Highlight Of My Week – The Ben Affleck Effect

11042198_10153057414780733_1299740295_nI found Ben Affleck‬ at the local hardware store.
He said: “What’s Relentless?”
Then I said: “That’s my pen name that I created out of thin air some 15 years ago.”
Then he was like: “That’s real sharp.”
Then I was like: “Sharp, like your acting, directing and all the women you get to marry?” Ben got quiet ‪pokerface‬/Then I broke out laughing and he more/less chuckled. But then you KNOW I had to say “Ben, I wrote a truck-load of books that are ready for film.” He looked at me with that casual raised eyebrow of his, and now he’s following me in his Porsche‬ We’re about to have breakfast to talk about working on a movie. Who knew my Tuesday would start off so amazing? See how great life is? You can get the upgrade JUST like that! BE READY FOR YOUR UPGRADE FAMILY. We may not have Ben Affleck Magic but we DO have magic all around us. we just need to be ready to receive it when it comes! I guess I’ll take the day off hollywood‬ actor‬ director‬ web design‬ wordpress‬ web video‬ writer‬ published author‬ inspirational‬ purpose‬ winning‬ SUCCESS‬ AUTHOR web design filmmaker‬ ‎video producer‬ book publisher‬ entrepreneur‬ lifeisgood‬ ‎Tuesday‬

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