1233525_10151834449860733_1427630025_nThe haste and the desperation that you execute in your quest for greatness is but an albatross that is holding you back from your sought-after achievement, and your success, or lack thereof, will be in exact proportion to the calm and patience that you exercise in getting there. Take the necessary steps to master your craft and allow the chips fall where they may. That is not to say you should not be driven and that you should not work hard towards your goals. It just means that there is a price to pay for success.

Time, experience, hardships, challenges, hurdles, distress, stress and even loss & panic can be a part of the price that you pay in route to your desired success. The good news is, once you have experienced all of these various levels of growth, you then assume a sense of comfort and knowing and belief and faith in your skill set.

Coincidently, in your rise to greatness you will accumulate a measure of acknowledgment and respect from others who admire your work. Those admirers can serve as your energy, your motivation as well as the fire up under your ass that reminds you of who you are, how far you've come and where are you must arrive.

So, today not tomorrow, next week, next year or when you finish a 4-year college program; but today recognize the steps that it takes to be a winner. Don't try shortcuts, don't attempt to get-over, but instead know that there is a long-haul and be prepared to take on the challenge. Know that the winners overcome those challenges and the slackers or the losers never quite meet the various thresholds of accomplishment. Indeed, you were born to survive; just as your cuts heal and as day turns to night there is a natural order of things.

So too were you designed to learn and grow and excel and achieve and prosper. You need to know this in your heart of hearts, with no doubt in your mind whatsoever.

And that may include a lot of practice to assume the state of mind that it takes to walk that walk. But know that the walk is there for you to assume. It's a walk that many successful people have taken and have talked about and have recorded. It is a walk that I have taken. That walk is also there for you to take. But you must decide in your mind that you will take it. You must follow the steps that everyone else has followed. That starts with mastering your craft whatever it is; whether it be plumbing, carpentry, fashion, or book writing. Master your craft and take the steps that are necessary for you to put your plan into action. What steps am I talking about? I'm talking about apprenticeship. I'm talking about study. I'm talking about work ethic and practice and routine. And along with putting your plan into action comes goal setting and goal achievement on low and high levels. If you plan to be a success, then you better know what your day is supposed to be like before you step into it. In fact you better know what your week is supposed to be like and your month. Your yearly outcome should reflect your monthly and your daily agendas. Therein lies your goal achievement! Year after year after year of goal achievements lead to your ultimate purpose and ultimate achievement and a life of prosperity. And so, it is not a miracle to achieve greatness it simply requires you to follow the instructions. Follow the blueprint that has worked over and over again for every successful individual.

No, success does not mean more money. Success does not mean more toys, a big house, or who you know. Success is simply you understanding and realizing what you were brought here to achieve. And once you've realized it and understood it and walked in those shoes you are a success.

Do not get swindled by the images on television in magazines or on the Internet. In the world of video, and on those big movie screens, our job is to mind-fuck you. As long as you know that going in, you are just fine. But the moment you get swept up in the emotion of images that we put on screen, In your ear or in writing, is when you become a follower. You are but a lamb unless you understand what you're watching or listening to, and use it to empower yourself and the people around you.
This commentary started out as a simple one paragraph uplift, "Uplift," and turned into a damned speech! I hope you make the best of it, with love #Relentless