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IF YOU KNOW ME, you know I don’t follow basketball. But there was a time when “basketball followed me?” Meaning, the attraction was Gilmores, dad’s ever-evolving night club in city/suburban, “money earning” Mt. Vernon. Yes, Anthony used to come Dad’s club 3/4 times a week. (I suppose that’s off-season.) Gilmore’s was in Mount Vernon, NY. And “Ant” came thru no more/no less than other sports champions/entrepreneurs, politicians and entertainers.

However Anthony and I had grown on one another and he impulsively grabbed me up one night “let’s go for a ride” he said. And we took a trip down to Harlem.


Anthony Mason & Henry Perkins “Perk”… I was taking photos before digital became the norm 🙂

Sure I had been downtown Manhattan hundreds and hundreds of times but I had never made that train stop at 1-2-5 Harlem or any of the clubs there (except for my one time performance at the Apollo Theater /lets not discuss that!) not until “Ant” introduced me to Henry Perkins owner of the famous Perk’s Fine Cuisine on 123rd St. Henry Perkins then introduce me to the rest of the world in Brooklyn, Queens and of course in Harlem. So began my interactions in Harlem, business dealings in Harlem, political affiliations in Harlem, advertisers in Harlem, book sales in Harlem… All kinds of important relationships in Harlem all because of Anthony Mason. *Talk about tipping points and mentors and turning points in a man’s life; while he may have meant basketball and slam-dunks to you, Anthony Mason was an important turning point in my life that continues to pay dividends to this day.

God Bless you my friend

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“10 Books That Changed My Life Forever” FREE EBOOK

IN MY NEW E-BOOK: I talk about books such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by STEVEN COVEY. And then I recall I wrote this letter when Mr. Covey passed on. Its fitting to produce it for you today…

Dear Mr Steven Covey, You taught me to be a leader!
I Mastered Habit 1: I have been Proactive! I’ve done more than merely take initiative. I’ve done more than recognize that my decisions would guide & direct me. I took ACTION! My action began with the first page. And I kept at it until I had thousands upon thousands of pages. My decision to remain disciplined in writing made me a better writer than most of my colleagues. I cannot be out-penned but for my decisions early on to stick to it and become the best.

I Wore Habit 2: (Begin with the End in Mind)
I knew I was going to be a best-selling author from day one. I took time to search my soul and I realized I had ALWAYS been writing. But bigger than that, i knew one thing (if i knew nothing else): i was, and always have been a person who imagines and then creates. I had that vision and that old adage ” what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” That state of mind always encouraged my dreaming. And dreaming always implanted me with many possibilities. It was writing that allowed me to turn MOST of my dreams (and past experiences) into reality. From the moment I realized this, I was clear and convinced about my life’s goals and values. It also keeps me clear about the people I allow into my life, and who I communicate with on a consistent basis.

To put it bluntly, Habit 3 has changed my life: Only when I Put First Things First am I the most balanced human being. Whether its in the electronic devices/my phone, on my computer or Ipad, or with a pen and lined paper, I alw7 habits book steven coveyays keep a to-do list. I always prioritize. And Steven Covey’s quadrant strategies have helped me to put my life in proper perspective at every given moment. Others might be wanton and desperate to engage or to progress, but with priorities so clear, I am not influenced by another’s sense of urgency. You did not walk the LONG path I walked, yet you want overnight results FROM ME? #nothavinit

In every way, in everything I do, I put Habit 4 to work: I’m always thinking “Win-Win.” I
m always talking about mutually beneficial relationships and strategic alliances that will serve you and I.

Everyone must eat. Everyone must progress. NO MAN/WOMAN LEFT BEHIND!

Habit 5 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: has made me a good listener. Only when you listen can you learn. And I never forget what the OG once taught me about the “Wise Old Owl who sat on an oak…” If I can understand you, I can understand what your needs are/what you’re lacking. And that intel will allow me to serve you better.

WHAT WOULD MY LIFE BE without Habit 6: To Synergize meant nothing less but network and correspond with others who were/are like myself. Bonding with people who believe in me and my quest has reaped me heavy rewards, whether it was at the very beginning of my career, or today. We are not in this alone, and most every successful idea or model needs a strong team behind them.

Finally, Habit 7 is something I’ve also learned from Anthony Robbins in his CANI (Constant And Neverending Improvement: Steven calls it “Sharpen the Saw,” for you just CANNOT allow yourself to lose traction. You must stay on top of your current events, your technology, and your industry. If you have a talent, you’ll need to stay innovative, or else you’ll become less relevant, or worse, irrelevant. Know that everyone wants to ear achievements, and that the highest awards go to the highest achievers.
So, thank you Steven Covey, for changing my life, my Sister’s life, and the lives of those who are my friends, for I will teach your methods till my dying day. And while technology has set society in a Steven King way of living/how we gain knowledge of death at lightening speed/faster than any time in history, I’d like to say that thanks to people/leaders like you, I will live life to its fullest, and not regret a day that goes by, all because I’ve been well-educated by a cast of top-shelf individuals who gave me jewels so that I might live a phenomenal life.
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10 Books That Changed My Life Forever

Wednesday à la mode

ode to Wednesday relentless aaronGood Morning Wednesday. I know we go back quite some time but I never took the time to share this with you: Week after week, you are a factor in my life. You are both anxiety & satisfaction, the push & the pull… You mark my potential as well as you restrain me. This sometimes feels futile, and that you’re challenging me to stay the course. To forge on and to succeed…

But you also threaten & torture me with the idea of partial achievement and not quite cutting it. You’re so full of mystery, with certain obstacles and dangers under your skirt.

Why do you continue to punish me so? It sometimes feels as if my glass is half empty. But tho you are such a powerful reality in my life, and at times very intimidating, (we barely speak!) I still feel encouraged. I still believe in us. I’m able to look at you so much differently than so many others. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen you naked. I know what’s underneath. I’ve seen it well-kept and I’ve seen it neglected. Although you come and go as you please we may as well call this a marriage. You need to just accept me; you’ve been so much part of my life; like a sister-friend to me. I know you, Wednesday! And I believe in you. Sure I realize that you too have your challenges, your enemies, your fate. So I tend to take nothing personal. I tend to want to see us as friends and lovers. I tend to focus on our good times and our high moments. As such, I won’t let your raw and unyielding power discourage me. Id rather see you as the motivation I need to carry on… The fire at my feet and the clear perspective of my future, whether immediate or distant. I’m sincere when I tell you I love you Wednesday, I know you love me back, and I appreciate you being there consistently to test my Teflon. Once again, good morning Wednesday!

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Have You Considered An Audio CD or DVD to Accompany Your Book?

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Highlight Of My Week


1) How I got a front page story in the NEW YORK TIMES
2) How I got into TIME MAGAZINE
3) How I got on FOX 5 GOOD DAY NEW YORK
4) How I got a half page story in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
5) How I got into EBONY MAGAZINE

My book will explain how relationships, positioning, timing, coincidence and readiness have earned me some global notoriety for my books, my talents and my brand. STAY TUNED I’m about to FEED YOU with:

This Saturday – Good Music, Good Food, Good Love…

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Dear Bargain Shopper…

2015-02-09 11.39.32BARGAIN SHOPPER” please go the OTHER WAY! The reason you approached me in the FIRST place is because I AM THE ABSOLUTE BEST AT WHAT I DO. You take your “price comparison” to WalMart, CostCo or some mom & pop shop. NONE OF THOSE FOLK COMPARES TO MY VALUE, MY INTEGRITY OR MY TALENT. If you’re looking for “deep discount” or “fire sale” we’re not a match. And FRANKLY its DISRESPECTFUL of you to approach me in that way. You played your hand/your truth. GOOD RIDDENS! #relentless



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