Some of you might want to know if this is another book of mine or an actual film. Folks today, films are seen on your cell phone and in the comfort of your own home via YouTube, Hulu plus, Netflix and Amazon prime. I didn’t come here to the merely compete with books; I’m here to hold 

  the crown in urban storytelling.

I just completed an AMAZING SCRIPT for an ACTRESS.. I WANT TO FILM IT IN APRIL! If you have a burning desire, please reach out to me. TRINA: is age 19 or 30 depending on the nightmare. She’s a single/part time employee who experiences her nightmares in real life. Its psycho-drama at its best. In-box me


If you know my books, you know I’m the best in the world at Urban Psycho-Erotica. And it seems (by the look of movies) thats the “stuff” today. I recently conceived my 41st book “Help Me” (soon to be released, about a woman who experiences her own nightmares, rapes, etc… she’s been raped and killed a few times and begins to enjoy it. But there comes a point when the tables turn. 

 In the meantime, I’m looking for a daring actress who would be interested in an experimental filming in April. When its done being edited, we’re having a premier viewing and it will be available for online downloads. Its an awesome script and I need an awesome energy to fill the role. I also film music videos and commercials. So there’s paid work all around me. 

 Note: this project is racy/ As violent and suggestive as Scandal or Empire. Also, we’re shooting in Conyers Georgia fyi.

 Please submit if interested!


 Scene one – (9p) – The employee exit

 Trina has lost her mind.

 She’s just leaving work and heads to her car when she’s confronted by a stranger. He asks her for directions. Trina attempts to explain the directions before stranger asks for a pen, making Trina dig into her purse. To be safe, she turns her back on the stranger. When she does, he takes the opportunity to grab her mouth and neck. Now in a headlock, Trina is stuck and her attacker growls in her ear. He demands she keep quiet, but she’s still fighting. Purse and employee outfit fall to the ground. He struggles. Just as she loses consciousness. (fade to black)

 Scene two – Trina is coming to consciousness. She’s waking up from being choked out. She’s gagged, tied, in the back of the trunk. The truck door swings open. Its him again…

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