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We’re All Trapped In The Bubble

d6fdb3039720fa9f275c0295def0db8b (1)Interesting to live in this ubiquitous world where we come together for certain activities such as church, school, beauty salon/nail shop/barber, movie theater, sporting event and the occasional restaurant visit. If you’re out running errands you’re lucky to run into neighbors at the gas pump or while shopping, but otherwise we are all stuck in our independent worlds. We’re in our individual vehicles, and in our solitary living quarters. Clearly, and if we so choose to, the most effective way for us to connect is online. In fact, as we indulge, we can hide our (so called) imperfections. We don’t hafta do make-up, clothes or other external devices that serve to enhance the experiences we have in real-time. Online, your heart may even speak louder, your intelligence may be sharper and there might be more courage to “dig in” simply because you’re in our “safe zone.” On one hand, its good. Conversation is provoking and engaging and even transformational. Still, some of us have abused that privilege while others have turned it into gold. It’s my hope that I’ve entertained you, that I’ve broadened your awareness, and maybe lifted your spirits. In real time I am servicing clients and sharing my skills with the world while balancing my days and nights with proper diet good exercise and some socializing now and then. Fortunately, many of you have been somewhere other than your backyard and you get it, you understand from where I came and what I’ve had to go through in order to reach this happy spot. I’m hoping you basically enjoy my existence in your life. Some others have earned more access to me and unfortunately there are some who have violated that access or just don’t understand me/never will and that’s fine too. It was Bill Cosby who said that the big mistake would be to “try to satisfy everyone” (and although he tried that himself!) and that’s probably the only advice I’ll take from him… I know that everybody doesn’t think the same, act the same or aspire the same. Even platforms such as music, movies and or books while sharing the exact same content will provoke a sea of differing opinions and perspectives.I say all that to say that no matter what you assume or what you do we are all different and special and altho it may seem that some of us are “special,” the truth is we all have the same 24/7, no matter how much we try and dress it up. Have a great weekend peace and I am out

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This Waits No Longer

So I was talking with my agent a few hours ago and  after 15 minutes of us both ranting about how superior my content is and how none of what we see on TV measures up, he wants me to draft a synopsis for the project we believe will out-do the hit TV show “Empire.” I mean, how hard is the winning recipie here? You want the expert cenimatography u see in Breaking Bad. You want the unpredictable tension you’re receiving in “Sons of Anarchy” and “House Of Cards.” You want the action, the thrill, the gore and the OMG you’re getting in “Black List” and “Walking Dead” and finally, yaaaaaas bitch yaaaaas u want the diversity you’re seeing in “Empire” and “Scandal.”

How do I already know this? I really don’t need to toot my flute here, since so many people have been saying it for years. They say the same thing about my writing and my stories, from Bermuda to Spain, from London and back to Harlem. So, what is the hold up when I’ve written dozens of hit-novels and when the world at large applauds the work? If there’s no greater signal, some of you remember I was sitting in Starbucks two years ago and one of our biggest film producers happens to live where I live. I mean this small town in Conyers Georgia, and coincidentally the biggest urban film producer lives here. And why did his wife step to me/unprovoked to tell me “my husband does what you do.” And here in Conyers Georgia I wondered to myself “who could your husband possibly be? Do you know who I know?” LOL how I avoided any obvious expressions, and kept my gangsta ego to myself while waiting for her answer. I intend to share that interaction in my forthcoming book, amongst so many other things that have either pushed me forward or held me back in this game we know as author. In this place we call life. I can think back and remember my manager/friend accompanying me to the top floor of HBO where I sat with a wheelchair-bound acquisitions director for the company. This was before Netflix trumped the company in subscriptions, but I was ready with an arm full of my books and an arsenal of current press as a magic carpet.  I set on the table of this secluded conference room where we had lunch served to the three of us. A conversation ensued about the books and about the need for screenplays.then came the writers strike and the writing of the screenplay for the film deal with Bill Duke was stalled. Bill and I talked about me writing the screenplay, in his words: 

“you already wrote the stories so what’s the problem?” 

And he said this with this little affirming chuckle that we all love so much. I couldn’t wait because at this point I am all about sharing resources so I gathered 3 other writers to join in on the project. We finished the screenplay and it sits on my hard drive, however times have changed and Netflix shares the glory winning market-shares and viewership with Hulu-plus. So today’s conversation with my agent goes back to square one about these damned screen plays. he’s already taken me through the doors of reality show producers and television networks. He’s already landed me the huge book deals with the box of contracts to sign and a landslide cash advance. Walking thru Shonda’s doors won’t be hard. I mean, I really need no more evidence in my life to tell me and to prod me and to kick me in the ass so as to say: 

“Man if you don’t get the fuck up off your ass and win this title???” 

And so here I go with my low-maintenance lifestyle, my seclusion from distractions and my already razor/sharp perspective on life… the synopsis and the characters and the plotting and the series of events that make one of my books your next big addictive show. Pray me up family, this waits no longer. No excuses. Everything I need is here with me. And then there’s your well-wishes. There’s a new rainmaker in town, except I’ve been here all along. Thank you.

I’m Humbled And Honored! Thank You To All My Supporters! I Intend to MAKE YOU PROUD!

Highlight Of My Week – The Ben Affleck Effect

11042198_10153057414780733_1299740295_nI found Ben Affleck‬ at the local hardware store.
He said: “What’s Relentless?”
Then I said: “That’s my pen name that I created out of thin air some 15 years ago.”
Then he was like: “That’s real sharp.”
Then I was like: “Sharp, like your acting, directing and all the women you get to marry?” Ben got quiet ‪pokerface‬/Then I broke out laughing and he more/less chuckled. But then you KNOW I had to say “Ben, I wrote a truck-load of books that are ready for film.” He looked at me with that casual raised eyebrow of his, and now he’s following me in his Porsche‬ We’re about to have breakfast to talk about working on a movie. Who knew my Tuesday would start off so amazing? See how great life is? You can get the upgrade JUST like that! BE READY FOR YOUR UPGRADE FAMILY. We may not have Ben Affleck Magic but we DO have magic all around us. we just need to be ready to receive it when it comes! I guess I’ll take the day off hollywood‬ actor‬ director‬ web design‬ wordpress‬ web video‬ writer‬ published author‬ inspirational‬ purpose‬ winning‬ SUCCESS‬ AUTHOR web design filmmaker‬ ‎video producer‬ book publisher‬ entrepreneur‬ lifeisgood‬ ‎Tuesday‬

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About To Produce A Stevie Wonder Inspired Film – Looking For Female Author/Writer…

I need a female author/writer to balance this project with her ideas and inspiration.
stevie wonder relentless aaron film

If you’re interested, please shoot me a note with your resume at

Sometimes I Just Let The Music Speak 4 Me – Good Day To You

Can You Walk The Walk?

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