1239653_10151832514355733_497126954_nGood day to you all. I really cannot afford to sleep on this opportunity. If you’re a writer, a publisher, an entrepreneur or someone with a voice to be heard, you cannot either.

Imagine having greater access than anyone else to a 15 year veteran in book publishing and a 25 year veteran in video production? Wouldn’t that be a most valuable resource in your business or artistry?

As you all should know, I have been pushing the “Relentless Brand” since 2003, when my first book “Push” was published. Along with writing books it is necessary to market what you write. Coincidentally I have also been highly skilled at video production, filmmaking, graphic design, sound recording and building websites. All that, besides the writing and the filmmaking, I have been through one company or another where it relates to audio production. those older social networks have folded one after another, leaving a few strong audio brands today. Spreaker. SoundCloud. Reverbnation. Blog Talk Radio. these platforms have already attracted a number of my comrades in the communications game. Naturally, many of you are also YouTubers. So we are writing, we are producing audio programs, and we are filming videos.

God blessed us all as multimedia makers!

Comes this BRILLIANT and yet SIMPLE idea that glues all of this together, and I AM IN. Here’s why I’m in:

Number 1, I’M ALL IN because this embraces something that I’ve been mastering since the late 80s. That is not just video production capabilities or audio production capabilities or photography, or web design, or even all the books I’ve written. What this platform supports is me being able to combine my voice in multimedia with my inspiration & motivational voice, and then to share that with the masses. I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I TRAINED UNDER LES BROWN!

Number 2, I’M ALL IN because building a company has never been as easy as this. I have tried over and over to find individuals who could bring their energy to the table for Team Relentless, partnering with this much sought-after team was always about growing together, building together, vacation together, making money together, and all of this fueled by my huge success in the book publishing business. I offered them an EASIER RIDE, to be part of an ALREADY WINNING TEAM! But all I got was excuses, slackers and people who WEREN’T self-starters. So my search must be BROADER. I need to look outside of ATLANTA, to find you wherever you are with your Internet connection. Now, I am certain to have a core group of hundreds and thousands of individuals who are already connected to me. Its much easier now with this system, as well as you can now earn money and a living with the foundation of a strong organization, paired with the perfect success story-the man you know as Relentless Aaron. Now, there is an institution that is purposeful and which has moved wealth to support the skills that I’ve already mastered. It simply makes perfect sense for you me to join hands with the other authors within my network. It makes sense for me to gather all of the readers within my reach. And this does not mean that you are subordinate to Relentless, nor that you are employed by Relentless, not even that you have to push the products of Relentless. What this means is that I have introduced you to an ultimate system that can help you grow your own ways and means, whether it’s to earn a living for you and your children, or if you want to be an author and earn your own profits as well as gain the necessary exposure for your work, or are you are already an author and would appreciate a substantial backing in your future publishing endeavors. This is the future that I’ve already seen, but now one that is a reality thanks to the Empower Network.

Finally, Number 3: I’M ALL IN because I have long been looking for an allegiance that is global, that is young and hungry, and one that would enjoy the connectivity with someone like myself.

I believe it is the ultimate platform where those individuals who are aligned with me can not only earn money but can finally, (I said finally!) be partnered with the Relentless Brand as 100% partners. On one hand you can share your voice, on another hand you can share in the energy that is TeamRelentless. We share resources, information as well as so many other benefits that you cannot receive by any other means.

The commitment is very inexpensive to be involved, as low as $25 (or $40) a month and as much as $100 or $more a month. Just as with any other business concern, you invest in your business and you subsequently benefit from the results. At the $40 level you’ll be able to earn money monthly being part of the “affiliate program.” Sure, you can come in and be a part of the energy at $25 a month, blogging and receiving tutorials on marketing your business online.  But I implore you to take advantage of the moneymaking opportunity herein. I set up the “monthly fee” for the purpose of having you as a “committed Partner” in this endeavor. Yes, we will dibble/dabble into things and we won’t be serious about them. But when it comes to spending money every month, we can get serious then. Only then do we set that fire under our behinds. After all, I’m putting an incredible opportunity in your hands. There are many many people out there who need the services we provide. So, its not so much about “finding the work” as it is finding the committed individuals to help “present” the services.

I have been through dozens of multilevel marketing campaigns including Amway, the Cambridge Diet, Noni Juice and so many other projects. Folks, I cannot be any more excited than I am right now about Empower. this organization has no idea what is about to happen thanks to the years of relationships that I’ve earned in my normal life. Not only am I in influencer, but I am the voice of resources. The resources that I share are not merely entertainment, but good sound judgment. from the cradle to the grave, we all need to embrace good sound judgment. This is a resource that keeps us alive, that keeps us maturing, and that keeps us growing positively and affirming our purpose on this planet. I’m done speaking on this for now, because it is time that I reorganize my efforts and take charge of the one thing that I have in life, and that is my passion for living. Welcome one and all to Empower. I look forward to your involvement with Team Relentless!

Here’ the link for more information https://www.eastatlantamultimedia.net




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