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You Woke up like this??? My Relentless Days & Nights


Last night, I wanted to be entertained by way of the local nightclub. Many of us have been there before, where we step in and we observe the atmosphere on our way to the bathroom (for the ladies) and perhaps to the bar for the men.
Inevitably, we have our drink in hand and we nurse it until the next random act takes place. You will either meet someone you know, or bump into a new random personality. Others of us will say the club experience is about the music or so that we can see some live performance or sporting event on the giant screen. maybe we just wanna be around people, and one or two of you are stalkers. Let's be honest, lol.

So for many of us, especially those hard workers that hammer out 9 to 5 jobs all week all month and all year long. This is our routine; one that livens up the ending or the beginning of our workweek. If you're not doing the club scene, and if you tell yourself you've been there/done that in your life, then perhaps you are at home with family keeping them safe and secure and entertained.

Last night, those of you who don't have family, were resting or entertaining yourselves, or someone else.

And yet there is that other beast among us! I am talking about you! You are the one that was working! You are that voracious reader, absorbing all the information you possibly can to make the best of your time. Last night you were adopting available resources that you found while researching the web. You were up writing new content or fine tuning your PowerPoint presentations and editing so that you may continue to keep your following fueled with inspiration and information and the resources that come from you. Why do I know you so well? Because I am you.

Maybe you too wanted to go out to the club and experience some randomness, but you know that your quality time will result in certain accomplishment, and of course that accomplishment is aligned with your goals, and those goals are aligned with your life's purpose. This is not rocket science. However this is something that requires discipline and definiteness of purpose. In other words, you have got to do the work. As much as I'm saying that to you I am saying it to myself. I have so much to accomplish and yet (like the rest of us) only 24 hours in a day. So I find myself in workhorse mode a lot of the time and that relieves my need for the randomness.

Welcome to a new day with Relentless Aaron, a man who has achieved certain accomplishments, and who uses his abilities and those experiences to fuel new relationships and to grow and inspire the next level of productivity in you.


As you all should know, I have been pushing the “Relentless Brand” since 2003, when my first book “Push” was published. Along with writing books it is necessary to market what you write. Coincidentally I have also been highly skilled at video production, filmmaking, graphic design, sound recording and building websites.

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