I’M LOSING MY MIND! I’VE GOT A LUCRATIVE, PROFITABLE BUSINESS GROWING AND FLOURISHING AND (GUESS WHAT?) OLIVIA POPE MISSING… We’ve been looking for you Olivia. We know you are amazingly resourceful, somewhat of a social butterfly, you are a talented crisis manager running, steering and fueling the firm with your powerful energy, and that you already have a lot of important clients… a lot of them. However, you require THE CONTENT! You need the business model, a production company with experience that allows you to reach into the depths of various industries OTHER than politics, terrorism and national conflict. You need REAL SITUATIONS such as curating talent, helping businesses create larger revenues as a bottom line, and still keeping your own personal agenda in mind. You need situations where you can “fix” a business so that their branding is unstoppable. And you need OPPORTUNITIES that will put you in the presence of IMPORTANCE… IMPORTANT PEOPLE, IMPORTANT CIRCUMSTANCES; yes, opportunities that will generate MORE opportunities, BECAUSE YOU LIKE TO GROW. Well, no matter where you live, we knowOlivia-Pope-Scandal you already “make it happen” in your community. And at WEBFILMBOOKS.COM, LLC (a Georgia Corporation) we feel we have THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. It’s not any fly-by-night/multi-level-marketing scheme that requires you to “bring in” a “downline” by picking at your friends & family, perhaps threatening those long-term, rich-rewarding & important relationships. This is NOT THAT. I’m suggesting a “partnership” that will afford you the resources of a veteran producer, award-winning author/publisher… and ALL OF MY CONNECTIONS; connections in entertainment… connections in government… connections in business & community. I’m talking about EMPOWERING YOU to the point where you will be able to remain a free-spirit, ini pendant as you already are, fueled by a purpose that will never have in financial need in your personal life. You will never lack for available resources to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. And most importantly, this partnership will help formulate the happiness that you’ve always wanted since this is a secure, purposeful, sincere business relationship. Lets talk immediately. info@relentlessaaron.net





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