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So picture of me on a Sunday morning, amped and ready to skyrocket into a Sunday of extreme productivity. In between my workload I’m often greeted by friends, associates… someone just inquired about getting a website created, and always new acquaintances are expressing interest or questioning my audacity. Naturally, all of this takes place at Starbucks here in Conyers, Georgia, my favorite home away from home, where I am set up as (drum-roll, please) #multimediaguru.

A couple of hours ago good friends who I have worked with and earned money with and have shared inspiration and tragedy with came into the coffee shop in rapid succession. Victoria, my favorite financial planner and soccer-mom comes in right before the veterinarians and right after John, arguably my top client. John and I have an ongoing argument because he gave me is season tickets (at least for one day) and I got to sit behind home plate at the Braves game. (See related posts from Wednesday). Well, long story short, the first inning is where a brawl started on the feild; what I considered to be unnecessary. “To be continued” on this discussion, and John eventually makes his way out of the coffee shop, grabbing hold of the steering wheel of his priceless convertible Chrysler.

As I do so often, I sort of watched him make his safe exodus from the Starbucks property. Almost. Just as I was about to run out and take a picture of


John/him in his brilliant shiny lemon yellow Chrysler, he drives forward and the car goes over a high curb. #Stuck #embarrassing

But I know more about John than the average onlooker; I know he runs multiple businesses, has dozens of people who’s lives depend on him; this is a successful man who is generally upset by nothing and nobody. He’s not only a decision-maker but he’s a shot caller and very much in control of his finances, his health, and the confrontations that abound. Not to mention, our conversations are always hype. It’s a beautiful Sunday, with not a care in the world. So, maybe Mr. Universe was watching and decided “Hey, lets throw a wrench in his day and see how he handles it.”

Naturally, I immediately move out to assist. I am unsure if I am going to lift the car over the curb, push it while he throws it in reverse/mashes the execrator.  All I know is that there is no backing down from the inevitable solution; a solution that required focus, patience and no paranoia. My immediate conversation was “okay, no problem, so lets see how we’ll fix this minor issue.”

“John, we need a jack.” And the jack appeared. “John, we can do this” It didn’t matter if I had to push or lift or give him a ride to go get his 5000hp monster truck. I just felt comfortable knowing that this was doable.


“No” or “Can’t” or “won’t” was not an option. John has been there for me on so many occasions during my rise here in Conyers, whether its mending me cars, barbecues at his house, hiring me for this or that filming… there was the fundraising event that I filmed for his sister last year. Just so much history.  Sidenote: John is not only a good friend but those are his season seats at the Braves game/last Wednesday.

Thing is, now that I think about it, I’ve helped many many people who have been #stuck for one reason or another. A guy couldn’t get his car alarm to stop the other day.

Theres always a need for a gas can, jumper cables, etc. Somebody always has problems getting online, or they need a battery charger, or whatever. Its the default position I have here at the shop; by choice, and it keeps me human, and in contact with people on a grass-roots level. And Lord knows how I need that in my life, considering what I’ve been thru.

Moving forward…



The thing I’ve always known about John is that while he can be hot tempered, but in most instances he is at peace. It could have been because he was at the gym earlier, or running his 200 acres, or feeding his mules and horses. There are so many responsibilities John has that I can’t fault him for this morning. Meanwhile, John is not only a hard worker, but also at peace in his life, and I witness this most everyday/not merely at the coffee shop. That peace of mind is one I’ve seen in my friend Steven Juliano, own

er of Bentley’s & The Shadow (in NYC), as well as so many other successful individuals I’ve come to know. John has taken the time to get a fallen hawk back in the air. He’s helped Luke, the homeless (and helpless) cat that once made Starbucks his home, if by his scent alone.

He got Luke a roof over his head for a year and even got him to see an eye doctor, as well as he got him reading glasses. Those are some of the deeds I’ve witnessed; imagine the ones I don’t see.

2013-09-25 11.11.31-2

Before the car went over the curb, this morning’s Relentless-rant was gonna be called “I keep my people short and my peace long.” Well, the former pro

wrestling Hall of Famer John is short and he is at peace; so I called it right! No paranoia. No anxiety. No problem. John and myself and third-party pushed and lifted and got that car out of the rutt and he drove away relieved. And in the same way, this is my Sunday morning rant: not angry not hostile and not controversial… Just very much at peace in Conyers, Georgia

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Honey Please??


So, this morning I asked Teena for some honey, to go with my oatmeal. But why did she look at me like it had sexual some kinda sexual undertone? And then, suddenly, I felt that maybe there WAS a sexual undertone; and there was that dark GUILTY feeling! But I LIKE THOSE DARK, GUILTY FEELINGS! So, I looked back at her as if (yes) I meant it that way… and somehow my peaceful, sedate morning turned into a sexual fantasy (with a side of oatmeal!) OMG its gonna be one of those days! (Wonder if she feels violated?) Hee hee #relentless #relentlessaaron #urbanlit

How do I make it? How do I succeed? How do I win?

How do I make it? How do I succeed? How do I win?Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 1.32.02 PM

Family everywhere you turn there are strategies, ways and means, all with a specific blueprint on how to do it. That is, how to make it, how to succeed and how to win. After all, I, he and she are not the first, and we won't be the last to succeed, or to develop a blueprint.

Throughout history there have been so many success stories that tell about the nuts and bolts of "making it." But you have to have your receptors up. That means you have to be physically and mentally stable in order to receive those signals coming at you; those messages in your environment and those opportunities that surround you day after day.

And agree with me that if you do not seize the moment and take advantage of the opportunity, you could lose it since life is short and rarely do you get a second chance at a great opportunity.

That said, one of the strategies that I like to keep in place is what I call "music shifting." I realize it is so easy for us to be intoxicated and brainwashed and trapped inside of a particular genre of music, a particular artist and the similar messaging that takes place throughout, more or less imitating the content. The only way to break the chains that tie us down is to keep the variety. I was talking to someone today about coming up out of that slump (and I've said this in the past), especially to my sister.

I suggested an antidote: "Change your music," I said. "A shift in your music choices will get you out of that slump." Long story short, she changed her musical diet/she shifted and her attitude shifted as well as her motivation and her spirit.

She sends me text messages often, thanking me, even hoping I might be listening to the same song.

Without digging too deep on the Saturday morning I would rather just share this message: to try my suggestion: the "musical shift." And comment back and let me know that works for you #RELENTLESS

Relentless Inspiration – Some Friday Appreciation, by Relentless Aaron

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.11.51 AM

Good Morning to you all. I spent most of the night awake and could not help thinking about all the many people that I know and how we run into one another and the assistance that I’ve given you in some shape or form. But I can’t help thinking that you take what I give you and you move forward but perhaps you feel I don’t see you or that I don’t care about you or that I am not concerned.
How many times have you said to yourself “wow. If I could just pull together all of the talented people that I know, and if we could just group together we could achieve the greatest amount of success, healing, commerce, and well-being for all who we touch.”
Well I had that thought this morning and I don’t agree with the programs that are out there, designed to feed off of your bank account every month whether you work or not. I am a worker bee. That is what I do; I grind. I get it in on the daily. I do with my 24 hours with some people do in a month. Publishing, producing, satisfying clients, getting my workout routine in and keeping proper nutrition. Socializing and networking. Developing new business and new business ventures. And then there are the live shows that I do every month and the community awareness that I am involved in. Just so much going on every single minute of every day; all the movement of one man. Some of you however, even tho you’re working just as hard, may feel that it is not fruitful work.
Yesterday I learned that a friend had some sort of physical breakdown that caused her to pull off of the side of the road and check into the hospital. And I firmly believe that this is because she is missing air, water and rest.
If any of you have been following me for years you know that I am a big advocate of air and water. Water is normal it is part of our physical being. We have to have it. Our body is 85 to 95% water. The body that you know today will not be here in 18 months; the majority of it will be renewed. The scars relearn themselves. but the blood and the hair in the flesh in the muscle tissue and our atoms will all be renewed. Our thoughts and goals will be renewed.
But, to help with the natural order of things and that renewal, you need to drink proper water. And secondly there is air. I’m not talking about the air that we get by default. I’m talking about breathing to live.
Many of us are breathing to survive, that would be those short breaths that you take because you have to. But there is the deep breathing that takes in the air that helps you to live. I learned this from Anthony Robbins and here is a link to the strategy by which you can master your breathing to live and not merely to survive.
Finally, I just want to say that I appreciate you and I see your work and your drive and your energy and I understand your purpose. To tell you to take it easy would not be in my vocabulary. I need you to be strong and I need you to work smarter than you have been working. That friend of mine would not listen to me when I said take a break (regroup) and so that friend was forced to sit to the side of the road.
However, I hope that you will listen to me when I say I need you to survive so that you can achieve. I need you to achieve so that you can realize your purpose and why you are here.
With love and respect, Happy Friday I am Relentless

Take me out to the ball game- (Just don’t hang me) By Relentless

2013-09-25 19.15.01

So I finally got an opportunity to experience an Atlanta Braves baseball game. I remember as a child reading those thin Scholastic books about the leaders of the day. MLK. JFK. Lincoln. Washington. Hank Aaron was amongst those leaders. The home run slugger from Atlanta made inroads during the time that Whites and Blacks could not get along. (No need for rational explanations here) I guess when we watch sports, sporting events, concerts and games we forget about reality.
So while the realities of yesterday were racism, lynchings and massive disenfranchisement, today it’s a whole different world where we are scrambling for available resources. We’re fighting for our lives, squinting, flinching, shucking and jiving to the beat of the regularly scheduled program.
I had a revelation yesterday that opened my mind up to the idea of “healing.” Bodies once hung off of these Southern tree limbs where I now reside. Fires were set to homes and churches and crosses wedged in the grass on the lawns of God-fearing Black folk… that was the reality of the 60s. Today, that sort of bold racist behavior still exists, though it is hidden in some cases but also cowardly brandished in others, such as the online attack of Nina Davuluri the latest Miss America. And not only do we have the hidden racism in this so-called post-racial America, but we also have the threat of violence looming and leering and lurking in most every corner of the world. Somewhere in some remote corner of the world, Richard Branson is smiling, at peace and certainly the furthest from the threats of violence. After all, when you have all of those billions of dollars at your disposal, doesn’t it make sense to create the environment that which you can raise a family and sustain life? Of course it does. Isn’t that likely to be a happier environment to co-exist in? Sure it is. Meanwhile, the rest of us must survive and make do, be happy and even content with the little that we do have

2013-09-25 21.30.36Family, we were born with the ability to cope, to communicate, to resource, and (yes) to heal. If it’s a paper cut it will heal. If it’s a gash or a bruise, it will heal. Even when a limb or a member is severed the wound heals. But what of our mental wounds?

Aren’t those men sick and mentally-challenged; running through Nairobi shooting up innocent civilians? Aren’t those wannabe thugs in Chicago running around shooting babies and bystanders and residents. Aren’t they also sick and mentally challenged? The fight in the Long Island court room this week where two families came together in support of either the victim or the accused, but then fought one another senselessly for the same reasons; aren’t those families hurt, in pain, sick and mentally challenged? All of this nonsense has taken place on the heels of the Boston bombing and mass murderers in schools, churches and in movie theaters. All of these acts committed by men who are mentally challenged and whose lives are disturbed. Where does it end? How do we stop it? How do we heal?At the baseball game before the first inning was over a Brewers player hit a homerun and came around the bases to eventually confront the catcher who stood in his way. Words were exchanged and the next thing you know both ball teams were on the field brawling, pushing, fighting. This is the sort of senseless violence (and the encouragement of senseless violence) that we have adopted, that we need to unlearn and that we need to confront and address so that it stops. A billion-dollar ball team such as the Atlanta Braves is (in my opinion) the culprit and the advocate for violence if they can’t at least, in their expensive, professional positions, be the role models that young people can look up to and admire and respect and follow. Creating a confrontation that is nonsensical and idiotic and uncalled for creates an image, an environment and a practice that is unacceptable and only feeds the hungry beast known as “violence.” After all, the game is called baseball not boxing.

Folks, in order to sustain life of purpose and accomplishment we must first survive. Indeed, it is a survival of the fittest. How much you know

2013-09-25 20.51.33and how much you are able to put that into motion usually amounts to how successful you are. But there must be an equal amount of giving back (sharing what you know), showing conscious concern for our neighbors. If our neighbors are feeling loved and cared for then very rarely would they commit these heinous, cowardly acts of violence. Unless they have some severe mental disorder that calls for hospitalization, or they’re brainwashed and trapped in some sort of religious colt. Most of us (maybe deep deep down inside) simply want to love and be loved in return. That is where the healing begins and ends. Love and be loved in return. That means genuine concern for the people you work with, family members and acquaintances and even people that you just met. If we simply do the least to create the surrounding that is founded on love then rarely (except for isolated circumstances) are we going to meet with or provoke violence. If we do not exercise this simple, inexpensive, effortless task, we are only inviting more of the same violent activity to our own circle. Violence does not merely apply to Third World countries and terrorists on foreign soil. No, violence is also your decision to smile or not to smile at a passerby. A lot of times we hafta fight what we’ve practiced. What we see as that defensive mechanism is not/should not be exercised ALL the time. Like Katt Williams says, (paraphrasing) “You gonna be mad ALL the time? You mad at BACON???”

2013-09-25 20.56.56

Violence is how we treat one another. Violence is taking advantage of another person who is unwilling, unable or unknowing. Not only that, but the violence that we show indirectly or unconsciously then spreads into our workday or our family lives and our conversations.

Its “acceptable” in our music & entertainment or those spontaneous run-ins with people we don’t know.So then this goes back to the healing I mentioned. Naturally time heals many wounds. How else would someone like Hank Aaron heal? A man who had to overcome great challenges in order to exercise his sporting abilities, confronted by so much racism and hatred in his rise to fame. How has

America survived it’s ugly past of racism and built-in, institutionalized violence against people who had darker skin? Time, and death, and rebirth, and redemption and prayer and soul-searching have all contributed to a lot of the healing process. Obama in office, Dr. King’s monument, great accomplishments in medicine and wealth-building, and laws enacted as well as abolished… Oprah and Jay-Z’s success. Miss America and our new Supreme Court Judge… our local judges and politicians and leadership has changed tremendously, where the landscape of America is so diverse and more colorful and appealing than ever before. Yes, this is what we call healing and restoration. all way down to the cut on your finger and limb that’s been lost, there is healing taking place. Sure, there are scars and we recognize and we help to ease the pain of those scars but we will not progress unless we first survive and most importantly heal. #RELENTLESS

2013-09-25 18.58.10 2013-09-25 19.14.46


Relentless Makes It “Holla!” The Gentleman

2013-08-12 19.16.06

I met a woman the other day (in Starbucks) and she told me the story of her husband dying/ and her grand parents dying just b4 he did. She’s now got the job of taking care of 2 young boys and finding a job. He passed away last December, and things have been erratic ever since. Today I found her card, called her and suggested she come over (to my office) for coffee. She explained that it was “one of those days” and that she was going thru crying spells. I told her (I quote) “Put something on, shut it up, and lets go eat… I’ll expect you in 20 minutes w/o the PJs. LOL”

After the coffee, I suggested lunch. But before lunch, I filled her gas tank (it was on “E”) as well as I washed/vacuumed her car (manually) and there was the interior, windows, etc.

Over lunch she talked a lot (a fcuking LOT) about her late husband, but every chance I had to change the subject or to direct her from spiraling. Anyway, after lunch she told me: “I so wanna repay you, but I can’t, I’m broke. I crunched my face up/choked back my head and responded: “repay?” Then she explained how she moved from North Carolina some time ago and since her husband died her experience with dating had her meeting men who straight-up asked her “so how much to make it holla” I laughed my ass off at the idea, and she went on to explain how guys were into “pay to play.” I explained that I never once paid for sex. (well, there was this Jet Magazine “Beauty of The Week” I flew in from Texas a few years ago… but besides THAT!!)

And in parting she again inferred that she “felt so guilty.” But I smiled, gave her a warm hug, and said “thanks for the company.” It’s funny to me how women are navigating thru the BS that life throws at them. But it better be clear to everyone else that I’m not part of the same “BS.” I do shit because I want to/because I can/from my heart. Thats the zone I’m in since a world of clients, relationships and people (in general) have blessed me, even as I am already anointed. I’m just “different.” #relentless

So Was I Lying? “You Died Today” Relentless Visits The Washington Navy Yard Massacre

We’ve all heard of Big Brother and Big Brother Is certainly present in the cameras in the sky and the satellites and the technologies that search our databases. But folks, Big Brother cannot read our minds. The “Thought Police” concept only works in fiction books and movies, or in the courtroom if you’re facing a “conspiracy” charge.. This is no Tom cruise movie where a crime can be anticipated and prevented. The folks that mill about and wander the streets, (even though they may seem normal), need compassion and understanding.

Read More

Casting For Short Film/Book Trailer

Im filming a short film/a book trailer for a client, and I have a role available for a teenager who can pass for 13, and (with some magic) also 18. Are you a Black female whos been mistaken for 14 or 15 and you’re really 17 or 18?

I’m casting for a lead role/jaQuanna, from the West Coast, been thru a lot in her life/hood when she needs to be.

This is a paid acting part/with lines. Filming in Atlanta, early October. Paid

Director & Producer: Relentless
Writer/Author: “The Godfather” Wesley Hunter

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Director & Producer: Relentless
Writer/Author: “The Godfather” Wesley Hunter


‪#‎relentlessfilms‬ ‪#‎relentlessaaron‬

You Are Scheduled To Die Tomorrow – by Relentless Aaron

I hate to say this but many of us are scheduled to die tomorrow. According to CNN details ( the American Journal of Hypertension showed that many workers suffer a significant increase in blood pressure as they return to the office after the weekend. Now, its true that facts and figures are only as valid as the process and person’s delivering it, but hey… lets cut the crap and RECOGNIZE that many people die on Monday. They are heading back into the stressful, challenging and dead-end lives they’ve been living.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 3.33.13 PM

But, here’s the greater truth; most of our physical ailments and challenges are all controlled, fueled or even prevented mentally; Yes, you read correctly all of it (within reason) is controlled by our minds. You’ve heard the term PMA/positive mental attitude. Some of you heard it some time ago and forgot it. Others heard it, exercised it, and somehow didn’t fully adopt it in your lifestyle. I’m one of those; people who have been side-tracked and don’t necessarily keep with that as a fundamental.

Well positive mental attitude has helped many of us who have overcome the toughest of times. The bottom line, it’s all in your mind.

So then what is holding you back? What is so challenging and so stressful and so perilous that you are stuck? What is the weight on your shoulders that is so heavy on your body that you are about to collapse? Is it as bad as living in a cave? Is it as bad as being stuck on a mountaintop with below freezing weather conditions? Is it as bad as growing up with no arms and no legs? My friend, I want to challenge you and remind you that you know not what true challenges are. There’s an old saying: “Before you accuse, criticize, and abuse- walk a mile in my shoes” But aren’t so many of us criticizing, abusing, condemning and complaining about ourselves? Aren’t we doing this without putting things into true perspective?
What about: “I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet”? And I’m sure many of you have seen the story about Nick Vujicic, born without arms or legs.

Family, if it takes reciting and remembering and recalling quotes like these and stories like these to remind us that we are human, that we make mistakes, and that we DO survive through the toughest of times, then so be it. Keep this stuff on your cellphones, iPods and computers so that you always have access. I keep many off the world’s greatest motivational speakers at the touch of a fingertip. I keep the best of Mike Tyson on standby. There are so many motivational forms of content we ALL have access to; content we no longer need to pay for. So, if you aren’t already using it, WHY NOT???
Whatever it takes to remind us that we are incredible beings and that we have the potential to experience great joy and great successes despite the greatest of odds…reminders that we are human, that we make mistakes and that we are survivors, despite tragedy and eminent peril, then lets absorb all of it. We did not show up here to merely exist. We excel, we overcome, we succeed and WE PROSPER.
Folks do what you need to do to get what you need, to get what you need, to live the life you want to live. #Relentless

STUFF – By Relentless Aaron

I had a recent discussion about stuff. Yes, I’m talking about the stuff that weighs you down and keeps you from pursuing a life of freedom, possibilities and room to breathe. Over the years you’ve accumulated all this stuff, I’m talking about all the plastic and metal and paper and fabric and cardboard that you could possibly put your hands on.
With only 24 hours in a day, you can only touch so many things and experience so many things, and experience so many people. You can only eat, drink or breath but so much. Your capacity and your ability will not allow you to realize the surplus, the abundance and the excess that you have access to. I think we have learned to be excessive, attached to material gains and we’re stuck with all that it takes to maintain those gains.


I don’t care how many cars you claim to own or acres you have the keys to; you can only drive one at a time, and most of us with acres and acres of land will never set foot on a percentage of that property. The extra working vehicles and the hundreds of acres of untouched land in your life are there to satisfy your dissatisfied ego. I can understand having a backup car in the event your car breaks down. I can understand having a homestead where your children can run free or where your horses can breed. That, I get. But to have four and five and 10 and 20 and 30 cars is a show room. To have thousands of acres and you don’t even jog or you don’t get out in your RV or motorcycle to cruise the land is an obsession. And all those cars in your possession means you must be a collector, doing what your life’s passion calls for. I know a number of people who love cars and they collect them and they keep them in their basements in their garages and they protect them and curate them and preserve them. In a nutshell, their purpose is to enjoy their collection of cars. Again, I get that. There are people I know with hundreds of acres of land and they jog every day and they get out there and hunt and run with their animals and ride their horses and their motorcycles and they truly enjoy living a life they know as success. What I don’t get is that you have a mansion with 20 or 30 rooms, some of which you haven’t been in in years. Okay I am exaggerating with 20 or 30 rooms because that is a rappers lifestyle. That is a ballplayers lifestyle. But some of you out there have homes with a dozen rooms, and some of those rooms are dusty and have no bearing in your life. There are even more rooms then you have guests to stay in. And here we go onto the shoes and the purses… Oh boy!

Ladies you have more shoes and purses in your closets then you can possibly use in 10 years. In fact some of those purses and shoes you would not dare bring out in public because they are so outdated And gaudy. But they mean so much to you because once upon a time somebody tricked out on you or you tricked out on yourself.

So perhaps there are memories attached to those shoes and purses and shawls. Or perhaps you feel that this all amounts to equity in your life. But family, along with the shoes and purses and the photo albums and the books and the magazines is all the other junk that consumes your life. It is so hard for you to know that this is junk because you don’t even realize it; essentially you are addicted to your surroundings. We call that a trap.Family we hold on to so much stuff in our lives and it confuses things and it makes a complex, congested situation out of what could possibly be a free-flowing, rich and rewarding life. How many of us have cleared out U-Haul storage containers only to feel the relief of getting rid of the old stuff. How many of us go into the storage facilities to see items that they have not set eyes on any years and yet that monthly bill is paid religiously just so you can keep and own and possess all the stuff of your past.Sure, there is some equity in a lot of our stuff. I have thousands of books that I’m holding onto for investment purposes. For I know that when this movie hits, these books will be tools that I could autograph and make something more out of the movie’s popularity.
But I also know I have loads of books that are dusty and CDs and tapes that I know I need to convert to digital properties.
The pictures need to be scanned and added to my hard drives. The files and folders and documents and receipts need to be scanned and added to my hard drive. In fact, these things don’t even need to be scanned because I can take my iPhone, snap a picture of them and upload the photo documents to my drive.
This is the way of today and tomorrow. The Jetsons are officially here and living a free and easy and lite way of life works for me. Maybe that would not work for you because some of us need things and stuff and property to make us feel whole. A lot of our stuff has attachments to people and places and a past that we’d rather hold onto. And that is a shame to be attached to something so much that you can’t breathe, You can’t move and ultimately you can’t experience freedom. #relentless

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Social Networking-Relentless networking

For a very long time I have been delivering information, entertainment and resources. Much of what I speak to is (by default) the world in which I live. What I share, for the most part, include values that I know have helped people in some way, shape or form. I have read your

2013-09-04 22.38.09

commentaries about my books and how they have enriched your lives. I have read your comments to my updates, how they have entertained or have broadened your awareness. For a long time I have been giving things away to my audience.
In fact, you all are so very important to me and it’s important that I take care of you and our relationship on a daily basis. The world is ever-changing, and there are ever-changing resources, technologies and developments that affect us on every level.

My background and my experiences are rooted in entertainment, real estate, business management, and most every level of our culture from the prisons to the penthouses.

To list the wealth of my experiences and engagements would be a book in and of itself. But I gather from your comments that my words have value and meaning and that they bring, (if not spice to your life), help you to live a richer and more rewarding living experience. I also believe that when you engage with me that you know my purpose is not promotion promotion promotion. The difference between me and someone who just constantly posts advertisements (in an atmosphere that is built to socialize) are worlds apart. Note: I also wouldn’t be bringing a boisterous boombox to your local bookstore or library (just sayin). And so I continue with my thorough engagement on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. I bring the video on YouTube, the audio on SoundCloud and Spreaker, the imaging on Pinterest and Instagram and of course the written content on Facebook andmy websites. I include very little superficial content in my posts, but it does tend to emerge from time-to-time. Afterall, we is one, which means (as well as you) I am also pop-culture. From time to time I have my outbursts which can include vulgarity, promiscuity, and all things pop culture. But to judge me from one post would be a mistake on your part/your loss. #passingjudgement

What & who I am (in my ‘entertainment mode’) is  it is nothing more nothing less than what you would see in a Quentin Tarantino flick or on your nightly news. I might be more “accessible” to you and so what I say/post might mean more (or less) because of our connectivity. But its the same me. I sill believe I am tame and (for the most part) inspirational.

Sure, I know that many of these characteristics are segmented, where the ministers preach, the comedians tell jokes and the information specialists disseminate information. I get all that, but isn’t that the comfortable, one-dimensional :box” that you’re use to? And isn’t the phone book nearly extinct? And aren’t vinyl records, and the sears catalogue and rotary phones all dinosaur concepts? In other words, DON’T THINGS CHANGE??? AREN’T YOU FAMILIAR THAT THERE ARE NEW RULES???

Like the rapper says “I’m different.” You cannot box me or package me into any particular setting, those “frames” that you and I are so used to seeing every day. At least during these times I will continue to be me, I will continue to grow my audience and continue to deliver and develop  the RELENTLESS way. My hopes are that you appreciate what I bring forth and I welcome your comments, your emails etc. It is all love from the top down, from East to West coast. #WORLDWIDE #Relentless

Germs, Germs, Germs – Beware


Okay here it goes…

In order for you to be a great writer you have to be a great study of human behavior; if not, you’re merely throwing words and concepts together. But (by default) that’s just what I do daily; I see through people. There’s not a day that goes by that, while minding my own business with my eyes dug deep into my computer screen, that I look up and I catch someone looking my way. It’s almost as if their eyes are creating some sort of heat on my forehead to make me look their way. I cannot decipher what this is, but I am totally subscribed and in agreement. This is my sixth sense at work.

This evening, as I am about to wrap up my busy day at Starbucks I decide to give a second look to the gentleman sitting behind me. He’s young, and he can very well be a Muslim extremist; if you decide you want to attach skin color, hair type, or anything else to that title then so be it. Me? I was looking at some other stuff…

The guy is barefooted and one of his hands is playing in and out of his toes, and even his shorts. He’s already hairy, so where the public hair stops and starts I’m unsure, but I watched his hand disappear far enough to know he’d gone beyond thigh-hairs. And he did this for ten or so minutes. Within that same space and time that same hand travels to his mouth, and a finger also goes to picking his ear before his hand goes back to his mouth and then down to his toes. Now I hate to be so detailed but then again, I love to be so detailed because I feel we all need to know about our actions. I don’t think I’m perfect, however I do know that germs spread when we touch doorhandles, bathroom faucets and of course


money. In recent history I’ve seen stories about parasites getting in to our bloodstream and germs that turn into dangerous life-threatening illness. Folks, be careful what you touch on the daily. Some of you will say “well I’ve been alright thus far,” but then when the shit hits the fan we don’t seem to know the answers. But today, at least, I am here to help spread preventions.

Be careful where your skin touches, and that includes couches and chairs as well as handles, doorknobs and glass. I watched kids crawling on the floor today in Starbucks, knowing that people travel the floor all day long with their shoes and that those shoes have been everywhere around the state of Georgia. Why these parents would let their young toddlers crawl all over the dirty floor is beyond me; but if I can raise your awareness… Those people within the sound of my voice, then I feel I am doing a good deed. That’s all. I said it. Go ahead and let it rip. Meanwhile, I’m

gona go wash my hands. Yuck! #RELENTLESS#relentlessthoughts #relentlessaaron

Miley Cyrus Gets Naked – Relentless Responds

OKAY SO, the idea of getting naked was to draw me in and make me listen. It worked; I was intrigued, curious about this girl’s voice, her performance, etc. I’ve never watched her perform a full song and frankly, I see where the MileyCirus team was going. Pink. Lady Gaga. Rihanna All-things-racy-edgy-over the top. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve hit their mark; made the performer relevant and alluring for today’s pop culture, and you’ll get no hating from me. I just hope she has it together mentally; moreso than her imaging and staging shows. She’s turning heads, doing the radical marketing to the fullest, and you’ve gotta respect that. If your 50 and over, maybe not. But most everyone else should understand (or not). Relentless

Branding, Customer Relations and Answers

churchIn a world where everything is about creating capital to survive, music, movies and books were all once attractions of capital.

The fact is, no matter how much we deny or how much money is thrown towards marketing and selling, things have changed.

Only in the past year have we seen the floodgates open,where the bandwidth and the accessibility to CONTENT has shifted. Within the same space and time, companies are feverishly attacking the alternatives that can get their products, services and messages sold. Gone are the days when you could just create something and expect that it will be accepted, talked about and absorbed. Why is that? Because, whereas 25 years ago you could look forward to the work of a handful of artists, today there is a handful of artists for every passing second. Nowadays, everyone and their mama has a video camera, an audio recorder, and access to the Internet. The 3000 people who had money to spend on those 25 artists are now subjected to a virtual attack. The consumer is being attacked visually, audibly and even mentally.

Companies are paying big bucks to get into the subconscious of the mass-market.

Preachers are even a part of the products services and messages and they’ve taken to persuading their congregations to turning off the television, the Internet and shutting down the radio, if only to listen to their sermons.

It’s a powerful concept really, where you can have your audience to shut out everything else but for to listen to you.
So then, if that’s something that has been working for some time, where preachers are turning their congregation into missionaries, then shouldn’t you (the entrepreneur) look at that model and try to make the same process work for you? Shouldn’t you identify a captive audience and show cause why your message, your product, or your service has extreme value and should not be denied? And what makes you so relevant and so extreme in value and so important, where your audience (or your missionaries) should follow you and support your cause?
The fact is, there are some jewels in this commentary as there are some methods and practices in the church that entrepreneurs should admire. Look at their branding. Look at their messaging. And look at the selflessness involved in the process.

Sure,the church has received a bad name, but for some seedy leadership and the great wayward machine of capitalism. But there’s no denying that there are also good lessons to learn in the church.

And before you assume that I am about to get into a sermon let me also suggest that Harley-Davidson, State Farm, and a number of other companies have also adopted and they’ve exercised these practices.
And so the pot of gold goes to the winner, but the winner is the one that does the most research, in the most unique communities. Go ahead and build your community the best way you know how, but also learn from the communities who are already winning.#Relentless

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