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Brothers Gonna Work It Out – Remixed

HERE'S MY THING with so many of you...

You are knee-deep in the biggest fight of your life; that fight for available resources, whether its you wanting more revenue, greater relationships, a more promising future,

more clients & customers... further acknowledgement for your talents, skills and wisdom... you want all of this, you want your good health, family & friends around, and you want it all in a timely fashion (now) and then you sabotage shit. I observe you and how you neglect, betray, or simply fail to recognize the blessings within your reach. Blessings right in your face; the right person, the right conveniences... proven, qualified and already entrusted to you... and you decide you're "tired" or "unhappy" or (in my opinion), scared or "unfocused." and you ultimately neglect, overlook or turn your back on the very blessing in your face. Oh, and then there ore others of you who have already crossed the threshold of economic struggle. You make it to the other side and sheesh! you forgot where you started. You become cold, insulated and distant. I could get specific and identify how you fall off, especially you who have dealt with me up close and personal. But I won't. I want this commentary to touch everyone, to perhaps prevent more of this failed behavior. And so I need to do this with love, because despite your practices, I still love you.

For loving you, affirms me, my past shortcomings, as well as my aspirations in life.

Here's the bigger picture: you're better with that resource, that relationship or that convenience then you were without it. And yet, you're still unable to stay the course? You're still unwilling to hold on, to maintain. I'm reminded of PUBLIC ENEMY'S "BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT OUT." And altho this is certainly was an answer to more unity between us, I'm thinking so many of us are good and comfortable  with the disconnect.

 TRUTH: I'm thinking that you've had the whiff of the good life and that you're so sucked-in by it that you're blinded. That doesn't hafta determine your future, but somebody's gotta tell you you're falling off. Who better than me??? And by the way, the song by Public Enemy din say we GOTTA or we SHOULD, or we COULD. The song says Brothers GONNA Work it Out. WELL DO IT 'DEN! #Relentless

The Aside: Who says or sings this any better than Frankie Beverly? 




Good Morning!!!

Making It Do What It Do in Media

The business of navigating my talents, my own brands, and staying relevant to all things in the world brought me to producing this film. When you’re in business and at the steering wheel of your business, a lot of times you must wear a lot of hats. Here’s the result of my many hats, and balancing them with the 24hrs of good health I’ve been blessed with Song of Joy – Shoshyn (producer Relentless Aaron) ​

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