Today I heard misery. By Relentless Aaron


Warped or Unusually Creative?

Is this roof Warped or Unusually Creative? 

Today I heard misery, and yesterday I also heard misery. Now that I think about it, misery tries to weave it’s way into my conversations like some inanimate vapor just wanting to make its impact in and on my world. But I’m not havin it.

Today someone was telling me that times are hard and “people are struggling”.Yesterday I heard from a former Wall Street broker that “the value of the dollar is diminishing” and that we will all soon experience the greatest devastation.

A couple of weeks ago when I walked in the shop somebody lied and told me there’s a shooting at the White House.

Naturally, that is not the truth but it feeds into my point today. Everything that everybody tried to sell me, in some way, was a lie. Why? because thats just not my reality. If you tell me “times are hard”  I’m thinking “not for me!” And I’m thinking that way because I’m living that way. I’m gonna live like times are great and as if I’m at my best, regardless of the temperature. If its cold, I’mma dress warm. If its hot, I’mma somehow cool down. And if you try and sell me misery & pain, I’mma FLIP THAT TOO! I’mma find GOOD REASON to FEEL GREAT! TO EXPERIENCE JOY! TO BE GRATEFUL FOR THE WONDER AND BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE!  True, we all indulge in selling peril. Its a learned, unconscious practice. I’m guilty too. Maybe it’s because we are easily excited and enjoy seeing the reactions of others? Or maybe it’s because we want to know that someone is doing worse off than ourselves?

But the reality is, somehow, someway, there is always hardship struggle and pain going on around us. But must you feed into it?

Just because it’s happening, does that mean that we need to be affected by it? In all three of those circumstances, where people were selling me peril, I gave no reaction. I WASN’T BUYING! I might have nodded, or acknowledged what they said, but I did not serve as their reactionary; their sounding board. If only in my mind, I flipped it.

You gotta remember, I came from the absolute bottom and rose to the absolute top in my life. And I’ve done that more than once. So, misery is nothin new to me. I’m already sold. #numb

So, if we are not ignoring the misery then what are we doing? Are we feeding into it? Are we taking that sharing it with others like a virus? Is it affecting our daily routine? Or are we “flipping it” and turning a negative into a positive? So many questions in a world with so much going on and you have your choice of whether or not to accept those negative ingredients in your life. We call that a CHOICE. Is someone you met negative? That might be about some pain THEY are going through. If its a close friend, your job is to recognize that as a signal, comfort them, and help them turn that around. USE SOME EFFORT! As usual I am #RELENTLESS

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