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Let’s Put it All Together…



A MOST AMAZING TIME, the music was carefree and transparent and authentic. There was no hiding behind electronics and no dodging the responsibility of the lyrics. Everything was acceptable. Yes we were blind to the forthcoming powershift in music, in entertainment and in technology. You might say we were kids in a candy store, not paying attention to the responsibilities at hand. But we did the best we could with what we had. And many of us are still standing, still learning and still progressing. If you’ve been in the game for sometime I encourage you to come together and let us pool our resources. Let us engage in cooperative economics so that we might grow and create our own residual revenue streams and retirement funds. Show me your a vet and let’s have the conversation. Let’s do it now. #entrepreneur #musicindustry #entertainment #filmmaker #publishedauthor

Me Again…

My Current Status:

Just wanted to update you as to my current involvements and how I’m using my 24 hours.


 I consistently bring my resources to the table, in the most transparent way, so that I might assist others with my skill sets, assisting personalities, companies and initiatives with marketing agendas. My fellowships and connectivity from the Rockdale County community (and so many of you beyond these rural borders) are all somehow in our lives, whether though social media, our online magazine: The Rockdale Connector, our Internet Radio Broadcasts, our various websites and, of course, our live shows. Included below are a list of links that will further inform you about our impact and relevance. I know I’ve been posting and sharing and engaging a LOT over the years/giving so much of myself, and sometimes too much. Some of you may have muted me or you just skim through my social media updates. But you cannot deny that I am fully engaged, networking, building relationships and “walking the walk.”

We are about to make a big announcement in the coming weeks about a brand-new series that we started recording last week, and as you know on a local scale, I have begun the Rockdale Business initiative, a project that I expect will embrace every Rockdale business owner.

And while I detail my activities, I should use this opportunity to remind you that I work with interns, partners and contributors. I do not do this alone. Thank you to my friends Felesha Love, Maria Brown, Dr. Sinclair N. Grey iii, Roxann Thompson, Samantha, and of course my brother from another mother, Chico Chapman. Oh but I better NOT EVER forget my bank, banker and friend John who has afforded me incredible leverage in this lease-to-live world. And I’d be damned to forget my sister and brother on the West Coast, who helped me start this pony with an unexpected/unheard of investment before all the fame, the deals and accomplishment.
Another couple of people who do not need mention, but for whom I am extremely grateful: Mike Phillips & BernNadette Stanis
So that said, please know that running a multimedia company is no joke. Maintaining people’s websites, producing their videos and books, giving the most value to our businesses who advertise with us, and helping people build products, services and their brands is a moment by moment engagement. I’m always excited, always busy, but also forever humbled by folks constantly calling my number, emailing or inboxing me with their needs. I can now say we have clients all over the world.
Meanwhile, please know that I really have something affordable that makes sense for your business, your product, service or message, whether it’s your sons graduation from law school, a TV commercial for your chiropractic clinic, or if you’re campaigning for judge or for reelection to the State Senate. These are your initiatives that I assist with and drive to the winners circle. I have been there-and done that, and nothing makes me more prouder or makes me feel more grateful than to help you build, grow and succeed, and then to wake up the next day and do it all again. Not only that, I have a long list of references; satisfied clients who call on me again and again. I know my stuff, in many ways I’m unmatched. Still, I maintain a knowledge base that is ever growing and ever expanding, and I am very clear about my contribution to the universe. I am touching many lives and I think God for the opportunity.
If there’s more that you’d like to discuss please feel free to contact me and I can break it down even more about how our various media properties can SPECIFICALLY benefit your purpose.
Please take a look at some or all of the links below:
For over 7 years now I’ve developed a broad following here in Conyers/Rockdale, with allegiances in politics, entertainment, business, ministries the military groups and the community-overall. If you’d like to see for yourself, you can visit any of the links below, or see the buzz clips. Also below.
My Proposal to you is to include your brand and advertisements in all of our media. However, if you are not from Rockdale County I can also help you to create and sustain similar media properties, whether it’s a magazine, podcast or video. Naturally, video takes a special talent to achieve. However there are fellow videographers around the country that I connect with and send work to. Ultimately I vet them and sometimes oversee the work so that it accomplishes the same outcome as if I were there in person. I also have a few global properties to help push your business forward. is one. And we are announcing a new series within the coming weeks/also global content.
Screenshot 2015-05-30 00.48.56
Yes indeed, we are doing the most; the most we can with the resources we have for the biggest impact and the greatest value.
That means your advertising in the Rockdale Connector as well as on our websites, in our broadcasts and promoted prominently on the video clips that result from our live shows. By default, my engagements in Rockdale County activities brings me very close to community agendas. Homeless shelters, military veterans and elders, Health centers and other grass roots goals all fall into my lap by default.
We broadcast the shows through live streaming to YouTube and/or Spreaker, and the link is shared in social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google-Plus, Twitter and others. Our combined following and who we’re reaching on the various social networks amounts to over 50,000 in our region. But while we’re facilitated here in Rockdale, where we want to see diversity and progress and peace amongst all our neighbors. If entertainment reaches you, we handle that. If logic and conscious thought inspires you, we handle that as well. We are not yet connected to any large ministries (something I’ve always wanted) however, we have worked with many preachers and their initiatives to build their congregations. We are not yet connected in gardening and (quiet as it’s kept) any cooking shows. But we would love to engage!
In any event just know we are fully equipped to be your “media & promotions team,” with Publishing, content creation, broadcasting and live productions that will surely help to support your marketing initiatives..
If you have or haven’t already been to shows that we produce, here are a few links to show you more of what we do:

There is so much more to “show” you as it relates to our history, but I’m glad we’re connected and I’m ready to work your brand into our media.
 (Serious & ever-passionate about my work) 
Presence and interactions on 20 different social media platforms. Below are links to our platforms in social media, where we share links to our magazine and our Internet radio podcasts:
Facebook (personal)
Rockdale Connector Magazine:
Best Food In Conyers (new site/still building)
Relentless University
Personal Website/Relentless
East Atlanta Multimedia Company site
Jazz & Wine (Radio Podcast)

Rhythm & Soul (Radio Podcast)
Contact me at *404-477-8257*
I Am Relentless: Author, Publisher & Visionary;
Visit our corporate website at
Official Relentless Aaron™ Website:
We publish the Rockdale Connector! Have a look!
See the latest activities on youtube:
Facebook Page:
And remember:
A Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original
dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes: US author & physician (1809 – 1894)
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Article: The Daily News Article: The TIME Magazine Article: NPR Radio

And Now The Full Murder Confession – Relentless


I beg the forgiveness of my friends and family who think very highly of me. I pray for mercy from the Heavens above for my actions. This is my confession.

Rushing in from the rain, it was at that moment when I realized I was home alone. If there was ever a better time to kill, it was now, and if I was going to kill it, it would have to be on my terms/psychotic as it seems. My impulse and my urgency was to strip naked, to lay down and do damage right there on my bed. And as the rainstorm grew even harder, I thought “wow” this couldn’t be a better time to get it over with. I got into position. The rumbling and crackle of thunder was already turning this into a mystery, horror flick; already inspiring me to get it over with.  

The window was open too, and mist from the raindrops beating on the threshold was somehow finding its way onto my body; creating a sensation to go with this wicked pleasure I’m about to surrender to.

 And now for the moment of truth: I unwrapped the plastic, and immediately enjoyed the blood-red bate before me. Without a moment more of waiting, I quickly sunk my teeth in. I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head, and the chilled, gooey frozen ice cream pop didn’t last another minute. I couldn’t romanticize the moment except to snap a selfish picture or two. There. It’s done. I killed it. I’m satisfied. Yum #sukka   

People vs People


 And so AGAIN we get paranoid and “act out” and escalate things, essentially creating even more unnecessary drama by our conversations, our gestures, our actions and interactions with others. 
Here’s a situation where a white woman and a black woman go toe to toe, the white woman feels offended or assaulted or whatever and her paranoia sets in to the point that she pushes the panic button. When the police show up she tells them that she wasn’t hurt or harmed and her car wasn’t hurt or harm; no crime committed. Except there was the part that she said “I was scared.” “I told her I was calling the police”
And then of course the “great negotiators” come with their badges and guns and they don’t control the situation as they should be so skilled to do. So essentially, this is just another incident where people cannot get along and where the badges and the guns and the brawn and the egos get in the way.
Okay those were the fax. Now he is my commentary: BOTH WOMEN created this fuckery. 

I have yet to be able to identify the name of who everyone’s calling “the White woman” but (if you don’t mind) I’ll just call her Sweet Polly Purebred. 

Since Sweet Polly Purebread was an employee at the school then there are deeper issues here that led to this incident. If you’re an employee at the same school that educates/cares for a child, then I am guessing that the staff and the parents need to know one another for many reasons. For reasons of comfort and security, and even for reasons of relations outside, such as possible awkward interactions in the parking lot?
In the video we watch the white woman tearing-up and admitting more than once that she was afraid. Why was she afraid? That is the biggest question here. Why didn’t she know who this parent was? Is this some sort of grudge that she has been holding onto for sometime? Bigger than that, did she also serve up some reason for this to escalate to greater measures? I hate that these occurrences keep showing up on video and that no one looks at the seed of consciousness that started it all in the first place. There are actions and reactions in every situation. Who’s doing the acting and who’s doing the reacting and how intense can it get? What’s the worst that could happen? And why do we cry foul after it’s all said and done, when we could have avoided that nonsense from the door if not by our own actions, gestures, or conversation? No matter who you side with in this altercation, there’s no denying that this could have been avoided. If this white woman is now walking down the hall at her job with her nose up, feeling that she’s Miss Purity, Who can say and do as she feels, then Karma will catch up with her. If Charlena Michelle Cooks is sitting somewhere telling herself “why couldn’t I just tell them my name and avoid all of this?” If she’s savvy enough to think that way, then that’s her lane of guilt. In fact I’m going to take it a step further, and bring attention to the way Ms. Cook’s reacted when the police initially approached her vs how she took it to the next level. It’s my assessment that she took it to the next level with the white woman as well. 

Pregnant or not, before our very eyes we’ve been shown who Charlena really is. You know, calm and cordial when necessary, but a straight gangsta if things don’t go her way. 

Not hard to change our practices in mid-flight, when we’re way up in our adult years. So there are some other challenges I see. And yet, that is not against the law. How you communicate with others might paint you as “the asshole” but it’s not worthy of “a brutal police takedown.” 

And that’s the real power here, words BECOME actions.  

Either way, we are sometimes grown-up children who are still acting like children.
Cooks began to “raise the roof.” 
Here’s the fuckery: Cooks name was easy to obtain since her daughter attended the school. So with a little creative psychology, the cop should have, would have and could have cleverly said “alright if you don’t want to give me your name I’ll get it another way.” And while officers could’ve kept an eye on the situation her name could’ve been acquired and officers could have just squashed this by bringing the two women together and having them apologize and go on their merry way.

So this could have turned out much different if officers would have been more sensitive to the surroundings. This confusion and disagreement between two women who are part of the same community… belonging to the same school (One and employee and another client) was the REAL issue. And because one woman felt threatened and paranoid and called police to “back her up” and “avenge her” she escalated things unnecessarily. Sure, Cooks could’ve been wrong in her driving, etc. #roadrage But how many folks scream on others and “play cop” instead of “let it go?” How many folks are so cowardly that they push the “panic button” at the slightest sign of threat, when someone else raises their voice at them. 
And my big LOL moment was when Cooks tried to put the police “on hold” so she can be on her cell phone with who-the-fuc-ever, as if that was the bigger priority in the equation. Why do people think their cell phone is relevant when their lives are at stake? I’m not talking about catching police misdeeds on video, I’m talking about how we somehow feel there is help on that damned device that overrides the authority right there in our face. #disrespectful
But I’m also going to say that we must take personal responsibility for our actions BEFORE it turns into the movie THIS has become.

I Did It, You Can 2

Currently watching “the words “about the struggles of an aspiring first time author. I haven’t finished the movie yet but I’m forced to watch him receive a series of rejection letters from publishing companies.  

Putting it in proper perspective, that’s a world I never knew. I never knew trying to get a deal, or sending out book proposals, or begging for someone to publish me. And yet I landed the biggest debut publishing deal that you can imagine. No rejection letters. No knocking on doors. No begging anyone to make it happen for me. No looking for agents. I made it happen for myself! My own human resources. A few good relationships, and a drive that would be impossible to bottle.

This next book I drop: “I Did It, You Can 2” will be an industry Atom-bomb. I’m going to talk about boutique publishing, I’m going to talk about publicity and marketing, I’m going to talk about how I got on the biggest TV shows radio shows the newspapers and magazines in the world. i’m going to air out the major publishing deals that I earned and the weasel book convention promoters, book distributors and shameless in-fighting amongst our own authors. You’re going to learn how one man’s unique and untouchable drive turned into a historic event. You think it’s impossible to hit pay dirt with your book? You think it’s hard to earn substantive media exposure? well think again. I’ve got another story for you that will knock your socks off. “I Did It, You Can 2” coming soon #authorpreneur  #publishedauthor #AUTHOR #writer

The Legend of Relentless Aaron – The Movie: Pt 1

Part 2

Relationshhhh (Episode 1) Featuring Actress Dominique


Winston & Trina have a 10 year relationship that recently turned “Complicated” (Episode 1)

We’re ready to record Episode 2: Winston has something else going on that Trina doesn’t know about! (Actress Wanted)

Looking to film/record a conversation between man/woman in a toxic “relationship” the result will be shared in a couple of Internet Radio projects and viral videos on Youtube & Facebook. Looking for honest, candid conversation. Recording today & tomorrow here in the area.

Role: Valerie is insecure with her relationship. She’s been with Winston for a year and he disappears on occasion, he has “secret” phone calls time and again… she has been trying to get into his cellphone, social network, etc but no luck. Yes, he “puts it down” in bed, . however, she’s just not sure whats going on. Here’s a sample of similar completed work:

QUAGMIRE – Relentless Publishing 101

How To Survive in this New Generation of Authors:

Quagmire #1-since the advent of Desktop publishing, the rise of “authors” and their existence has skyrocketed. How does one compete in a market that has become a slush pile?
Quagmire #2 – since there are so many more authors in the world, with the most aggressive of the bunch climbing over one another for a devoted reader, how does one earn notoriety, market presence, and a dependable audience to mature and survive on? 
Quagmire #3 – The almighty bookstore is now selling clothes, toys, coffee and maybe music. How does an author survive? And moreover, how does an author meet the reader and make the sale?
All of these questions and more are answered in Relentless Publishing 101


  • 15 Adjustments I'd Like To Experience:

1) i'd like to see some illusory, unexplainable, invisible force smack anyone in the back of the head who wears their pants below their waistline in public.

2) i'd like an app with pushbutton technology, to correct any woman I see in public showing her ass crack.


3) i'd like to see a 10-foot tall police officer running after a midget who just broke the law and took off.



4) i'd like to see some secret home video of an infant pissing on his abusive babysitter.

5) i'd like to see Woody Allen, R Kelly, & Bishop Eddie Long confined to the same 4x8 prison cell as Charles Manson for five years.

6) i'd like to see seven zeros in my bank account and not just one.

7) i'd like to see Michelle Obama in a two-piece swimsuit. 

8) i'd like to see a $100,000 interest earning annuity as well as a $100,000 cash-entitlement distributed to every Black American over the age of 30.

9) i'd like each and every prisoner around the world to have a 20-book success library in their jail cells.

10) Everyone should be required to be naked for one day per month. 

11) anyone who commits a violent act should succumb to the same attack as enforced by some law of nature.   

12) everyone is born with a hard work ethic

13) i'd like to see my life-clock rewind back to 1970


14) no one is permitted to change or alter their body by any superficial means 

15) The only law, rule, belief or desire (for any living being) is love.

Surrender? Me???

My Relentless schedule this week…

My schedule this week… I;m telling YOU, as much as I’m telling MYSELF! lol
conyers jazz tee 1



Monday: laundry, food shopping and extra curricular activities. smile emoticon Basically, a partial day off. Going to film some footage of the Veteran’s Memorial here in Rockdale County/ my work with the veterans is sponsored by John Miles Chevy of Conyers. Then off to LA Fitness for the workout
Tuesday, working from Coaxum’s Restaurant, seeing clients, social networking, clients websites, advertising sales, web updates, new podcasts. LA Fitness for the workout
Wednesday: Covington at 10a filming pitbulls, plus a stop to my bank/Newton Fed. Then Salem Road to see a few potential advertisers for the Rockdale Connector. Maybe a swim, then LA Fitness for the workout then a business meeting at Coaxum’s
Thursday: Morning: Filming Interviews for Rockdale Business TV/and Rockdale Radio at Courtesy Ford. IF YOU’RE A BUSINESS OWNER IN ROCKDALE COUNTY, YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH ME SO I CAN GET YOU ON THE SHOW.
After the 1hour filming, off to LA Fitness for the workout, then to Coaxum’s Restaurant I go for the Thursday night show with the Maestro, Donnie Long.
Wow, Friday already: Some special event I need to film at Phoenix Pass, the shelter for moms. Then I’m gonna be (where else?) at Coaxum’s seeing clients, social networking web updates, new podcasts. LA Fitness for the workout, right before I produce the Friday night show with Prince A Martin iii.
Saturday: Jacuzzi!!!!!! Some editing of the Rockdale Connector, website work and off to Lithonia for a photo shoot booked a month ago. Back to Coaxum’s to catch the 2nd show with Derwin Daniels.
Sunday: Jacuzzi again!!!!!!! But the Coaxum’s Show with Flutist Ragan Whiteside! EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEK!!!!! BUT WHATS AROUND THE CORNER FOR NEXT WEEK!Screenshot 2015-05-11 09.25.24

Latest With Bob Baldwin (If you missed it)


This is BIG for our “Wine & Jazz” programming. More video interviews with sincere, veteran jazz artists, all coming home to Conyers, Georgia. It’s a big spot too, bigger than the The Blue Note in NYC. Much bigger than my old spot, just as big as BBKings or the old 5 Spot in NY… and it feels just right, snug and close to where I live. I have truly been blessed. I continue to give and the blessings roll back to me. On your mark, get set and GO GO GO!!!!    

BREAKING: now officially producing LIVE JAZZ SHOWS at #Coaxum’s Low Country Cuisine in Conyers Georgia. Shows begin this THURSDAY starring Lionel Jones on Vibraphone, LEGENDARY JAZZ GUITAR player LARRY HALL on FRIDAY & SUNDAY and The PHENOMENAL LadyBose  ON SATURDAY. 2 shows each night, 6:30 and 8:30 p. Full menu, awesome atmosphere. I AM HOME! #conyersgeorgia #wineandjazz #lowcountrysoutherncuisine #entrepreneurthang #livejazz       

You Got Me Twisted

People will mis-judge, misconstrue, twist, assume, persecute, mis-categorize, and even draw foggy conclusions about me… You keep creating your own fiction, tell yourself stories based on your own lack of information… And you know what I will do in the meantime? I WILL CONTINUE TO WIN. I AM A WINNER. I TRAIN OTHER WINNERS. NON-FICTION. So you either WIN BESIDE ME, or you watch from the side  lines. #anointed #blessed #chosen #deserving #worthy #winning #relentless

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