Germs, Germs, Germs – Beware


Okay here it goes…

In order for you to be a great writer you have to be a great study of human behavior; if not, you’re merely throwing words and concepts together. But (by default) that’s just what I do daily; I see through people. There’s not a day that goes by that, while minding my own business with my eyes dug deep into my computer screen, that I look up and I catch someone looking my way. It’s almost as if their eyes are creating some sort of heat on my forehead to make me look their way. I cannot decipher what this is, but I am totally subscribed and in agreement. This is my sixth sense at work.

This evening, as I am about to wrap up my busy day at Starbucks I decide to give a second look to the gentleman sitting behind me. He’s young, and he can very well be a Muslim extremist; if you decide you want to attach skin color, hair type, or anything else to that title then so be it. Me? I was looking at some other stuff…

The guy is barefooted and one of his hands is playing in and out of his toes, and even his shorts. He’s already hairy, so where the public hair stops and starts I’m unsure, but I watched his hand disappear far enough to know he’d gone beyond thigh-hairs. And he did this for ten or so minutes. Within that same space and time that same hand travels to his mouth, and a finger also goes to picking his ear before his hand goes back to his mouth and then down to his toes. Now I hate to be so detailed but then again, I love to be so detailed because I feel we all need to know about our actions. I don’t think I’m perfect, however I do know that germs spread when we touch doorhandles, bathroom faucets and of course


money. In recent history I’ve seen stories about parasites getting in to our bloodstream and germs that turn into dangerous life-threatening illness. Folks, be careful what you touch on the daily. Some of you will say “well I’ve been alright thus far,” but then when the shit hits the fan we don’t seem to know the answers. But today, at least, I am here to help spread preventions.

Be careful where your skin touches, and that includes couches and chairs as well as handles, doorknobs and glass. I watched kids crawling on the floor today in Starbucks, knowing that people travel the floor all day long with their shoes and that those shoes have been everywhere around the state of Georgia. Why these parents would let their young toddlers crawl all over the dirty floor is beyond me; but if I can raise your awareness… Those people within the sound of my voice, then I feel I am doing a good deed. That’s all. I said it. Go ahead and let it rip. Meanwhile, I’m

gona go wash my hands. Yuck! #RELENTLESS#relentlessthoughts #relentlessaaron


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