Monthly Archives: February 2016

The “DEFYLABELS” Campaign is Well Underway

This is more of a social agenda than I even imagined! The type of people who I'm connecting with, others that I'm helping to share their message and purpose, and then (of course) overall, I am further exercising my film making abilities. Its a WIN-WIN-WIN! We've filmed many these and are in editing mode now, so stay tuned for when we decide to "go in" again, with a 2nd quarter DefyLabels campaign. Meanwhile, enjoy the work we've done thus far. Our Facebook Page that is dedicated to the initiative, and our Youtube channel where its all posted. Thanks! Rock on! #Defylabels #defyinglabels Continue to defy those labels!

#DefyLables – The New Agenda

It's pretty awesome to be creative. It's true that everything's been done before (at least in some part) we all take from what we see hear and feel and experience. I recently jumped on the defylabels agenda; really because I also own a mini coop and I understand the allegiance that owners have for the brand. However, to defied labels also seems to make sense with my current agenda which is to complete a film pilot whogonnacheckme. I've been working with some amazing actors and we are pretty much finished with the filming and now it's time for editing and negotiations. It was inevitable that I should bury all my time into filmmaking. Since I have so many novels and because the film process takes so long and is so whimsical, not to mention I have all the wherewithal to make films myself, it only makes sense to follow through and stick with it and score as much as I have scored with my knob. So stay in tune with my grind and I promise you will be entertained and your total girl and along the way I will raise your awareness. God bless you and thank you for your allegiance.

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