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“I’m not a violent/angry man. I don’t have a record…” Wow.

“I’m not a violent/angry man. I don’t have a record…” wow. I am teary-eyed and just as upset, but I need to stay positive and productive. I can affect change in my own way, within my own fellowships. Any of us, Black or White can be lions if we want to/killing everything we disapprove of. Turning everything we see as wrong into a “right.” But the American society as a whole is progressive. There is more good going on than bad. But theres a thin line between civility/diplomacy and turning into jungle beasts.

Let us acknowledge and try to fix the cancers around us, starting with your household, with your neighborhoods. But do it in the most effective way/with the most integrity and diplomacy. I am volcanic right now/fire in my eyes. But I know that the worst of me would leave me dead or in the hospital or jail… just unproductive. Just a memory. We can call all the names we want, try and able my attitude or voice all we want… but at the end of the day I’m still alive, breathing, productive, inspired and passionate about better circumstances for us all. God Bless South Carolina and ALL the parents who are dealing with this right now.

Was Just Thinking About This Song (Re: Karma)

LOVE Laylah Hathaway’s spirit and music

Key & Peele (The Truth)

Yes, these guys are incredibly gifted. Production level on 1000

Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur (And You Should, Too!)

If I'm to identify the major most reason why I love being an entrepreneur, it is my total freedom to do, to say, to be whatever I want in this life. Naturally there are limitations to doing what you please come to saying what you want and to being what you want to be. We are all watching this changing world and this ever evolving life we existing. It's this one big body of energy that constantly moves. There's got to be a point when you say I'm moving with it. Moving with it means excepting things you cannot change, changing the things you can, and knowing the difference. Moving with it means living and loving and learning while respectively allowing others their own freedoms. All after all we all have to grow up, everyone in their own time, their own space and at they are on capability. All of the above means one thing: maturity. I love being an entrepreneur because it has allowed me to mature but in doing so I have escaped the most danger and I have observed the most wonder and I know I am achieving the greatest rewards as a result. #Entrepreneur

Always pursue your greatness. Even if you're not a "known" champ, you must FEEL like one. Follow me @

Good Times… Happy Thursday Family

From Shame To Fame…

  What is it about my brand that is so unique? My brand began with the story and it matured with finding an audience. The story, the audience and my drive turned my initiative into a globally recognized brand. No, I am not Tide, Brillo, Band-Aid, or the color Yellow. I am not Friday, Thanksgiving, or the Doberman. No, my brand is not a Goliath or Massive or Viral, like a new dance, song or catch phrase. But what my brand DOES represent is a man who took his IDEAS and turned them into GOLD. My brand represents ME, a man who was buried at the bottom of the well, but who (by his own due diligence and raw, unbridled drive) bounced back from BELOW ZERO, to become recognized, respected and renowned. I am a story that Everybody/everywhere can relate to: no silver spoon, no college degree, no insulated support system. I'm just a man; A human being with dreams and goals and purpose in life. A man who has made a difference in the lives of others through contribution through teaching and through the day-to-day work ethic. And I'm just getting started. From Mount Vernon to Bermuda. From Spain to Boston. From Prison to the Penthouse... It's Nice to know you. And you will enjoy knowing me! #relentlessaaron #relentless #blessed #entrepreneur #successtory #achievement

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