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Flashback – Relentless Aaron’s Mansion/Book Release Party

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Relentless Aaron's Novels

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This Is But A Test – Social Networking, Computer Technology, Software and Being Savvy About Life

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Well, for the rest of us who are interested, and who are not in denial, I wonder if you’re even prepared to indulge in any one of these three areas? I wonder if you’re simply perpetrating; playing it by ear. I suppose it depends on your agenda. Yours might be a traditional business, or you’re considered “a professional” who (with no overhead) performs duties, services or has a message or product to market. Or maybe you just “dabble” in business affairs, making your money via “the side-hustle,” whether its baking cakes, knitting sweaters or you’re a full-time auto mechanic (in your backyard). Scratch all that, as many of you are full-time Moms.

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Reminder: You Only Have 24 Hours To Live…

blog (10)Damn, Relentless. Sure, that might seem a little extreme for commentary but the facts are the facts. Sun-up, until sundown is all we have. I don’t care if you have $1 billion or ten dollars, the fact remains that we all still only have 24 hours to live. I hear time and time again (especially from busy mothers) how life is so overwhelming. I know businessmen and women who are constantly overwhelmed in their lives. Only in the past two days have I heard these overtures from individuals who are living million-dollar lifestyles. Sure they have their individual issues, however your life can only be overwhelming if you allow too much through your door. #clutterMany of us are so caught up in (and so intoxicated by) the excess that it consumes us.

And then when we consume ourselves with such excess there comes the task of maintenance of what we own or possess. In other words, you’ve got another job of maintaining all that you have acquired.

So why and how does this happen? My theory is that we become more successful and more productive and more accomplished as life goes on. But with that success, productivity, and accomplishment we usually see that financial freedom, and that leads us to experience more of life. I heard a line in a rap song yesterday where the rapper was saying if he had so much money he’d be in a different city every night. Oh to the contrary!

If you are spending one night in a city and you visit 10 cities in 10 nights guess what? You will not be able to enjoy your time in any one city!

You will not be able to enjoy or get to know the people you meet in the cities. You will not get to thoroughly enjoy the encounters and the activities in the cities. But, most times those who try to do this come back home and brag about how they have been here, there and everywhere. The truth however, is that you are so spread out so thin that your life is all over the place. You are either so caught up in that lifestyle that you adopted and enjoy the blitz of it all, or you aren’t missing home. There is a piece of video I saw where Beyoncé was out on her tour and missing home. yes the rich talented beautiful Beyoncé also has the same 24-hours to live as you and I.

My suggestion to you is to keep it simple. Especially if you are overwhelmed in your job, your family life, and your side hustles. trim the fat, focus on the juice of your life and simplify. of course, this is not for everybody and is simply my own theory on how to live. But you do as you do and by all means chime in on this conversation. #RELENTLESS

Relentless in Random Cartoons



By now, we’re all clear how a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, when it relates to conveying a message consistently, author Relentless Aaron also shares his thoughts through imagery. Here are a few of his creations.relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks relentless_aaron author mt vernon harlem atlanta starbucks

A Lesson In Sales Success & Failure – Entrepreneurship For Authors & Others.

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Now, here’s the juice: for sometime I have lectured on the zones: cold zone, warm zone and the hot zone. Stan is now in the hot zone where he’s looking to engage in business with me. Meanwhile, he is confronted (more like hunted down moments later) by the vagabond/clearly in the cold zone.

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You Don’t Have A Clue As To What “The Bottom” Is – Mary J Blige Made It, You Can Too!

mary j blige They used to say Mary sucked; that she couldn’t sing. That she was “too hood” for the music she made. But look at Mary now! So, as encouragement to all those wannabees out there (that goes for singers, rappers, writers, shoe salesmen and business owners)

you may not know that way, may not understand “the game” but keep trying. Keep striving to be better, to do better, and inevitably you will hit paydirt.

Neyo and Lauryn were boo’d on the Apollo Stage. Jesse (from the Force MDs) started on Times Square street corners, collecting change for his craft. I know becuz thats where I first met him. And, as you know, I began my career from a 4X8 prison cell where I had to practically beg for pencils and lined-paper. Please know that the illusion you’re being fed everyday; the idea that success is right there for you to grab and receive and assume is FICTION.

The truth is, you need to work for it. You need to be a good apprentice. You need to practice and take losses and study. You need to have the right connections and there’s a need to be tech-savvy. So much to realize success, and its not laid out in any one blueprint, and DEFinitely not on TMZ every night.

Keep going. Keep absorbing the information u need to master your craft. And take it from me, if you can read this in real time, you prolly don’t know what “The Bottom” is. Keep Pushin #Relentless

Random Posts From My Very Busy/Very Relentless Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.14.00 AMSorry, but I’ve NEVER treated a woman like this in a serious relationship. Mary: “a man that tears u down ain’t really love.” Instead, in my longterm relationships (all 4 of them) I recognized signs of troubled pasts.
Meanwhile I’ve run into poor self-esteem, indecision and “crazy.” So how/when can I take love seriously?
Its not imaginary/my potential to love is deep/where I need & want to be. However I’m not gonna sit around and collect cobwebs in (of all places) ATL.
Yes, I agree with Mary. But I believe a woman that’s been thru numerous losers is herself JADED and unable to see a great catch. A sordid past can lend wisdom but continued poor choices is a practice that SUPERMAN can’t even help u with. #soulmates #bachelorslife#relentlessaaron — at Starbucks.


Baby Needs Leg

so guys it took me less than one minute to text the word WISH to the number 80077. The five dollars will likely be added to my phone bill and at the and of the day I am helping to move an initiative for this little baby’s leg. SOME of you know this and some of you don’t but my father had his leg amputated in his early years and that disrupted his major-league baseball career. so this really touched me and I sent the text at once. It’s only five dollars. Please text the word WISH to 80077 (It can only be texted on oct 30) and lets help out. i’m heading to the gym to get some stress off ( before my date tonight ) how about that! talk to u later

In Deep Thought - Relentless Aaron

 it seems every day brings with it Joy and pain, death and birth, conflict and triumph. Many times, the choice is ours to position ourselves on the high road or digress and take the low road. Many times, strength, courage and or wisdom is all that’s necessary to overcome your challenge. But take it from someone who fell/your past does not have to equal your future.







While many entrepreneurs use Facebook as a default promotional platform, I use it a whole lot differently. Facebook is a very big connector in my life. it has helped me to land the big money deals as well as to survive in the wake of the big money deals.

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Let’s See. Video Production. Book Publishing. Websites. Internet Radio and now Billboards!

And I’ve been telling stories ever since, in novels, in my graphic designs, Internet Radio, online commentaries, short films & tv commercials as well as in e-books and long-form novels. Storytelling has withstood the test of time, as evidenced by the Holy Bible.

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A Balancing Act – My Random Sexual Encounters


random 1

TONIGHT will be interesting. I say: Salmon? She says: “No im a veggie” I say: “wine?” She says: “no, Bud Light Platinum” okay, this ought be interesting!




So maybe you watch my posts and enjoy them, or you ignore my posts with a side eye, you could be “spying” to see what new trends I’m on top of/what new resources I expose. Maybe you hate my posts (on the surface) but secretly love them and can’t divulge that you love them because other people are watching to see what you like, love or comment on. Imagine THAT; other people trying to read your mind based on shit I do, as if I’m some kind of litmus test for YOUR moral center. And may I add: what an EFF’d up situation that is where you cannot speak your mind and express yourself. I don’t know this world, I must admit, where your boss is watching, your preacher’s watching, the next-door neighbor’s watching, your mama’dem watching… everybody is watching your every move (yeah YOU) to decide if they want to move with you…

Just one great big mess of opportunity this social networking is. Interesting to know what kind of quagmire Relentless put you in because we are connected in some way <takes a bow>. I like when you all justify me when you repost something that I post; something important and relevant and inspiring. You all always preface your post with “oh ignore his potty mouth he is really genuine down deep inside.” lol!

yes Relentless is an asshole but some part of his brain is very valuable to us we need to watch him

But social media lends itself to the extracurricular activity that ultimately fuels my career and my voice/not necessarily in that order. Its also therapeutic because I don’t have a love of my own, and I truly do need balance in my life. Love affords us that balance, i my estimation. And everyone needs balance. Balance should be a

photo 1

prerequisite or should come packaged for every man everywhere.

There would be greater productivity less arguments and less killing if every man had some kind of ration where they could receive and even give some of those Life-affirming, tension-relieving orgasms.

Yes it should be safe, but know that this choice indeed attracts a list of good or bad results for you. On one side of the coin, random sex may leave you empty afterwards, where (as in normal relationships) the experience doesn’t afford the benefits of a “purposeful connection.” Your partner might be someone buying poppers online Amazon but still not be your absolute “soulmate” and was not necessarily for building or procreating or investing time energy and emotions into one person. In fact, you find yourself “manufacturing” reasons why you should jump in bed and love one another. It really is more of a desperate measure where you both are exerting those pent-up, backed-up desires for love. But there’s the flipside to that coin (Robert De Niro voice): there are usually no strings

photo 4

attached in the case of random encounters, just those 2 grown-ass adults, getting theirs, inevitably going their separate ways; back to their own individual worlds.

Folks, my random encounters are “off the chain” and generally take on a life of their own. I also (many times) share them with the world; play-by-play. I bring you all immediately to the story (my story) as it happens.

In most cases, you better know that such a relationship may not last. I wish it would, but usually doesn’t. Why? Because, I have my world and she has hers. Unless she’s been uprooted and her hard drive was erased, she’s not gonna drop everything and come running to me for us to happily ever-after. Another thing; I still believe in love and I know that I will eventually give this up and focus on “that.” But my consistent work and contributions to community require that “balance” I spoke of. So, can I get mine???

So last night was another wild meat-packing adventure. She’s 22, vapor-smokes and I watched her

photo 3wax a whole 6-pack of Bud Light Platinum.

I knew we were different in our phone calls and text messages. I knew that we weren’t particularly “yoked.

” But I did know that she was available, that she was cute, and that she was a freak. The women I want to love, and marry and create a life with have issues, or they have their own worlds they can’t get away from. So one day I said “fuck this.” I’m not gonna frustrate myself waiting for the woman I love; deny myself pleasures I deserve. And I know some of you hate me for this because 1) you can’t have this randomness in your own life, or 2) you don’t know how, or 3) You’re already shacked-up, married-up or boo’s-up. Either that, or you’re of a certain age where you’ve “been there/done that” and “randomness” is not part of your life. Sure, some of you sit back and enjoy what I do/how I do it. But there are others who are in denial and confused about how I live. And thats just fine; I’m not here to change the way you think. Many of my admirers/readers/fans, etc just love to watch me break it down; literally & figuratively. So stand by and watch and enjoy the pros and cons of The Random Sexual Encounters of Relentless Aaron.

BTW: In the scheme of things, on that scale of 1 to 10, last night rated about an 8 1/2. yes, it was random, meaning I just met her, and there’s a possibility that I will never see her again. But I can’t help thinking what if. What if…  Lord forgive me for my 48yr old  carnal desires. #relentless

RED FLAG DOWN – My discipline is my joy & pain, both

My discipline is my joy & pain, both


I have to attribute my level of discipline to the Marine Corps.. it was October/years ago, at age 17 when I left Brooklyn New York’s Fort Hamilton for Parris Island.

You take a plane and you take a bus and it is the wee hours of the morning when you enter that island.

I remember hearing stories about the swamps that you see on that long road and how people have lost their lives trying to escape. And now that I’m older I suppose that such stories were more so about keeping the most frightened individuals from being paranoid and jumping the gun before those Drill Instructors had an opportunity to groom you.

But I got off that bus at one or 2 or 3 in the morning just like the others and I endured the yelling, and the screening and the hurricane of orders and instructions and directives that kept us (The fresh meat) in check and in line for what was about to happen in our lives.

So many details of my experience in the Marine Corps is shared in the book I wrote called Bumrush, however the biggest blessing that I took away from the military was not an honorable Discharge; it was my earnest amount of learned/acquired discipline.

Family I am jaded with discipline. Discipline is my plus and my minus. Discipline will have me waiting patiently on one hand, and on the other it will have me marching forward like a juggernaut with reckless abandon until I achieve the goal before me. Discipline will have me shut you down if you say you gonna do something/make a commitment, and you don’t. Another +plus is where my discipline will not permit me to fall for the okey-doke, or the smoke and mirrors, or the bullshit. You call them deal-breakers, those things that keep you from the things that you don’t want in your life. My level of discipline gives me insight so that I could smell and sense and feel those things that I don’t want around me and which I don’t need in my life. Sometimes I make the call quick and wont give you a chance to adjust. Bad, right? No SAFE!

Discipline can help me keep my hands out of the cookie jar when I know that I don’t have time for cookies, or that those cookies (in any excessive way) are not good for me.

Discipline keeps me from obsessing, but it also keeps me obsessing (if you understand me) where I will stay focused and interested and determined to achieve a certain goal.

disciplineDiscipline keeps me in that gym on a daily basis. Discipline keeps me writing daily to the point that I have written dozens of books and hundreds of essays and countless perspectives that you all read from time to time.

This discipline however, also serves as an albatross and rarely permits for human error. Thats a sad part of this value, that I will not stand for the so-called businessman who makes a promise to me and cannot keep it; can’t keep an a or a commitment. Can’t even make a phone call to change the time or date; just effing reckless when it comes to time management and someone else’s time and schedule. When I encounter a person like that and those red flags show themselves, I shut that nigga down. Because I know that those are indicators of what he would do in larger circumstances or with me already mixed up and be involved in his hot mess. So, it’s like Mya Angelou says “when someone tells you about themselves, believe them!”

Same thing with love interests! A partner’s digression or her lack of faith, or her faulty decision-making can send me into a frenzy and I shut it down. Okay so I’m jaded. And I suppose I am at fault where it relates to the 80/20 rule.

Because just as you women have to decide to deal with and except the 20% (the negatives) in a man in order to receive and realize his 80%? I too have got to realize that women are not 100%.

I too have got to take a pass in some instances so that I can receive the wealth of a woman. That 80%. Sure, there are certain things that I just will not stand for.

If we’re MARRIED FOR 14 YEARS??? Supposedly faithful and raising kids, and I leave for work at six in the morning and return to the house because Idiscipline forgot something some 15 minutes later, and there is a stranger in my house… That would be a deal-breaker. If you are in your 30s, and you do not know how to show up for a date smelling fresh and clean as opposed to having just played a game of basketball, that is a dealbreaker. In my mind, you had over 30 years to learn proper hygiene. And if you don’t know it at this point I doubt it gets any better moving forward. if the wife of a so called friend shows me phone bills with weeks of phone calls that you had with her husband/morning after morning/for hours at a time, something is amiss and I have got to see that as a deal-breaker. Finally, if we are working on a relationship and we are yoked in so many ways, but you cannot manage to stay in touch on a daily basis or even on an every other day basis, something is amiss. We are not on the same page. And no, there is no commitment in the air.

Yes, it is easy for me to spotlight and pinpoint and bring attention to the negatives that I see, but I cannot ignore the fact that the number of you who I have loved have had some tremendous values that attracted me and which embraced me and that I sincerely loved.

I look at couples who argue and love one another, and argue and fight and argue and leave one another and return and love again, and I see confusion. I see loss and pain and lack of growth in those situations. And I just don’t have time for that whole alleged “work in progress.”

i’m not saying I need perfect, but I am saying that I need consistence and I need purpose and, yes, I need to maintain the discipline. Discipline protects me and it comforts me, it secures and insures my well-being. If only I can identify, love and support a soulmate who can embrace, be comfortable inside of discipline, without a whole lot of “training” required, i’d be winning. #relentless

You Never Let A Child Out Of Your Sight. Never-EVER.

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The first thing I thought when seeing this storyline in the media was, “SO???” (I really did.) Becuz how many children die across the country/the world even, but we don’t learn about it. hell,

EVERY child is important, not just celebrity-children or children belonging to celebs.

Becuz some dude throws a ball around and that a crowd jumps for joy, I’m supposed to mourn over his child (and the decisions the child’s parents made) vs some other poor, unknown, uncelebrated soul? Fuc outta here. I don’t follow football. Never cared about it. The realest shyt I read was “Who the father is does not come into play in this investigation…” That made perfect sense. I TOAST that reporter. What DOESN’T make sense to me is all this public outrage and uprising for the celebrity stuff, but you ignore the hungry, sick, abused, dead child RIGHT next door. Stop it.

Having said that, before you see me as some insensitive prick, and since I’m in “Rome” just as much a practitioner of our senseless practices as the rest of you, let me say: the Mother is as much to blame as the boyfriend. May as well leave the child near a hot oven #gasleak.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 8.54.49 AM

Nevermind you didn’t know their was a leak or the potential dangers. You leave a child with anyone (even the maternal father in some cases) u

betta know that man GOOD! REAL good. Your job as “Mommy” is to never let that child out of your sight. NEVER-EVER. Meanwhile, the dude who executed these actions against this child is the worst kind of human being/yes, worse than #EddieLong and #WoodyAllen. History shows us these cats won’t live long. #JeffreyDahmer#ArielCastro. I give him a few years before someone behind bars makes the sacrifice to right this wrong. The other thing I want to say is I hope this sports star uses his celeb power to pull people together to address all forms of child abuse, on all levels. We need to stop with the Usher-baby and Tyson-baby woes and “turn up” to rep ALL babies. Because as I type this, some poor kid is being shaken, slapped, and perhaps even executed. Just sayin #relentlessaaron

HOW NOT TO SUCCEED by Relentless Aaron

How Not To Succeed:
Just like you watch the news (or avoid it), I watch the news and/or avoid it. Just as I have had failed relationships and that I have ignored all the red flags in order to commingle with the opposite sex, you have as well. Just as I have had a few past sour business relationships or that I have failed at one task or another, so too have you. I say all of that to say, not just that you and I are similar in so many ways, but more importantly that you and I have learned HOW NOT TO SUCCEED.

We have stumbled and we’ve fallen enough to know the red flags, the loopholes, the traps and the smoke and mirrors.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.10.28 PM

You might say that we can only handle what God gives us. Others might say that we attract these experiences. And still others would say that every action gets a reaction…. or that we reap what we sow. But beyond all the cliches, the truth is that we have plenty of experiences to show us the wrong way to go about business, relationships and a rich and rewarding life. It seems as if we get reminders weekly when we watch the news, our friends or when we individually experience failure. And therein lies the blueprint and the answers as to how not to proceed. You can’t win by shortcuts, you can’t win by cheating, you can’t win by a get-rich-quick scheme, and quite frankly you cannot win by getting over on other people.

Sure, all of this amounts to the choices that we make in life, but I’m thinking that with the amount of access to information we have today, there should be no excuse and the roadmap should be crystal clear for you to sidestep the pitfalls of life.


That’s why when we see people stumble or fall we shake our heads and we know inherently that they should’ve known better. Yes, there are isolated situations that introduce new information and sometimes we are ill-prepared for those encounters that come our way. But I believe that deep down our conscious minds have a measure of “common sense” that tell us yes or no, right or wrong when making a decision.

I recently wanted to back away from the news and information that I get minute to minute. I recognize how there is an influx of violent encounters and mortally tragic stories that are fed to us.

But I simply cannot turn my back on information that fuels my own perceptions and calls up the urgency for advice to those I touch daily.

And every time one of these encounters rears is its ugly head I cannot help but to troubleshoot and find the solution even after the fact. Maybe this is to help you, or maybe it is for my own sanity. Because if I am the skilled thinker and if I remain conscious and cautious and always on my toes, then I too would continue to avoid the pitfalls and minefields of life. No, we don’t know it all but we get better and better every waking moment. I hope you continue to take this ride with me and learn and grow and mature and stay safe. #Relentless

Today I heard misery. By Relentless Aaron


Warped or Unusually Creative?

Is this roof Warped or Unusually Creative? 

Today I heard misery, and yesterday I also heard misery. Now that I think about it, misery tries to weave it’s way into my conversations like some inanimate vapor just wanting to make its impact in and on my world. But I’m not havin it.

Today someone was telling me that times are hard and “people are struggling”.Yesterday I heard from a former Wall Street broker that “the value of the dollar is diminishing” and that we will all soon experience the greatest devastation.

A couple of weeks ago when I walked in the shop somebody lied and told me there’s a shooting at the White House.

Naturally, that is not the truth but it feeds into my point today. Everything that everybody tried to sell me, in some way, was a lie. Why? because thats just not my reality. If you tell me “times are hard”  I’m thinking “not for me!” And I’m thinking that way because I’m living that way. I’m gonna live like times are great and as if I’m at my best, regardless of the temperature. If its cold, I’mma dress warm. If its hot, I’mma somehow cool down. And if you try and sell me misery & pain, I’mma FLIP THAT TOO! I’mma find GOOD REASON to FEEL GREAT! TO EXPERIENCE JOY! TO BE GRATEFUL FOR THE WONDER AND BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE!  True, we all indulge in selling peril. Its a learned, unconscious practice. I’m guilty too. Maybe it’s because we are easily excited and enjoy seeing the reactions of others? Or maybe it’s because we want to know that someone is doing worse off than ourselves?

But the reality is, somehow, someway, there is always hardship struggle and pain going on around us. But must you feed into it?

Just because it’s happening, does that mean that we need to be affected by it? In all three of those circumstances, where people were selling me peril, I gave no reaction. I WASN’T BUYING! I might have nodded, or acknowledged what they said, but I did not serve as their reactionary; their sounding board. If only in my mind, I flipped it.

You gotta remember, I came from the absolute bottom and rose to the absolute top in my life. And I’ve done that more than once. So, misery is nothin new to me. I’m already sold. #numb

So, if we are not ignoring the misery then what are we doing? Are we feeding into it? Are we taking that sharing it with others like a virus? Is it affecting our daily routine? Or are we “flipping it” and turning a negative into a positive? So many questions in a world with so much going on and you have your choice of whether or not to accept those negative ingredients in your life. We call that a CHOICE. Is someone you met negative? That might be about some pain THEY are going through. If its a close friend, your job is to recognize that as a signal, comfort them, and help them turn that around. USE SOME EFFORT! As usual I am #RELENTLESS







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