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NOTE: This article is not really 4u who have been born with a silver spoon, gifted with trust funds from your rich parents, fortuned into your friend's creamy-rich  lawfirm, or living with your mommy or your military-husband or wife who have good paying "secure" jobs. This is for folks who have experienced the bottom, lost all they had, fell on hard times; so on/so forth. This is 4the hungry, the folks making a comeback. You Can Do it!

The Struggle Is Real:

I see people almost every day on the hustle since Starbucks is one of those places where you can find solace, peace and insulation while you reorganize,rejuvenate or (as I say) "bounce back." That is not to say that these are the only people I meet, since you all have been reading about my visits to mansions and my excursions inside the worlds of the rich and famous. Yet, I don't discriminate in my assessments, observations and/or my networking. People are people, whether you have a lil extra dough, or not. So, I have also met men & women who (for whatever reason) have been ejected from their homes. I have met people who have lost their jobs, who have been rejected from their families, as well as I have met people who have lost it all. Sure, we can water-color and sugar-coat it and call it "transition," but the reality is that folks who come here are focused on "bouncing back" or (like the students do) excelling. So, not everyone is bouncing back (of course), but many come to Starbucks to pursue their rebirth or their excellence. Sure, other franchises offer free Wi-Fi. However Starbucks is a place that has embraced artistry (you can come here and paint or play violin), so long as you don't rudely interrupt others. Many such artists have gone on to experience a certain global greatness.

Felecia Studying/Mastering Her Craft

Excelling At Starbucks

Carlos Rodriguez Performs Comedy at Starbucks

Starbucks is not merely for bouncing back; it's also a habitat for excellence!

Internally, I laugh when people pose the question "why are you always in Starbucks?" But that state of mind they have is always either uninformed, laced with ignorance, or, as in my case, supported by my truth; that is the relationships I've created in this environment, both with the franchise as well as with the community at large. People are sincere when they ask how I'm doing, just as I am when I ask about the health of their parents or the strength of their family.

So, picture me in this habitat; this environment of hungry wildebeests, and we're pacing back-and-forth, to and from our seats,

in and out of the doors/notepad/phone or coffee in hand… and we grind. Some of us have gone beyond wildebeests and we've become savages; and you can hear their voices in their phone calls. Some become desperate as they hunt for that dollar.

But watching this practice, and even being praised for it (Newspaper article) here is what I have come to realize…

starbucks studying You cannot work for money for the sole purpose of giving it away. That means rent and mortgage and car notes must be manageable or you must get rid of them no matter sacrifice or inconvenience, especially if you are trying to excel. Look at it as taking one step back in order to take two steps forward. The truth is, it is never ending pain and torture to make a few hundred dollars in whatever way, only give it away within weeks (no interest earned. No time to enjoy it). Meanwhile, your children need new shoes, your gas tank is on "E" and you're stressed the fcuk out. This practice becomes a cycle and there's no growth, only survival.

So I am here with some solutions today that have helped me to overcome the battles of economic crisis, of rejection, and those undesirable circumstances.

Number one: you must stop the clock. The "clock" represents that timetable which dictates when a payment is due. In fact, it is not merely a time table for that bill, but its also your timetable, since what you earn, as well as what you do to earn is all controlled and "dictated" by that due date; the due date for all your bills. Sure, if the convenience of a nice car and house is worth the financing, by all means, do you. But if you're not earning and if there is no obvious reward for your extreme choices of car and home, then get rid of them. Downsize. Re-assess. Adjust. Stop that clock.

I talk about car notes, house notes, etc like they're the worst. But there are payment plans that you are locked into, plans which allow you to drive a car, live in a big home or Disciplinerent a mighty apartment. Hopefully, you made that decision to take on that responsibility under conditions that were favorable to you. But maybe those conditions have changed, and for whatever reason you did not make new adjustments, and perhaps you're living on "hope for the future." But what "irons" do you have in the fire and how mature are they really? Are these false hopes that you're relying on? Family, if you cannot afford it you should not be in it. Point-blank, period. Stop that clock.

Number two: identify all means by which you can make additional means of income/additional streams of revenue from your efforts, your talents or your skills. Some of you are great in the kitchen, and you have created your very own catering business where you stop in those brick and mortar operations (Barber Shops & Beauty Salons) in hopes of connecting with that isolated impulsive sale/somebody with a few extra dollars/discretionary income and and they're hungry enough to buy your cupcake, your fried chicken or your fruit juice. People are so creative, as I've witnessed this from New Orleans, to the Chi, Philadelphia, and of course, New York & Atlanta. Cha-ching!  On the other hand, if you have a voice and you are able to record your voice and put it on a plastic CD or DVD, and if you package it and sell it for profit... if you do this, you will need to know direct sales and how to deal with people at random. But it is one of the ways to turn over a stronger net from your own human resources/the efforts and talents that you already have.

If it's not your voice and audio, then it might be your voice in writing. And so another way to earn an income; (one that has a higher net) would be a newsletter. Your newsletter must focus on the certain subject matter that which you've mastered and you need to identify businesses that are established and will contribute to your calling.

I'm connected to a lot of authors who are unhappy with their income right now. And there are many more who cannot get their books off of the ground. So, since I have achieved enormous success, and that I continue to achieve success, there's a problem that I can solve for others. Solve a problem, make a living.  And since books are not selling right now, one of my gifts to share would be to assist others and draw up a blueprint where they can earn some real money from their efforts. Many of us who tell stories have turned to cable and movies and television and cellphone content. And so one of the ways to overcome that challenge is to produce fewer books and go for higher pricing. I have had people to give me $20 and $25 for a book that cost 2 dollars to print, simply because of the value in the book. You might even ad a free consultation or some other product/service to go with your book sale.

relentless aaron i did it you can too self publishing book publishing conyers georgia

relentless aaron i did it you can too self publishing book publishing conyers georgia

Folks let me be clear: if you have nothing to say and your story has no merit then you should not be selling books or making videos. You will embarrass yourself.

You might get over and you might raise some money with that bullshit; but behind your back, many of us will know that you are worthless and that your project is but a con. Your heart isn't in it, so why should others support you? Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've seen it, where authors have printed books with double spacing and blank pages and photos in order to fill space and to manufacture some sort of value if only to profit from a sensational cover with a price tag on it.

1384266_10151933447965733_378725753_nI see people almost every day on the hustle since Starbucks is one of those places where you can find solace, peace and insulation while you "bounce back."

So, I have dropped some jewels in this blog but there's no way I can cover everything. But this leads me to Number Three:

You've got to have a plan.

I have some resources to share with you/resources I'm sharing for free, including video, audio and ebooks. In all, this is $2,000 worth of materials.

If you email me at I will send you a package of 20 e-books in addition to audio and video clips, with ideas and strategies on how to earn money in this electronic age. there is no cost, the resources are absolutely free. I am sharing because I want you to grow and to excel and to come up from the bottom. The basketball players, the rappers and actors you watch aren't doing this for you, and yet you pledge your allegiance to them. No, this is me...





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