What is the value of life?

Warning: content in this post is extremely violent and may be disturbing.

Just so much violence in our world today. Now that the week is coming to an end I think I've had just about all the violence I can handle.

I don't watch TV, I take a movie and every now and again and then there is a news. And it just seems that there is no end to the violence whether it's families feuding or disturbed folks setting themselves on fire or simply going after the President... to figure enough is enough.

And I personally need to take a week and immerse myself into all things soft and lovable and comforting. Really, it is a lot, and it can wear on you. Here in this post is the latest outburst that I've witnessed this week and it simply says it all as it relates to the value of human life. In this video I not only watch a boyfriend stabbing his girlfriend and trying to kill her but two bystanders just watched it all take place, then walking away.

Minutes later while the woman is still lying on the floor bleeding and hanging on to our life, one of the pharmacy attendants is mopping the floor.

There is one instance when a pharmacy attendant just casually walks by the body and doesn't even attempt to help.


Man stabs his ex girlfriend 20 times**Shocking**


How much violence is too much violence? How & when will people learn how to deal with, avoid, prevent confrontations that end up in tragedy?

And it leaves you to wonder, do we really care about one another or does it take a family member to endure such trauma before we wake up and act? Yes this is this is something that we need to discuss in public forums because so many of us are sheltered and insulated until this gets to our front porch.

Disputes, arguments, feuds are all created by us and preventable by us. We have to have a different level of assessment in our lives to determine if the person closest to us is dangerous.

Sure, there is this video, but in the case with the woman/the dental hygienist from Connecticut who rammed into the White House barricades and in the case of the Washington Navy Yard shooter, and (yes) even in the Atlanta case where a mother of 10 kids got involved in her friend's argument, only to catch the bullet from the opposition... these incidents involved people who were mentally troubled.



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