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Over the past decade I have watched the emergence of new media and the trends that have grown from them. I have also watched brands succumb inside of this new world order.

Naturally, the Internet has broadened the awareness of so many people. On one hand we see the social inequities around the world. We have a choice to challenge them or to follow suit. #Egypt #Facebooktech savvy

On The other hand we are watching the growth of technology. From the hardware to the software to the virtual world of the Internet. There are the computers, the tablets and the phones; and they must synchronize with the social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube. And still, all of that must synchronize with our ways in life, at home, travel, work and in our minds. All the while, that middleman we once knew has been all but erased. Sure, a few brave ones are still out there, but they're barely surviving; profiting from those who are not all that tech-savvy.

The question is are you being taken advantage of, or do you have a firm grip on technology and how it affects your life, your business and your life's purpose. Maybe you just stay Away from technology all together?

Well, for the rest of us who are interested, and who are not in denial, I wonder if you're even prepared to indulge in any one of these three areas? I wonder if you're simply perpetrating; playing it by ear. I suppose it depends on your agenda. Yours might be a traditional business, or you're considered "a professional" who (with no overhead) performs duties, services or has a message or product to market. Or maybe you just "dabble" in business affairs, making your money via "the side-hustle," whether its baking cakes, knitting sweaters or you're a full-time auto mechanic (in your backyard). Scratch all that, as many of you are full-time Moms. And you have children who (once in school) are encouraged to have a laptop, web access, etc. Once in college, its a must. See what I mean? So many variations of us and our needs. Sure, many of us have been in denial where it relates to credit cards, and sharing/inputting any details of our lives online… many of us don't watch TV/I guess, not feeding into the influence of it all. The hype. Of course, there's that old rule of "cash only" that still exists. Some of us are even experiencing a "low-tech" lifestyle. But folks they are all supported, fueled and even created inside of technology's hardware, software and the world of social media. In other words, you really can't live without it.

So, here's my point. Since I'm in business for years and that I've experienced some extreme success, in general, I've often shared business jewels with entrepreneurs so that they too can achieve massive success.

In the meantime, I still keep my eyes on the economic landscape. I've seen so many brands proposed and then folded. I predicted the pounding on the physical book market a few years back. See my FB posts/archives from the past. There are more dormant websites and blogs and perspectives on the Internet then there are molecules of dust in the air! It makes you wonder if folks cannot keep with their life's purpose, or maybe their initiative wasn't a life's purpose in the first place? Or folks just weren't ready for the shift in their respective markets. Some others shamelessly advertise, beating that dead horse (their same core audience) with the same ad, the same pitch, maybe a different girl. (In other words, some other bells & whistles). So how have I survived? How have I maintained consistence, growth and new business relationships? How do I do it? How did I avoid the major pitfalls, and how did I bounce back from others?purpose quote

To be crystal-clear, first of all, everything we do must be in accordance with our life's purpose if we are intending to progress and accomplish and succeed. Anything less would be trite, frivolous or at least a waste of your time.

In fact, if you fall off course and your attention is diverted from that purpose, you could experience tragic digressions, losses; physical, financial or other wise.

Many people have a brand and have had a brand for a long time. We are born as brands, if you really think hard about it. That means what you say, your mannerisms, your agenda and your way of thinking... your upbringing and the friends you hang around and keep with, as well as the car you drive, the clothes you wear and your dialect. All of this amounts to branding "you" in the world and lends itself to the expectations that others have of you.  Someone said that "clothes don't make the man." And while I agree with that, the truth is we should not ignore the fact that your wardrobe is extremely important. That first impression and how you attract someone is very important. How you appear in front of others is also very important; including (need I say) your hygiene. Yes, I understand about being grounded and how this is a world where we should wear what we want to wear and look however we want to look. But be clear, that state of mind will get you exactly what you will receive. You also have to remember the old saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans."

And this is the same dynamic that you keep with as a walking talking interacting human being. Who you are must also be identical in your hardware. I watch people iphone 5time and again fiddling with low-end technology. I am not necessarily talking about android vs Apple, but I am talking about these cheap deals that get you these cheap laptops and these cheap tablets and these cheap phones. But yet you want to run a brand or a company, or you call yourself a professional. You will buy that $400 pair of shoes, but you don't have a smartphone? You're shouldering a $1,000 purse and you don't have an iPad? What? You're not able to accept credit cards wherever you go? Come on folks. Times have changed. Change with them. You can't keep doing the same old stuff and expect different results. Step your game up! If you don't have someone to fix your website or have it updated? If your social presence ain't tight and your outreach isn't right??? Then you can't really "claim" your following as "friends." Don't merely talk about it, BE ABOUT IT.


Nothing worse than someone approaching me and telling me that they are this and they are that and they've done this and they've done that, and yet today in to 2013 they are not on top of their tech game. I have been interviewing for coworkers for some time and I am discouraged when I hear that they merely know Microsoft Word or they know a little PowerPoint. Come on, lets get it together. Let's not merely talk the talk. Let's WALK THE WALK!

cooking broccoliHey, one more thing: If you don't know PORK, GREASY FOODS and FAST FOOD clogs up your system and is bad for your system… if you don't know that by now, with all the intel out there to be absorbed??? If you don't know that your broccoli is not supposed to be cooked till its mush??? If you're not already on e-cigarettes to help you down off that cigarette habit??? If you don't already know that just 45 minutes of exercise each day will (respectively) insure a longer lifespan... Folks if its IN YOUR FACE and you're educated about it, but you STILL INSIST on practicing the same, please don't look for me at your early funeral. Look for me to be on Facebook saying "I told 'em so!" #Justsayin #onelove #Relentless


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