My Relentless schedule this week…

My schedule this week… I;m telling YOU, as much as I’m telling MYSELF! lol
conyers jazz tee 1



Monday: laundry, food shopping and extra curricular activities. smile emoticon Basically, a partial day off. Going to film some footage of the Veteran’s Memorial here in Rockdale County/ my work with the veterans is sponsored by John Miles Chevy of Conyers. Then off to LA Fitness for the workout
Tuesday, working from Coaxum’s Restaurant, seeing clients, social networking, clients websites, advertising sales, web updates, new podcasts. LA Fitness for the workout
Wednesday: Covington at 10a filming pitbulls, plus a stop to my bank/Newton Fed. Then Salem Road to see a few potential advertisers for the Rockdale Connector. Maybe a swim, then LA Fitness for the workout then a business meeting at Coaxum’s
Thursday: Morning: Filming Interviews for Rockdale Business TV/and Rockdale Radio at Courtesy Ford. IF YOU’RE A BUSINESS OWNER IN ROCKDALE COUNTY, YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH ME SO I CAN GET YOU ON THE SHOW.
After the 1hour filming, off to LA Fitness for the workout, then to Coaxum’s Restaurant I go for the Thursday night show with the Maestro, Donnie Long.
Wow, Friday already: Some special event I need to film at Phoenix Pass, the shelter for moms. Then I’m gonna be (where else?) at Coaxum’s seeing clients, social networking web updates, new podcasts. LA Fitness for the workout, right before I produce the Friday night show with Prince A Martin iii.
Saturday: Jacuzzi!!!!!! Some editing of the Rockdale Connector, website work and off to Lithonia for a photo shoot booked a month ago. Back to Coaxum’s to catch the 2nd show with Derwin Daniels.
Sunday: Jacuzzi again!!!!!!! But the Coaxum’s Show with Flutist Ragan Whiteside! EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEK!!!!! BUT WHATS AROUND THE CORNER FOR NEXT WEEK!Screenshot 2015-05-11 09.25.24

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