me to find that old flame. It’s up to me to be the driver and to urge towards solution and glue this thing together. No, she hasn’t thrown a knife at me, and she hasn’t created a mess with irreversible acts such as breaking precious memorabilia, or worse. It’s only this back to back thing that has pulled us apart. Can I be the stronger one and reverse this silly shit? Can I be the man, (with all my ego and cock-strong affirmations in life), to the point that I can control something that seems to have gotten out of control?

She said some slick, intelligent Dr. Phil-shit last night: “It all starts right here. The karma you have here in the home will follow you wherever you go and in whatever you do.” And I’m thinking, well if you’re that intelligent, why the hell don’t you work towards fixing this! Weren’t you the one that said “we don’t have a relationship” just hours earlier? I’m saying karma? And I’m thinking about just a week ago, how I woke this woman up out of a deep sleep only to press my face between her legs to the point of orgasm. This woman was reaching for things that were never within reach, so satisfied with how I “serviced” her. Okay, so sex isn’t necessarily affection, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t close.

There are just a few more days of relaxation since the kids are out of school. It’s the holidays. Things are in play-it-by-ear mode. And the payday is that much closer to getting us the house we want and the lifestyle we aspire for. So, no haste here, buddy. Hold on tight before this woman drives you mad. The world is counting on you to succeed, and twice as many  people are watching and waiting for your demise. Hold tight young warrior, and remember the really tough times you’ve survived. Does this small feud match the death-defying battles you’ve won in your life? Does this misunderstanding even come close to the great sacrifices you’ve made and the struggle you’ve endured? Naw. Cross over that hurdle for a hug. Get past that karma-comment for a kiss. And match that negative energy with your raw emotions. Because, after all, you are not like other men. You are Relentless.

The right brain is taking over again.

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