1329154696_whitney-houston-bobby-brown-bobbi-kristina-2004-lgThey say “she needs a miracle” in order to live. But she’s been dying for some time now.

The daughter of wayward parents, in a do-as-you-please tax bracket, and access to the Planet Earth… this is the equivalent to driving 200 miles per hour, not because you can afford the fast car, not because the highway is clear of traffic. You’re doing it just because you can.

In past generations, we haven’t seen this type of behavior, where you put your life at risk, where you have access to and so easily abuse illicit drugs, and lest we forget your life satisfies our appetite, the open book for the universe to publicly comment on.
If she doesn’t get that “miracle” all types of people who knew her will say “she was this” and “she was that.” But did you REALLY know her if she was able to get to THIS point where she’s brain-dead? Did you REALLY know her if you didn’t recognize those red flags and early warnings? You TOP ENTERTAINMENT MOGULS WHO LURED HER IN HAVE FAILED HER. Anyway you slice it; you give cars and scholarships away… you open schools and make public donations and gifts and grants… but this girl is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE AND YOU DIDN’T SEE IT. YOU’VE FAILED. Life as we know it is about SURVIVAL, and then AFFIRMATION of all that we love, all that we endear and care for. All that other hype and fluff is but GAS. You GAS US UP WITH THE SHINY CARS, THE LAVISH LIFE, THE BIG NUMBERS, and now this is the sacrificial lamb… this is who you let die by not paying sincere attention. THE FIRST & SECOND YEAR AFTER MOMMA DIES IS A SERIOUS PERIOD. HER LIFE SHOULD BE NOTHING SHORT OF AN EFFING SUICIDE WATCH! It doesn’t take a psychologist tell you this. Any social worker knows this girl had issues.
SO BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING. BACK TO YOUR MANSIONS, YOUR PENTHOUSE SUITES, YOUR BENTLEY & BENZ. BACK TO YOUR HUNDRED-DOLLAR MEALS AND $5,000 OUTFITS THAT YOU ONLY WEAR ONCE. BACK TO YOUR G4s, your LIMOS and your OFFICE FULL OF AWARDS. YOU WILL LIKELY SAY SOME SHIT LIKE “GIVE IT TO THE LORD” because you’re now HELPLESS where you were once a CONFIDANT. You had ACCESS. You were somehow IMPORTANT & RELEVANT TO HER. Instead, you should be “A PERSON OF INTEREST” and we should research how stupid you were to let her get away, have her way, and (so it seems) do away with what we see was a precious life; a tender life.


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