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DEFRAGGING KANYE WEST – Mouth Almighty? Or Genius Without A Master Plan?

Years ago, ABC NEWS CALLED ME “The Kanye West of Urban Fiction” and at the time, I’d hafta agree with them. I was against the grain, unorthodox, and blessed with a huge publishing deal, the biggest for any urban lit author at the time. I was cocky, deliberate, and I felt the world was mine. This was a wave I rode with pride, since I had worked long and hard to achieve all I had achieved. Sacrifices. Loss. Hard work. There was a point when I had to humble myself. My high horse had shot out from under me. The air had been sucked from my balloon. Change had fallen upon my shoulders and I honestly wasn’t ready for it. Right; me, the guy who’s always talking about prevention,, consistence and mastery. Me, the guy who the library Journal notes:

“For an incisive look at a man’s inner thoughts and feelings as he juggles multiple sexual encounters, look no further than Relentless Aaron’s (Extra Marital Affairs) new novel. In capturing the emotions of pure sexual release and introspective debates on being true to women, this author is unparalleled”.

ABC NEWS calls Relentless aaron the Kanye West of urban fiction because of his unorthodox way of doing business

ABC NEWS calls Relentless aaron “the Kanye West of urban fiction” because of his unorthodox way of doing business

Imagine that such success and such accolades weigh upon my shoulders, right before the life-changers hit; my wife of 14 years puts my personal belongings/clothes, etc in Hefty bags/stacked by the door. (Used our children to help her do it). At the same time, the book I produced for 50 Cent and the G-Unit brand wasn’t gettin the 50 Cent support that I initially  expected. Add to that, the publicity and marketing department who were tasked with promoting the books was brand new to urban culture and had to even ask ME who, how and where to move in sharing these books with the world. In fact, they had changed publicists 2 or 3 times during and after they dropped the checks on me.

Yes, my career was (and has been) as futile and as fueled by controversy and misguidance as Kanye’s is and has been. So, to that end, ABC News was SPOT ON. However, winners never quit… And I’ve been achieving, cautious and carefully, ever since. Kanye however, has been crying the blues.

Recently, Kanye appeared on Sway’s Internet radio show and the truth spilled out. It makes for good conversation, and for me to add perspective and a voice of reason…

kanye west on the sway radio show2 brilliant minds on this interview and they both missed the point. Sway did not understand Kanye’s world/Kanye did not understand Sway’s world… Sway has been heavily buried in music and culture, Kanye has been buried in producing, performing, etc. Both of them misunderstand the reality of “24.” Kanye laid it out as it relates to his diversity as a creative artist, including his rapping, fashion and family etc. He was basically outlining why he’s unhappy/frustrated about his positioning in life. And here is the lesson: Kanye’s plight is to receive manufacturing, publicity, and OPM in order to push his ideas to the forefront. With his ideas at the forefront, the theory is that the popularity of being at the forefront would spread into his other areas of creativity. At the same time he wants 2control everything. The only way to achieve the results Kanye wants means surrendering decision-making/delegating certain authority. In the end he should have just one control and that is quality control of his name and products that are released in his name. This way he can focus on performance and producing. but with 24 hrs in a day it is impossible to be everything to everybody and that is what Kanye wants. on the surface he may know what he wants but deep down but he doesn’t know is that he wants to be as resourceful as possible with his 24. he either does not know this or no one in his circle has explained it to him. my guess is that no one in his immediate circle is clear enough or educated enough to know that truth.Look at a number of other models that are successful with their 24 hrs and u will see the magic of duplication, of efficiency, and of successful branding across multiple platforms. in the end, Kanye wants successful branding across multiple platforms but it all comes from his voice. his voice may be his imagining or his audible voice or his vision casted on the world. it still all amounts 2his voice. The lesson to be learned in the Kanye-a-thon is that there are but 24 hrs in a day and your job is 2be the most resourceful with those 24 hrs, doing the most and achieving the most. if u are not a master and u are using this process u are @Least winning further gains. But if u are a master, as Kanye is in many cases, and if you learn to be most resource full with your 24 hrs, u will win further gains and ultimate success across multiple platforms.SIDE NOTE:

relentless aaron author publisher conyers georgia

I can’t tell Kanye what he should or shouldn’t do; but as a life coach, I’d suggest he be focused on his own brand.
So right, that he doesn’t influence sales of Benz. They’ve built their brand and a solid foundation/fan base. Just becuz he says “Benz” in his music doesn’t make folks want one. Reality is, when he mentions benz or nike it adds credibility to Kanye more than it does visa versa. He’s losing hus fkn mind if he thinks he MADE Jordan bcuz of his influence. If anything he helped maintain relevance, but thats his choice. He dont get diddly for that unless its well planned and executed as such. If being a “slave” is the result of “enjoying” a brand, enough to mention them, or suggest them to the people who follow you, then Hell, WE’RE ALL SLAVES KANYE! We’re slaves to bread, and orange juice and EGGS! “Hey WORLD! I’M KANYE WEST AND I’M NOT THE INVENTOR OF 
EGGS, BUT I ENDORSE THEM, I’M MAKING THEM MORE POPULAR BECUZ I MENTION THEM IN A SONG/ON STAGE, SO WHERE’S MY CHECK!” I know that sounds idiotic, but… hey, if the shoe fits… Meanwhile,  another lesson here is that he needs to focus on Kanye and not other brands/unless he’s riding and dying with these brands. Many of you (if you’ve been paying attention) have heard me talk about “riding the tiger” well these are all “tigers” as it relates to Kanye. Mercedes, Nike, Addidas. And if he would study up on his branding he would understand what he’s getting involved with as opposed to crying every day that he is not a tiger. And just because he cannot be a tiger in a certain way does not make the rest of us slaves because we enjoy these other tiger Brands. I do not make or break Starbucks/they are a tiger in the coffee business and in the relationship-building business. They are even in the business of facilitating business relationships. Shoot, I’ve earned new business minutes ago because of Starbucks and the spillage I receive from “riding the tiger.” Do I deserve more for the value I bring, of course I feel that. But I also know “there’s levels to this.” What kind of fool would I be to demand a sit-down with Mr. Schultz? I would fare better if I proved my allegiance to the brand and presented the possibilities and ideas that might fuel the brand and feed the tiger. But I do all of that in respect of this tiger and I would never go in talking about “I am a slave to this tiger” since it’s my choice to be involved with this tiger.
Again, Kanye is young and lacks the knowledge in order to negotiate his way around these tigers. All I can say is that readers are leaders and that so many of my comrades, entrepreneurs entertainers small-business folk can learn from this foolery and they can come up and grow and mature and win. Kanye won’t teach you that, but Relentless will.  Just read up on your branding and maintain consistency and upward mobility as it relates to knowledge information. and resources in your field.
In case you missed the high-energy interview, here’s the link

Meeting Sanchia Jeffers…

attorney, Friend, Client, loving heart sanchia Jeffers Burkes

Friend, Client, loving heart sanchia Jeffers Burkes

I MET Sanchia at Starbucks, in Conyers Georgia while she studied for the Bar Exam. I recall helping her find seating from time to time. She also purchased one of my novels and I’ve been giving her marketing advice for a couple years now. I have since created her website, filmed & photographed her wedding, (only showing privately/upon request/potential clients) and this week shot her professional photos for her practice. Her family is amazing, and needless to say I love her heart & soul

Relentless Aaron Featured in The New York Times

new york times relentless aaron feature

What A Saturday! Friends. Productivity. Coffee! Conyers, Georgia in Alive With High Energy!

best man holiday conyers georgia relentless aaron


I’ve been quite busy today, on the heels of watching a spectacular movie last night I was up and at it this morning, completing the commercial (positioned below) and studying/researching/posting, I found myself networking (by default) since so many of my friends, clients and friends who are clients, stopped thru…

So here’s a snapshot of my Saturday at Starbucks…



State Senator Ronald Ramsey stopped thru to shake hands and mingle with customers. You might recall I’ve produced his re-election campaign video as well as his golf classic fundraising event.





New Comedy, Music & Coffee 4a Cause – Nov 2013 – Starbucks in Conyers Georgia

comedy music and coffee 1st saturdays in conyers georgia




Welcome One & All!



God Bless America by Relentless Aaron

relenltess aaron author publisher website designer film maker in conyers georgia,

relentless aaron author publisher website designer film maker in conyers georgia,

RECOGNIZING that this is such a dog-eat-dog world out here, and also taking account of how other countries show such an indifference towards life; The good ole’ USA is a great place to explore freedom; freedom to move, freedom of speech…

some countries will execute you for saying certain things. Others will execute or at least persecute you for your thoughts.

Yes, the first movers of the world snatched up slaves to have them build their nations. Yes, those nations killed/slaughtered others in effort to keep what they’ve built, right or wrong… But this has been ongoing since the beginning of time, even since the Trojan War, everyone fighting for “available resources.” Even after the “in-fighting” of the Revolutionary War and Civil War, we’ve still emerged as a highly industrialized nation with some sense of civility, diplomacy, and human rights. For whatever reason, the US is one of the front-runners in that fight for resources.

Sure, nothings perfect, but in light of the history of this world and its ills, I’m glad to be alive in America.

No, I wasn’t born the King of Egypt or a Emperor in China. No, wasn’t born in manger in Jerusalem or in the forest with the Aborigines… I wasn’t even born with a silver spoon in my mouth here in the states, where family fortune was passed to me, nor with a supportive family history… yes the support group you have around you/people who come together often and who are genuinely interested in your well-being/stuff you might take for granted… (right, THAT)… well, I’m not as fortunate.

The people who are supposed to be my family, both on my mother’s side AND my father’s side (most of them) are as distant, as disconnected and as dysfunctional as that ball on the end of that rubberband, stapled to that paddle.

All over the place. Sad truth. But, even as the Black sheep, I have been able to appreciate my surroundings, wherever I am in the world, and I have been able to make friends and manufacture family thanks mainly to the laws of the land, the practices of the land and the conscience on this land we call AMERICA. Not a perfect place, but one where I’ve been able to “get along,” to “succeed” (to whatever degree) and to survive under most circumstances. God Bless the veterans of this country, and the families who have lost soldiers. For this is where I live and breathe and hope and dream. #Relentless — listening to John Legend at Starbucks.

Stop The Clock – A Key To Bouncing Back To Good Financial Health – All That & 2k in Resources

NOTE: This article is not really 4u who have been born with a silver spoon, gifted with trust funds from your rich parents, fortuned into your friend's creamy-rich  lawfirm, or living with your mommy or your military-husband or wife who have good paying "secure" jobs. This is for folks who have experienced the bottom, lost all they had, fell on hard times; so on/so forth. This is 4the hungry, the folks making a comeback. You Can Do it!

The Struggle Is Real:

I see people almost every day on the hustle since Starbucks is one of those places where you can find solace, peace and insulation while you reorganize,rejuvenate or (as I say) "bounce back." That is not to say that these are the only people I meet, since you all have been reading about my visits to mansions and my excursions inside the worlds of the rich and famous. Yet, I don't discriminate in my assessments, observations and/or my networking. People are people, whether you have a lil extra dough, or not. So, I have also met men & women who (for whatever reason) have been ejected from their homes. I have met people who have lost their jobs, who have been rejected from their families, as well as I have met people who have lost it all. Sure, we can water-color and sugar-coat it and call it "transition," but the reality is that folks who come here are focused on "bouncing back" or (like the students do) excelling. So, not everyone is bouncing back (of course), but many come to Starbucks to pursue their rebirth or their excellence. Sure, other franchises offer free Wi-Fi. However Starbucks is a place that has embraced artistry (you can come here and paint or play violin), so long as you don't rudely interrupt others. Many such artists have gone on to experience a certain global greatness.

Felecia Studying/Mastering Her Craft

Excelling At Starbucks

Carlos Rodriguez Performs Comedy at Starbucks

Starbucks is not merely for bouncing back; it's also a habitat for excellence!

Internally, I laugh when people pose the question "why are you always in Starbucks?" But that state of mind they have is always either uninformed, laced with ignorance, or, as in my case, supported by my truth; that is the relationships I've created in this environment, both with the franchise as well as with the community at large. People are sincere when they ask how I'm doing, just as I am when I ask about the health of their parents or the strength of their family.

So, picture me in this habitat; this environment of hungry wildebeests, and we're pacing back-and-forth, to and from our seats,

in and out of the doors/notepad/phone or coffee in hand… and we grind. Some of us have gone beyond wildebeests and we've become savages; and you can hear their voices in their phone calls. Some become desperate as they hunt for that dollar.

But watching this practice, and even being praised for it (Newspaper article) here is what I have come to realize…

starbucks studying You cannot work for money for the sole purpose of giving it away. That means rent and mortgage and car notes must be manageable or you must get rid of them no matter sacrifice or inconvenience, especially if you are trying to excel. Look at it as taking one step back in order to take two steps forward. The truth is, it is never ending pain and torture to make a few hundred dollars in whatever way, only give it away within weeks (no interest earned. No time to enjoy it). Meanwhile, your children need new shoes, your gas tank is on "E" and you're stressed the fcuk out. This practice becomes a cycle and there's no growth, only survival.

So I am here with some solutions today that have helped me to overcome the battles of economic crisis, of rejection, and those undesirable circumstances.

Number one: you must stop the clock. The "clock" represents that timetable which dictates when a payment is due. In fact, it is not merely a time table for that bill, but its also your timetable, since what you earn, as well as what you do to earn is all controlled and "dictated" by that due date; the due date for all your bills. Sure, if the convenience of a nice car and house is worth the financing, by all means, do you. But if you're not earning and if there is no obvious reward for your extreme choices of car and home, then get rid of them. Downsize. Re-assess. Adjust. Stop that clock.

I talk about car notes, house notes, etc like they're the worst. But there are payment plans that you are locked into, plans which allow you to drive a car, live in a big home or Disciplinerent a mighty apartment. Hopefully, you made that decision to take on that responsibility under conditions that were favorable to you. But maybe those conditions have changed, and for whatever reason you did not make new adjustments, and perhaps you're living on "hope for the future." But what "irons" do you have in the fire and how mature are they really? Are these false hopes that you're relying on? Family, if you cannot afford it you should not be in it. Point-blank, period. Stop that clock.

Number two: identify all means by which you can make additional means of income/additional streams of revenue from your efforts, your talents or your skills. Some of you are great in the kitchen, and you have created your very own catering business where you stop in those brick and mortar operations (Barber Shops & Beauty Salons) in hopes of connecting with that isolated impulsive sale/somebody with a few extra dollars/discretionary income and and they're hungry enough to buy your cupcake, your fried chicken or your fruit juice. People are so creative, as I've witnessed this from New Orleans, to the Chi, Philadelphia, and of course, New York & Atlanta. Cha-ching!  On the other hand, if you have a voice and you are able to record your voice and put it on a plastic CD or DVD, and if you package it and sell it for profit... if you do this, you will need to know direct sales and how to deal with people at random. But it is one of the ways to turn over a stronger net from your own human resources/the efforts and talents that you already have.

If it's not your voice and audio, then it might be your voice in writing. And so another way to earn an income; (one that has a higher net) would be a newsletter. Your newsletter must focus on the certain subject matter that which you've mastered and you need to identify businesses that are established and will contribute to your calling.

I'm connected to a lot of authors who are unhappy with their income right now. And there are many more who cannot get their books off of the ground. So, since I have achieved enormous success, and that I continue to achieve success, there's a problem that I can solve for others. Solve a problem, make a living.  And since books are not selling right now, one of my gifts to share would be to assist others and draw up a blueprint where they can earn some real money from their efforts. Many of us who tell stories have turned to cable and movies and television and cellphone content. And so one of the ways to overcome that challenge is to produce fewer books and go for higher pricing. I have had people to give me $20 and $25 for a book that cost 2 dollars to print, simply because of the value in the book. You might even ad a free consultation or some other product/service to go with your book sale.

relentless aaron i did it you can too self publishing book publishing conyers georgia

relentless aaron i did it you can too self publishing book publishing conyers georgia

Folks let me be clear: if you have nothing to say and your story has no merit then you should not be selling books or making videos. You will embarrass yourself.

You might get over and you might raise some money with that bullshit; but behind your back, many of us will know that you are worthless and that your project is but a con. Your heart isn't in it, so why should others support you? Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've seen it, where authors have printed books with double spacing and blank pages and photos in order to fill space and to manufacture some sort of value if only to profit from a sensational cover with a price tag on it.

1384266_10151933447965733_378725753_nI see people almost every day on the hustle since Starbucks is one of those places where you can find solace, peace and insulation while you "bounce back."

So, I have dropped some jewels in this blog but there's no way I can cover everything. But this leads me to Number Three:

You've got to have a plan.

I have some resources to share with you/resources I'm sharing for free, including video, audio and ebooks. In all, this is $2,000 worth of materials.

If you email me at I will send you a package of 20 e-books in addition to audio and video clips, with ideas and strategies on how to earn money in this electronic age. there is no cost, the resources are absolutely free. I am sharing because I want you to grow and to excel and to come up from the bottom. The basketball players, the rappers and actors you watch aren't doing this for you, and yet you pledge your allegiance to them. No, this is me...





It’s Just A Lil’ White Lie by Relentless Aaron

relentless aaron author video producer website designer conyers georgia, starbucks conyers georgia, conyers georgia entrepreneur

This morning Marv asked me about a deal that I talked to him about some four months ago. Honestly, if he did not mention it I would not have given it a second thought. If you know my state of mind, you know that I am anti-smoke & mirrors. Sure, I can be quite optimistic. But as a reminder to myself, I see everything as a lie until it comes to pass. Situations. Events. Promises. Checks. And, of course people.


So, what is a lie? But before you ask what a lie is, you might ask what a ruse is. Even before you consider a ruse, you might want to check your honest optimism.

Sure, we human beings have high hopes by nature. We all want the good life and a great financial situation. But how much of that is real and how much of that is manufactured and conjured in our minds? The truth in any situation is the common denominator of “what is” or what is “more than likely” as opposed to what “is not.” Whats reasonable and whats practical can also be a part of the equation, however that, without some other elements might also be sweet optimism as opposed to “the truth.” A “possibility” of something happening… the possibility of some final outcome or destination is usually laking any real substance, and is more like a fantasy, if there is no “follow-thru” or “action” that enforces the dream or goal or intention. A lot of times, possibility could be mere pie in the sky.

But, check it… there are some folks that are skilled at embracing the process to progress, and there are those who abuse the process to get over.

liesLadies, he’s lying to you if he’s loving you for your resources. Fellas, she’s lying if she’s laying with you but for the conveniences and resources you are affording her. In the end, nobody is happy. Not only relationships, but there is a long list of ideologies, personalities and practices that support both. The key is for you…YOU, my friend, to have ABSOLUTE CLARITY so that YOU are not the loser in the equation. Even a TV commercial can represent a lie. Even a government official can represent a lie. #MayorBarry #PresidentClinton

I call this phantom promise the “smoke & mirrors” of life.

And you need to know the math oh-so personally so that you never EVER get hurt, take a loss, and so that you might protect your friends and family. So that you might protect your real dreams and aspirations; the ones you’ve backed up and believed in with all your effort and ingenuity. Being familiar and aware and installing preventive measures are your greatest life insurance.


Really real today. #Church #Relentless

PUSH – 10th Anniversary Celebration – E-Book (coming to a computer near you!)

relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks

Monique Baldwin, Founderrelentless aaron
Flavah Reviewers

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER, January 11, 2004

By BookpagesSee all my reviews


ACTUALLY THIS NOVEL TOPS ANY NOVEL THAT I HAVE EVER REVIEWED..IT’S A 10 STAR BOOK!!! This novel is a national bestseller waiting to be discovered. The book is raw, real & uninhibited. The twists & plots in this book will keep you turning the pages. The writing style of this author is both skillful and talented. It’s a novel of gangstas, hustlers, thugs and the women who love them. Reginald “Push” Jackson is the main character who will captivate your attention and draw you into this book. It deals with the rights and wrongs in the urban streetlife. Push and his sister Crystal, are thrown into growing up hard and fast after the murder of both their parents. Push gets sentenced to a prison term, only to be educated to excel in the world of gangsta. He comes home to be a big brother to care for his sister Crystal, and settle some street scores. This book is awesome. I am avid book reader, and I must say, all all authors would need to take a backseat to the work of Relentless Aaron. BRAVO Mr. Aaron !!! GREAT WORK!!

PUSH, February 12, 2004


Deborah Simmons (Charlotte, North Carolina) – See all my reviews


push by relentless aaronI was very pleased with this book. I would recommend it to any and everyone. I was most of all pleased with the 24 hour shipment time, and as well as a personal autograph by the author. That showed a lot about the author’s character. He cares about his fans. Forever your fan.


THE BEST THAT I HAVE READ!!, February 11, 2004

By BookpagesSee all my reviews


This is an engaging novel about the underworld of betrayal, murders, thugs, killers, gangsters, big money, crooked politicians and erotic woman who serve them. It follows the ups and downs of Reginald “Push” Jackson; beginning when he was a teenager of 13 and had to care for his younger sister Crystal because of the violent death of their parents. “Push” struggles through the novel to be true to himself and those he loves. From the powerful foreword to the clever climax, you will not be able to close “PUSH”!


The book is very entertaining. “Push” brilliantly taps our realm of psyche, exposing our deepest vulnerabilities. This book will captivate your time & leave you guessing with every twist that leads you to its unexpected end.


A Winner From the First Page., January 26, 2004

By Courtney Carreras (SoHo, NYC) – See all my reviews



Editor in Chief,
YRB Magazine

An exciting adventure, January 25, 2004

By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers ( and – See all my reviews

When money, sex, and violence converge, you have PUSH by Relentless Aaron. Reginald “Push” Jackson is a black man living in Harlem, determined to make a better life for himself, his sister, and nephew. Spending the better part of his younger years in prison, he’s come back to the streets of Harlem with a mission, never to return to prison again. In spite of this, he also plans to avenge the death of his parents who were brutally murdered when he was a child. Push will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means taking the risk of getting caught.

When politics come into the picture and millions of dollars are available for the taking, the story starts heating up and it doesn’t stop until the very last page. Push is one brotha you don’t want to mess with. Reminiscent of movies such as Dead Presidents and Sugar Hill, PUSH is an exciting adventure into the street life of Harlem. The book is real, raw, in-your-face, and graphic! Relentless Aaron manages to capture the reader and take them on a full-fledged journey into the reality of Push’s world.

Although it started slow for me, the book turned out suspenseful, engaging, and read as vividly as if I was watching a movie. In spite of this, the numerous typos, grammatical errors, and structure of the book severely took away from the story. There are also scenes in the book I felt were too graphic and too demeaning to women, yet I do understand the need to use them to complement the lifestyles and images portrayed, thus fully developing the characters. Relentless Aaron has a certain style that seeps through the aforementioned problems and I’m sure readers of street fiction and true crime stories will enjoy his books. He’s an author I’ll definitely be watching.

I only hope that readers do not become consumed with the crimes committed and the end result for Push.

Reviewed by Tee C. Royal
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

push by relentless aaronPhenomenal!!! WHAT”S NEXT???!!!, January 20, 2004

This is an engaging novel filled with the underworld of hustlers, gangstas, thugs, crooked politrickions, eroctic woman, big money, dirty money, street scores to settle & unimaginable sex! This book was incredible! The main character is centered around Reginald “Push” Jackson. He is every woman’s hero and dream. Push is hired to kill, but how a can a killer such as him be such a passionate lover??? This book will astonish and capture your mind with it’s unpredictable twists & plots. This novel takes urban fiction to a whole different level. It’s powerful from the foreword to the conclusion. This is a style eof writing that will grip & hold you tight! It’s a page-turner that brilliantly taps in your psyche and exposes your deepest vulnerabilities. I have read this book 2X. What do I read now, Mr.Aaron?? Do you have any more books??? How do I get them? You are WICKED to leave me without something else. I NEED MORE!!! Where are your other novels??? Please don’t have me begging like this – it’s cruel. You give us something good & then you leave us??? Nah!!! You gotta (better) have something else! You’ve got my emotions all worked up after this novel. I must have something else written by you now; I need to know what you have in your mind again. I need you try and do this again. I like it TOO MUCH!!


HOTTEST BOOK OUT!!!, January 20, 2004push by relentless aaron

I was enthralled with this book from cover to cover. The crimes, the big money, the dirty money, thugs, gangstas, killers, raunchy sex, betrayal,the retaliations!!! No stone was left unturned here. What an imagination on this writer! It’s PHENOMENAL! Reginald “Push” Jackson is a man to be reckoned with! His character is every woman’s dream. I hope they make this novel into a movie. I love to read, but this novel has taken me to a whole different level. Do you have any more books like these, Mr. Aaron??? Where are they?? How do I get them? Please don’t leave me begging like this. Please don’t tell me you are finished, I need MORE!!! Please Hurry! It hurts to wait too long.


MASTER OF THE GAME!!!, January 20, 2004

By Phenomenal Lady (NYC,NYC–USA) – See all my reviews


relentless aaronThis is an engaging novel about the underworld of betrayal, murders, thugs, killers, gangsters, big money, crooked politicians and erotic woman who serve them. It follows the ups and downs of Reginald “Push” Jackson; beginning when he was a teenager of 13 and had to care for his younger sister Crystal because of the violent death of their parents. “Push” struggles through the novel to be true to himself and those he loves. From the powerful foreword to the clever climax, you will not be able to close “PUSH”!

The book is astonishing, well written, lustful & sensual. “Push” brilliantly taps our realm of psyche, exposing our deepest vulnerabilities. This hot book will captivate & leave you enraptured with every twist that leads you to its unexpected end.

Actually, I am UPSET with this author!!!! What do I read now??? Who can keep up with this kind of work??? He left me spent, strung out and begging for more! I hate you Relentless!; and I love you and I HATE you AGAIN!!! Why you wanna turn a sista out like this??? it ain’t right!!! This is not the way the game is supposed to be! What up???When’s the next novel??… It no matter, you late!!! hurry up !!! can’t keep up feening like this! This is too much to bear! I NEED MORE BOOKS!!!!


Great Read!!!!!, January 17, 2004

By Myra Nealy (Mt. Vernon, New York) – See all my reviews


I was impressed with the author’s ability to bring me into a world I would’nt normally care to go. The book is written in a “raw” format which made it uncomfortable to read at times due to its graphic nature and language, but at the same time it was intriguing. I did’nt want it to end. I loved the way he was able to translate “street slang” into a readable language. PUSH is a suspensful and intelligently written story that left me wanting more!


push by relentless aaronRelentless is Incredible!!!, January 14, 2004

Okay, let me begin by stating the obvious, I am not a literary critic.

I do not work for the New York Times, Washington Post or LA Times. However, after saying all of this, I must critique PUSH by Mr. Relentless Aaron with what sparse, humble and open-minded skills I possess.

I do not know Relentless Aaron personally, but I do know a gifted writer when I read his or her work (s), and this young man has a very strong voice. He describes his novels as Urban, Raw and even that’s cool with me. But, for those of you who might think this is too street-minded, then you’re in for a shock.

No, Mr. Aaron hasn’t kidnapped me and is forcing me to write this commentary. No, he is not paying me a single red cent, (hmmm, now that’s a thought). What provoked me to voice my neophyte literary opinion is the depth that Relentless’ novel reached within me.

The book may begin in a place that we have all heard tell of or have experienced in one form or another, but, I assure you, when the brotha gets through with you, you will not believe where he leaves you at the end of this fantastic story.

PUSH is a formidable mind game, with complex twists and turns, dips and falls. Its slippery, yet sticky. Its rough, yet smooth. Its hot, yet cold in ways that mere words can never fully describe. He’ll hold your attention and your very soul even in the palms of his steady hands and will only free you when he feels you’ve heard all he has to say for the moment–within this lone book, PUSH.

There are two chapters for you to read free online


Everyone Has A Purpose, January 12, 2004

By Flavah Reviewer (Winston Salem, NC) – See all my reviews


As an avid “street fiction” reader, I pride myself with the knowledge of knowing an enticing novel when I read one. A “street fiction” novel that allows therelentless aaron reader to see authentic perception, apprehend characters that are portrayed without using fairytale “Peter Pan” attributes, and most of all leave the reader with a good story that contains several enlightened edifications, is to be recognized. Seldom do we see a strong plot consistently carried out so there are no unanswered questions, the benefit of not having your time or money wasted.

Push, Relentless Aaron’s debut novel, centers around Reginald “Push” Jackson, a young boy forced to be a man in a destructive society. Push is determined to make a suitable life for himself, his nephew, Reggie, and his sister, Crystal. Embarking on the streets to find a means for survival eventually results in a 15 year prison conviction for Push. While in prison, Push learns a lot about the ins and outs of numerous hustles, such as politics, real estate, law, and the street game, just to name a few. The most important information obtained was the answer to an unsolved double homicide that caused his life to change drastically. Awaiting his release and revenge, Push starts to take “judgment day” into his own hands while still incarcerated, vowing to finish when he is released.

The day eventually comes for Push to step back into society and claim his spot with his newfound education. His plan is to rehabilitate the suffering parts of Harlem, NY with the use of personal assets and funding. The only problem is money talks. Caught between staying on the right path and taking care of family business, Push finds himself reverting to bad habits, little does he know “the streets is watching”.

Roy Washington, known as the local loan shark, has made a name for himself and is trying to accelerate to bigger and better things. Regardless of who he has to use, cross, or step on, Roy is focused on making it to the top. Being in the right place at the right time only opens doors for him, giving Roy the chance of a lifetime, putting an end to his unforgettable past that has slowly crept back into his life.

Relentless Aaron has told a tale focused on a community that encompasses annihilated mannerism, revenge, and political propaganda. Opening the door to the statement of year, “most of the sinister acts that take place in our communities have a higher involvement than meets the eye”.


THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, A Lesson In Patience, by Relentless Aaron

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living beyond your means

By Relentless Aaron

What folks need to know is that there is NO SHORTCUTS in life. It doesn’t matter if its business or love; nothing grows quickly. You must have patience and EARN YOUR POSITION. As much as this is a push-button world, you can/may/will reach a million people with a message, but then SERVICING THEM ALL EFFICIENTLY is IMPOSSIBLE for one or even 10 people. The only way to achieve maximum results is to have a product, service or message, with certain distribution.

The more people you deal with/who want your product, the more EFFICIENT you will have to be.

The more insulated you’ll hafta be. The product must speak for itself, COMPLETELY and TOTALLY and it must SATISFY the buyer to a certain end. Loose strings that require you to talk to and spend “Real Time” with a client is taking from the 24 hours you have in a day. There are only 24!

So, how many hours would you need in your day to cope with 1 million people?

Exactly. Impossible. So work SMALL, and support the few who support you, and TAKE ON WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. Anything more, we might call you #BugsySeagal. #overfinanced #relentless

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