It’s Diddy Time Again…

“The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me”—A Gritty Memoir Of Survival In The ’90s Hip-Hop Scene

Relentless Aaron, the pen name for DeWitt Gilmore, a prominent figure in the 1990s New York hip-hop scene, announces the release of his latest memoir, The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me. This gripping book offers an unvarnished look at the cutthroat world of music promotion and his harrowing confrontation with Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Set against the backdrop of 1990s New York City, this memoir details Mr. Gilmore’s journey of ambition and resilience in an era that reshaped the music industry. The book provides a candid account of his life as a young impresario navigating the challenges and rivalries of the hip-hop world.

The highlight of the memoir is a life-changing night where a seemingly ordinary encounter with Puffy escalates into a high-speed chase through New York City, a testament to the perilous nature of fame and power in the entertainment industry.

The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me is more than a personal story. It’s a reflection on the complexities of the entertainment industry and a testament to the enduring human spirit,” said Gilmore.

The book is now available for purchase online for $4.00 at

For more information about the book or the author DeWitt Gilmore aka Relentless Aaron, visit the official website at

Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

For press inquiries, contact D. Gilmore at 404-477-8257 or

Beyond the Tank: Navigating the Waters of Entrepreneurial Funding Without Losing Your Soul

Watching Shark Tank with my queen, I'm both amazed and disheartened by the spectacle of entrepreneurial dreams facing harsh realities. The platform itself is a significant win, offering unparalleled exposure. Many contestants already boast impressive sales and progress, yet they venture onto the stage seeking substantial funding, ready to relinquish large portions of their hard-earned businesses for sums that seem inconsequential in the grand scheme. This readiness to part with equity for what might seem like a quick financial fix strikes me as a dire misstep, akin to bartering away one's soul.

The demeaning treatment from figures like Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Cuban only adds insult to injury, overshadowing the simpler, more respectful routes to capitalization that many overlook. The thought of entrepreneurs surrendering their life's work so readily, possibly out of a misguided quest for exposure, troubles me deeply. It seems they underestimate the power and value of their brands, not realizing that more strategic, bold requests—like aiming for $1 million in exchange for a mere 5%—could serve both their need for exposure and their long-term interests far better.

I can't help but think that the true challenge lies in the fear of true ownership and achieving greatness without the perceived need for validation from these industry titans. While some sharks, like Barbara Corcoran and Damon John, may offer a more hands-on, nurturing partnership, the essence of entrepreneurship is in steering one's own ship to success.

For those feeling cornered by funding woes, I urge you not to despair. There are ways to secure $250,000 or even $1 million for your venture without sacrificing the heart of your business or enduring unnecessary humiliation. Remember, the journey to funding should not start with a compromise of your vision. If credit is a barrier, let's address it head-on. Don't let poor credit or fear stand in the way of your ambitions. Seek guidance, and protect the integrity of your brand at all costs. Your dream doesn’t need a shark to thrive—it needs you.

The Art of Ownership: A Slice of Watermelon Over an Entire Grape

2024-02-22 11.23.22 - Feature image for a blog post titled 'Grape vs. Watermelon_ Navigating Your Path to Success'. The image should creatively depict the metaphorical choi

The Choice Between a Watermelon Slice and an Entire Grape: Weighing Your Options

In life's grand pursuit of success and fulfillment, we're often presented with choices that shape our path forward. One such metaphorical choice is between owning a slice of a watermelon and possessing an entire grape. Both options have their unique set of benefits and drawbacks, depending on one's personal goals, values, and appetite for responsibility. Here at, we understand that the path to freedom and success isn't one-size-fits-all. Let's explore the pros and cons of each choice to help you decide which fruit—whether it's the slice or the whole grape—aligns best with your vision of success.

The Watermelon Slice: Being Part of Something Bigger


**Shared Responsibility:** Owning a slice of the watermelon means you're part of a larger entity. This can translate to shared responsibilities and less pressure on any one individual. It's a chance to contribute to something significant without shouldering all the burdens alone.
**Potential for Greater Rewards:** A slice of a watermelon, in the grand scheme, represents a share in a potentially vast and lucrative venture. The success of the whole can mean substantial returns for each participant, often surpassing what one could achieve with a grape.
**Learning and Growth:** Being a part of a bigger project allows for networking, mentorship, and learning from others. It's an opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge in a collaborative environment.


**Less Control:** With only a slice of the watermelon, your say in the overall direction and decisions of the venture might be limited. This can be challenging for those who prefer to have complete control over their endeavors.
**Dependency on Others:** Your success is partly in the hands of others. If the watermelon doesn't flourish, your slice suffers too, regardless of your personal efforts or contributions.

The Entire Grape: Full Ownership and Autonomy


**Complete Control:** Owning the entire grape means you're in charge. Every decision, from direction to execution, rests with you. This level of autonomy is perfect for those who have a clear vision and prefer not to compromise.
**Simpler Logistics:** Managing a grape is inherently less complex than a slice of a large watermelon. With fewer variables and stakeholders, you can pivot and adapt quickly to changes or opportunities.
**Personal Fulfillment:** There's a unique sense of satisfaction in knowing you've built something from the ground up, on your terms. This ownership can lead to profound personal fulfillment and pride in your work.


**All Responsibility on You:** With great power comes great responsibility. The entire burden of success or failure rests on your shoulders, which can be a daunting prospect.
**Limited Resources:** A grape may only grow as large as its environment allows. Without the collective resources of a watermelon, scaling up or tapping into new markets may be challenging.
**Potential for Isolation:** Going it alone can sometimes lead to isolation, without the benefit of a support network or team to share in the journey and brainstorm solutions to problems.

Here's What It Is : Choosing Your Fruit

The decision between the watermelon slice and the entire grape isn't just about preference; it's a reflection of your goals, lifestyle, and how you define success. Some may relish the opportunity to be a key player in a larger scheme, enjoying the collaborative spirit and shared success. Others might find greater satisfaction in the autonomy and direct impact of managing their own grape, despite the challenges that come with it.

At, we believe in empowering our readers to make informed choices that align with their personal and professional aspirations. Whether you choose the watermelon slice or the entire grape, remember that both paths offer unique opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and success. What matters most is finding the route that best suits your vision and embarking on that journey with confidence and purpose.

Katt’tastrophy? Or Did He Maximize?



Yours For The Asking

Accomplished: My Remarkable Journey Through Adversity

At 59, I reflect on a lifetime of relentless determination. My path to success is unconventional, marked by unique challenges that I've overcome. I'll be sharing even more about my journey in a forthcoming book. But, notably, I must say I never sent a single query letter to publishing companies for consideration in entering mainstream publishing. Instead, I blazed my own trail in the literary world with determination & resilience, to the point that major media straightened me out for life.

During the challenging phases— divorced from wife & kids, upside-down finances that were merely sugarcoated with publishing checks—I found myself homeless for over 2 years, living in my car, then a small cargo van, and finally that long stint from 2009 - 2017 in the very same model RV that made Breaking Bad one of the TV's most popular shows. Yes, that was me with the alternator & transmission issues, not to mention needing somewhere to park. That off-grid life didn't come without its thrills, but it was my entry into Atlanta, right after a difficult breakup with my ex-wife. It was a time of unimaginable struggle, but it taught me the true meaning of perseverance.

 The book industry was also undergoing a massive transformation, with thousands of bookstores around the world shutting down and the rise of e-books. Despite having a three-picture deal with Bill Duke, the big article in the Hollywood Reporter, Time magazine, the New York Daily News, and of course the New York Times, the writer's strike interrupted the plans, forcing me to pivot and adapt to new circumstances.

Throughout my journey, however, there were blessings, benefactors, and philanthropists, as well as the challenges of dealing with people. Ultimately, in 2017, owning a bed-and-breakfast brand introduced me to all kinds of individuals, helping me distinguish between those who supported my vision and those who didn't. It was a valuable lesson in resilience and determination. The supporters were judges, actors, in politicians, while the Darkside brought in vagabonds, damsels in distress, and of course those who were “Fresh Out” of jail or the hospital.

Almost three years ago, I found a remarkable partner who shared my dreams and saw beyond the smoke and mirrors of life to the truth of who I am. We've been quite transparent to the world about who we are and how we love, and we've since become inseparable in our mission and vision. I can't wait to share our inspiring story with you.

Equally significant has been the role of business credit in my journey. Access to unlimited funding through business credit has been a dream come true, providing me with the ultimate freedom to pursue my creative endeavors and entrepreneurial ventures backed by unlimited capital.

 Today, I stand stronger than ever, having overcome these challenges and emerged victorious. My story is a testament to the power of relentless pursuit, unwavering passion, and the profound impact of a supportive partner, the business credit, and even the fans who have “hung out,” watching from the sidelines to see just where this journey takes me.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

#RelentlessJourney #Resilience #Entrepreneurship #NeverGiveUp #Adversity #LegacyBuilding #BusinessCredit



A Ten Million Dollar Win

This could be the most important article (from me) that you've ever read. If only you were present and intentional while absorbing my words.

Imagine this: you've just been handed a check for $10 million. The excitement, the sense of abundance, the feeling of limitless possibilities – it's exhilarating. Now, hold that thought. Embracing the $10 million mentality is not just about adopting a mindset; it's also about recognizing and seizing opportunities that come your way. While it's crucial to believe in the abundance and success that life offers, it's equally important to take concrete steps towards achieving your goals. Here's an exciting offer that aligns perfectly with this philosophy, especially if you're in the initial stages of building your wealth and looking for tangible opportunities.

The Credit Space Opportunity: A Stepping Stone to Your $10 Million Mentality

Understanding the Challenge:

From now until Valentine's Day, we're introducing a unique challenge in the credit repair and restoration space. This is not just an opportunity to earn but also a chance to help others improve their financial standing – aligning well with the $10 million mentality of giving and abundance.

The Referral Program:

  • For Every Qualified Referral: If you know someone in need of credit repair – perhaps a friend, family member, or a business owner facing growth challenges – refer them to our services.
  • Your Earnings: For each client you refer who signs up for our services, you will receive $250. This earning applies when you bring in three or more clients. For two clients, the reward is $200 per client.
  • Going the Extra Mile: If you're motivated to maximize this opportunity, bringing in 10 clients will earn you $2,500, and 20 clients will bring a remarkable $5,000.

The Timeframe:

This offer is valid up until Valentine's Day, providing a time-bound opportunity to boost your earnings significantly.

How This Fits Into Your $10 Million Mentality Plan

Daily Agenda: Start each day with a goal-oriented approach. Identify potential clients, plan your outreach, and set daily targets.

Six-Month Plan: Incorporate this opportunity into your short-term financial goals. Calc

ulate how much you aim to earn and strategize your efforts accordingly.

Two-Year Plan: Use the skills and network you develop from this challenge as a stepping stone. Building a robustnetwork now can lead to more lucrative opportunities in the future.

Five-Year Plan: Reflect on how this experience can shape your long-term goals. Whether it's expanding your network, understanding the credit industry, or building your own business, use this as a growth platform.

10-Year Plan: Envision how these skills and experiences can contribute to your decade-long vision. This opportunity isn't just about immediate gains; it's about planting seeds for future success.

And So It Is...

The $10 million mentality is about more than just a mindset; it's about action. This Valentine's Day challenge in the credit space is a perfect example of how you can translate this mentality into tangible results. Seize this opportunity to not only enhance your financial standing but also help others improve theirs. Remember, the path to wealth and success is often paved with small, consistent steps. On your mark, get set, go!

A busy man, indeed. Support where possible

At least I'm

At least I'm not out here in these streets doin nonsense:

The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig

The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig












Monday, December 4, 2023
“The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me” – A Gritty Memoir of Survival in the 90s Hip-Hop Scene





Crafting Success in the Shadows: My Journey with ‘Ultimate Faceless Marketing

As a prolific novelist and entrepreneur, my journey in the bustling world of marketing has always been about finding balance - striking the right chord between my professional pursuits and cherishing quality moments with my queen, LaTonya. This quest for equilibrium led me to a groundbreaking strategy: Faceless Marketing. It's here that I found the essence of my latest endeavor, the 'Ultimate Faceless Marketing' eBook.

The Personal Touch of Faceless Marketing: Contrary to traditional marketing that often hinges on personal branding, Faceless Marketing allows me to focus on what I do best – creating and writing – without the pressure of being constantly in the public eye. This approach aligns perfectly with my lifestyle, giving me more time to spend with LaTonya while still driving my professional goals forward.

Why Faceless Marketing Resonates with Me:

  1. Privacy Preservation: In an era where every public figure is scrutinized, Faceless Marketing offers me a haven of privacy, a place where my work speaks louder than my personal life.
  2. Content-Centric Approach: It lets the quality of my work – my novels, my entrepreneurial insights – take center stage, unshadowed by my personal image.
  3. Universal Appeal: This strategy helps me connect with a broader audience, transcending the boundaries often imposed by personal branding.

Inside My 'Ultimate Faceless Marketing' eBook: This eBook is a reflection of my personal journey in mastering Faceless Marketing. It's packed with:

  • Unique Insights: Drawing from my experiences, I offer strategies that have worked for me, blending entrepreneurship with creative writing.
  • Real-Life Applications: The eBook includes anecdotes from my life, showing how I've applied these principles while balancing time with LaTonya.
  • Practical Advice: It's a hands-on guide, filled with actionable steps that can help anyone carve out more personal time while still achieving professional success.

The eBook's Role in My Life: The 'Ultimate Faceless Marketing' eBook isn't just a product; it's a part of my life story. It embodies my philosophy of working smart, respecting my need for personal space, and valuing my moments with LaTonya.

Leveraging the eBook in My Busy Life:

  • The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig

    The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig

    Master Resell Rights: An intriguing aspect of this eBook is the Master Resell Rights. It's not only a source of knowledge for me but also a passive income stream, aligning with my entrepreneurial spirit.

  • A Tool for Work-Life Balance: This eBook serves as a reminder and a guide on how to maintain a successful career without compromising on the precious moments of personal life.

Conclusion: The 'Ultimate Faceless Marketing' eBook is more than just a marketing guide; it's a narrative of how I've woven the threads of anonymity into my professional tapestry while keeping my personal life enriched and undisturbed. It's a testament to how I balance my time between my passion for writing and my life with LaTonya.

Call to Action: Join me on this unique journey. Grab your copy of the 'Ultimate Faceless Marketing' eBook and discover how you can achieve professional growth while keeping your personal life sacred. Embrace this innovative approach to marketing, and like me, find your path to success and fulfillment.

Unlocking Financial Success: The Ultimate Guide to the $250k Playbook

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner aiming for financial triumph? The $250k Playbook might just be your golden ticket. This guide has transformed the way countless individuals approach business growth and financial stability. Let's dive into what makes this playbook a game-changer in the entrepreneurial world.

Understanding the $250k Playbook: The $250k Playbook isn't just a set of guidelines; it's a roadmap to success. Born from the minds of leading business strategists, this playbook encompasses a wealth of knowledge, tactics, and insider secrets designed to elevate your business to new heights. It's a compilation of proven strategies that have helped entrepreneurs break the quarter-million-dollar barrier.

Key Strategies for Success:

  1. Market Analysis and Positioning: Understand your market deeply and position your product or service to fill a unique niche.
  2. Financial Planning and Management: Master the art of budgeting, investing, and resource allocation to maximize profits.
  3. Effective Marketing and Branding: Learn how to create a brand that resonates with your target audience and employ marketing strategies that yield results.
  4. Sales Optimization: Enhance your sales processes and techniques to increase conversion rates.
  5. Customer Relationship Management: Build lasting relationships with customers to ensure repeat business and referrals.

Implementing the Playbook in Your Business: To effectively implement these strategies, start by conducting a thorough audit of your current business practices. Identify areas for improvement and apply the playbook's strategies accordingly. Remember, the key to success is not just in knowing what to do but in executing it effectively. Regularly review your progress and be prepared to adapt your strategies as your business grows.

Measuring Your Success: Success can be measured in various ways, but the most effective method is to set specific, measurable goals. Track your progress against these goals and be open to adjusting your strategies as you gather more data. Remember, the $250k Playbook is not just about reaching a financial milestone; it's about sustainable growth and continuous improvement.

Beyond the Playbook – Sustaining Long-Term Growth: The journey doesn't end once you've implemented the playbook. The business landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your strategies. Stay informed about market trends, invest in personal development, and never stop learning. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who view growth as a continuous journey, not a destination.

Conclusion: The $250k Playbook is more than just a guide; it's a catalyst for profound business transformation. By embracing its principles and strategies, you're not just aiming for financial success; you're setting the stage for long-term business prosperity. Take the first step today – your entrepreneurial journey awaits.

Call to Action: Ready to embark on a journey of financial success? Download the full $250k Playbook now, or contact our team for a personalized consultation. Your path to entrepreneurial triumph starts here.

I Understand!

"Embracing 59: The Dawn of a New Chapter in Relentless Pursuit"

Yesterday, I, DeWitt Gilmore, also known to many as "Relentless Aaron," turned 59. As I step into this new chapter of my life, I find myself reflecting on a journey that has been nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and relentless pursuit of one's dreams.

Born and raised in Mt Vernon, NY, and now a longtime resident of Atlanta, GA, my life has been a vivid tapestry woven with threads of entrepreneurship, storytelling, and unwavering dedication. As an African American man, my journey has also been a narrative of triumph over the systemic challenges and historical injustices faced by people of color.

With nearly 100 books to my name, my passion for writing has not just been a profession but a calling. I've embraced the roles of an author, publisher, and visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional literature. My work is not just about telling stories; it's about creating experiences, igniting conversations, and challenging norms.

As I embrace 59, I'm excited about the future and the opportunities it holds. My current endeavors extend beyond the realm of writing into the innovative world of AI-created animations and comic strips, where satire and adult themes come to life in new, dynamic forms. This venture isn't just a creative outlet; it's a medium through which I can connect with diverse audiences, blending humor with profound insights.

My upcoming series of graphic novels is more than a new genre exploration. It's a commitment

to bridging generational gaps, offering both young and old engaging narratives that are not only entertaining but also educational. This project aligns with my passion for teaching others, particularly about leveraging personal credit profiles for business and creative financing.

As I stand at the threshold of my 60th year, I'm not looking back but forward. My ambition is to be recognized as one of the most profound, accomplished, and notable novelists in history. This ambition drives me to keep innovating, exploring, and impacting lives through my work.

So here's to being 59 – a year to continue the relentless pursuit of excellence, to inspire, to create, and to make an indelible mark on the world. I invite you to join me on this journey, to be part of a story that is constantly evolving, growing, and reaching new heights. With my Queen by my side, there ain't no stoppin us now!

Support my agenda.

Faceless Marketing

Embracing the Invisible: The Power of Faceless Marketing in a Digital World

Introduction: In today's digitally dominated marketplace, 'Faceless Marketing' is emerging as a revolutionary strategy, empowering brands to forge deeper connections with their audience without relying on a personal figurehead. This approach is redefining the art of storytelling and brand building in a unique and impactful way.

The Essence of Faceless Marketing: Faceless Marketing focuses on the brand's essence, values, and message rather than an individual's persona. This strategy is particularly powerful in an era where consumer trust is paramount, and authenticity is key. By removing the face, brands can create a more inclusive and relatable identity that resonates with a wider audience.

Benefits of Faceless Marketing:

  1. Anonymity and Privacy: In a world where privacy concerns are escalating, faceless marketing offers a strategic advantage by keeping the spotlight on the brand, not the individual.
  2. Broad Appeal: Without a specific personality, brands can appeal to a more diverse demographic, unbounded by the personal biases associated with individual identities.
  3. Focus on Content and Quality: This approach allows businesses to concentrate on the quality of their content, products, or services, ensuring that these elements speak for themselves.

Strategies for Effective Faceless Marketing:

  • Storytelling and Brand Narrative: Develop a strong brand narrative that tells your story and conveys your values.
  • Visual Branding: Invest in distinctive visual elements like logos, color schemes, and design aesthetics that become synonymous with your brand.
  • Content Marketing: Leverage blogs, podcasts, and social media to disseminate content that aligns with your brand's voice and values.
  • Community Engagement: Build a community around your brand by engaging with your audience through social media platforms and forums.

The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig

The Complete Guide To Facebook Marketinig

Case Studies: Explore how various brands have successfully implemented faceless marketing strategies, resulting in increased brand loyalty, customer engagement, and market presence.

The Future of Faceless Marketing: As the digital landscape continues to evolve, faceless marketing is poised to become an increasingly popular strategy. With its focus on brand-centric storytelling and audience engagement, it offers a fresh and effective approach to building lasting brand loyalty in a face-paced world.

Conclusion: Faceless marketing presents a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audiences on a more authentic and personal level. By focusing on what truly matters – the brand and its values – companies can build a strong, enduring presence in the market.

Call to Action: Are you ready to make your mark in the world of faceless marketing? Embrace this innovative approach and watch your brand thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

The Novelist’s Path: Creativity Meets Companionship The Magic of Writing and Partnership

relentless aaron selling books in harlem

I have certainly experienced the ups and downs as it relates to my writing. Whether it was personal conflict, not being settled, or just an erratic schedule, there's always difficulty when it comes to focused thoughts and crisp, coherent writing.

Maybe this is global, but writing for me is a solitary endeavor. Still, having a partner who understands and supports your creative process can be invaluable. This partnership becomes even more crucial as you navigate the uncertainties of a writing career.

Navigating Challenges Together

Facing the highs and lows of a writing career can be smoother with a partner who provides emotional support, encouragement, and practical advice. Sure, that works naturally when your partner is cohabiting with you, and I can imagine the complications if that's not the case. However, for me, cohabitation, a loving relationship, and the peace of mind that she brings to my space are “all the things” when it comes to getting that clarity into the written word. And let’s be clear I know we call it “writing” but this is nothing but living and being resourceful with what we know how we create it and how we present it. The real win is you the reader, embracing it or absorbing it into your conscious mind, and then maybe even making use of the information in your subconscious mind. Whether it’s entertaining readers in my novels or broadening your awareness in my non-fiction books, writing is my happy space and you being enriched and satisfied, is the SAUCE.!

Pivoting to Financial Stability: A Shared Endeavor

Life's Unpredictable Turns

When life demands a shift towards financial stability, having a partner who stands by you, offering insights and support, can make this transition more manageable and less daunting. I remember late 2022 when Atlanta went through a big freeze and the entire stack of luxury apartments above us flooded, and it turned our peaceful nest into one hot mess—or should I say one wet mess? But just as partners do, I supported her and she supported me, and we hugged each other through it until we were able to get approved and relocate to an even more desirable luxury apartment building just down the block. I feel like trying times will surface, no matter what. And for us, that was indeed a trying time. However, looking back on the whole escapade, I wouldn't have it any other way. It has made us stronger to go through something together and to come out on the other end with teachable moments and a smile. I feel like life must bring the push and pull for you to be tested. And overcoming such a test is a big win.

Building a Future Together

As you pivot to focus on financial security, your partner’s role evolves to include joint financial planning and decision-making, ensuring a stable future for both. You may have a situation where your credit score is lacking and your credit score is strong. In that event, she has got to be the determined one to follow the blueprint to empower and grow your resources so that you can circle back to correct your credit score. at some point, assuming you are constantly creating revenue, you will both be strong together.

Building Personal Credit: A Joint Strategy

Understanding Personal Credit as a Team

Navigating the complexities of personal credit can be less intimidating with a partner. Together, you can learn, plan, and improve your financial standing. I will write much more about this in the future, but you mustn’t show your hand while you’re playing your hand. Building credit is a strategy, and no one should interfere with that, especially outsiders who have been informed about your plans. My dad used to say, Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, hush-hush, and let’s get it done together.

Joint Efforts in Enhancing Credit

Working together to optimize personal credit, from monitoring credit scores to making strategic financial decisions, can strengthen both your credit standing and your partnership. Here’s an idea for couples to earn money while they’re growing: if you, your partner, have realized tremendous success as a result of correcting your credit or building your credit, you now have yet another product and service that you can bring to the marketplace. Your success should be documented, shared, and monetized. Naturally, I c

an help you with that.

Leveraging Personal Credit for Business Growth

From Personal to Business: A Collective Journey

Transitioning to business credit is a significant step that benefits from the shared wisdom and support of a partner, especially when making crucial financial decisions. Once you get that first business going, it’s time to duplicate by picking up another corporation, getting all of the compliances in place, and then setting up for the win. Please note that there’s no end to the amount of CORPORATIONS, one can have, and every corporation should be utilized to raise capital. You are not in business to use more of your energy or more of your 24 hours. You should be in business to raise funds, and those funds should be used to make more money. But you’re going to make more money with systems that are put in place, and you’re going to use those funds to set up those systems. Be clear: you only have 24 hours in a day, and the idea of taking on more corporations should not discourage you. You should already be of the mindset that you will have assistance from others who you will inevitably pay top dollar to oversee your operation. With systems, everybody wins. When you get a chance, check out the book, The eMyth, by Michael Gerber. And thank me later.

Utilizing Combined Financial Resources

A partner can offer not just moral support but also practical assistance, such as helping to manage finances or offering insights into effective credit use for business purposes. This is something that we do consistently so that we are both aware of the resources we have available and clear about how to acquire more resources. $100,000, $200,000, and $300,000 are not enough money to maintain a successful, growing company. In my opinion, a business owner should have half $1 million or more to grow a company, so that is self-sufficient. Make sure you pick up my guide, the $250,000 playbook. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to raise funding by setting up an old corporation and then stacking business credit cards. Pay everything on time, and then, in 90 days, go back for more funding.

Expanding Business Credit: Growing Together

Understanding Business Credit as a Duo

Learning and building business credit can be a joint mission, with each partner contributing their own unique strengths and perspectives. For us, she watches the money, crosses the T’s, and dots the eyes while I focus on revenue, streams, and content creation. These are our happy spots in life, and we are full and satisfied at the end of each day. 

Collaborative Business Credit Building

Together, you can devise strategies to build a strong business credit profile, a step that can solidify not just your business’s financial foundation but also the strength of your partnership. We are always talking about strategies for raising more capital, creating more revenue streams, and fine. Tuning. The system we now have in place. at some point in the future, we intend to show our hand so that others can learn from our growth and success.

From Financial Stability to Empowering Others: A United Goal

Sharing the Journey to Inspire Others

Your combined experiences in transitioning from personal to business credit mastery can become a source of inspiration and guidance for others. We’ve spoken on this before, and it doesn’t make sense to hoard all of the money, information, and positive changes taking place in your life. Each one teaches the other, which is how we lift our community and become stronger. Once upon a time, we did not have access to resources like this; we did not have access to the information, but there’s no excuse today. Everyone must win. Everyone must be in a space where they can pursue their greatness, where they can pursue their life’s purpose, and where they can live happily ever after. 

Establishing a Collaborative Initiative for Financial Empowerment

In partnership, you have the chance to disseminate financial literacy, possibly by conducting workshops, offering consultancy, or creating informative content. This draws upon the wealth of your combined expertise and experiences. Annually, we invest considerably in our self-education and refinement within our industry, which includes attending seminars, purchasing reading materials, enrolling in courses, and seeking consultations. These are integral components of our business operations. Not only do these expenses qualify for tax deductions, but they also significantly contribute to enhancing our knowledge and improving our professional competencies.

Balancing Creativity and Financial Management: A Dual-Effort

Keeping the Flame of Creativity Alive

As you pivot towards financial expertise, your partner’s encouragement can be key to maintaining your passion for writing and ensuring you don’t lose sight of your creative roots.  I thank God every day for my partner and for the knowledge that we have to progress and become better people. Having access to funding gives us a sense of freedom and also helps to affirm certain characteristics in our lives. I used the following words today in a text message to a client, and I’ll share them here for you: “For me, empathy is a very important characteristic, and I have not yet perfected it, but I do know that when my mind is clear, I’m able to practice it more and more.”

Harmonizing Two Worlds

Together, you can find the balance between managing a career in finance and keeping alive the joy of writin

g, making the journey not just a professional pivot but a shared life adventure. Everything we do must include balance, and that includes your nutrition, your sleep habits, how we communicate, and how we exercise our bodies. Balance is a great resource that we all tend to overlook. Did you consider that breathing might be an important part of the balance? Did you consider that proper water intake might be part of that balance? Have you considered proper sleeping and sleeping habits and sleeping arrangements as being a part of that balance, and how about meditation? All of these things play a role in our mindset, and as a writer, my mindset is one of my greatest assets next to my heart, my experience, and my skill set.

All Cards on The Table: The Strength of Two in Pivoting

Pivoting from a novelist to a financial expert is a path filled with learning, growth, and the potential for significant professional development. Having a supportive partner in this journey adds an invaluable dimension, providing emotional support, practical assistance, and a shared vision for the future. This partnership enriches the experience, making the pivot not just a personal transformation but a journey of mutual growth and fulfillment. I expect to dive deeper into this transition so that I leave behind a testament to our evolution, to our profession, and to our love. As usual, stay tuned!


  1. How can my partner and I work together to improve our credit? Pay bills on time. Commit to making at least the minimum payments on all bills before the due date. Set up autopay or payment reminders if needed. Limit credit checks. Too many "hard inquiries" from applying for new credit can lower your scores. Consult each other before applying for new credit. Don't max out cards. Keep balances low compared to limits. Consider becoming authorized users on each other's oldest credit card accounts.
  2. What are the benefits of having a supportive partner during a career pivot? Having encouragement and practical support can help you take the leap, handle the stresses of upskilling, and get through income instability. Share your hopes and talk through any fears openly.
  3. Can a partnership enhance the process of building and leveraging business credit? Yes! Having a business partner allows you to separate personal and business credit, share funding and liability, and get more purchasing power. Consult each other before making major business credit decisions.
  4. How do we balance our creative and financial goals as a couple? Have open, honest conversations about current finances and future financial dreams. Set shared goals you both buy into. Divide financial responsibilities according to abilities and bandwidth. Revisit money talks quarterly as you pivot careers.
  5. What are some ways my partner and I can jointly create revenue streams through financial literacy? You could create an online course, podcast, or YouTube channel together. Or do speaking gigs, workshops or write a book together on personal finance topics you specialize in. Play to both your strengths!
  6. How can we support each other in transitioning from creative to financial careers? Encourage each other's growth and celebrate milestones. Listen without judgment. Help make time for learning new skills needed to pivot careers. Discuss and assist with networking opportunities. Remind each other of joint goals during tough transitions.


The Novel is

"Topless" by Relentless Aaron is an urban drama that delves into the lives of three women, each a newcomer to the world of "Gilmore's," a setting characterized by a ruthless, dog-eat-dog environment. In this world, only money and sex seem to offer solace and stability. The narrative unfolds in a club called Gilmore's, a family-run establishment that becomes a central hub for characters from various walks of life. The club, known for its allure to both men and women, becomes a focal point for the unfolding drama, as it draws in individuals with discretionary income and those seeking the thrill of the nightlife.

The story starts with Valerie, a fine and curvaceous woman who has just arrived in New York, escaping a troubled past and seeking a new life in the United States. Her journey is marked by mental turmoil, reflecting on the drama she's left behind and yet feeling inspired and hopeful for her future. Valerie's story intertwines with the lives of other characters, including Mechelle and Debbie, each with their own unique backgrounds and struggles.

Mechelle Ramirez, having studied at Tuskegee University, finds herself en route to New York, reflecting on her engagement and the challenges of a long-distance relationship. Her journey takes a turn when a simple restroom stop leads to her being left behind by the bus, leaving her stranded with minimal resources.

Debbie's story unfolds as a tragic tale of loss and aspiration. After the sudden death of her brother Raymond, Debbie's life takes a turn, leading her to form a relationship with David, a man she met over the Internet. This relationship becomes a beacon of hope and a pathway to a new life, away from the urban decay and tragedy that marked her past.

Throughout the book, the author explores themes of ambition, survival, and the complex dynamics of interpersonal relationships in a world where superficiality often masks deeper struggles and desires. The characters' stories are interwoven in a narrative that exposes the raw and often harsh realities of their lives, set against the backdrop of Gilmore's club, a microcosm of the larger, unforgiving world they inhabit. DOWNLOAD NOW

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Diddy Conversation – The Night Puff Tried To Kill Me

Yes, the guy you all know as "Diddy" has had a track record of misbehavior, on various levels

Hello, dear readers!

Today, I am thrilled to share with you something profoundly close to my heart - my latest book, "The Night Puff Tried To Kill Me." This isn't just another story; it's a powerful narrative woven from the threads of my life, an odyssey that navigates the tumultuous waters of fame, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

In this book, I take you on an extraordinary journey through the highs and lows of my experiences. The night in question changed my life forever, but more than that, it revealed the stark realities of a world often hidden behind the glitz and glamor of celebrity life. It's a tale that uncovers the underbelly of fame, where power plays are the norm, and the truth is often a casualty.

"The Night Puff Tried To Kill Me" is more than just my story. It's a voice for the voiceless, a beacon of hope for anyone who has ever felt overshadowed by the powerful. It's about standing up against all odds and reclaiming your truth, even when the world seems against you.

But this journey isn't just about the challenges; it's also about resilience, hope, and the unyielding spirit of survival. It's a testament to the strength that lies within each of us, waiting to be discovered in our darkest moments.

I invite you to dive into the pages of my life, to walk with me through each chapter that has shaped me into who I am today. This book is for anyone who's ever faced adversity and dared to overcome it. It's for those who believe in the power of truth and the strength that comes from within.

Support this journey of resilience and truth by getting your copy of "The Night Puff Tried To Kill Me." Your support means the world to me, and I can't wait for you to be a part of this incredible story.

Get your copy now KOJIBOOK AVAILABLE NOW and join me in this journey of courage, truth, and empowerment.

Thank you for your unwavering support. It's not just my story; it's a story for all of us.

Stay strong, stay true.


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