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EAT OR BE EATEN! (Monday morning motivation)

My Monday morning opens with a brutal execution, more teenagers fighting. and now this, probably the most inspiring video of my morning: …so now that we’ve made it here alive (The first day of the week) are you planning to eat or be eaten? Life will definitely eat you up and spit you out if you allow it to.

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10th Anniversary of Relentless Aaron’s “Push”

My Music break – Lalah Hathaway x2

The Wednesday Wine Down Is In Full Swing!

Live Jazz conyers wednesday starbucksThis is a great feeling; to be in a place that accommodates your friends and business acquaintances. All good people, all good energy all coming together under one roof… the right mix of jazz music, a live artist, and a climate controlled environment and NOT TO MENTION the wine & food. Can you hear Grover Washington Jr’s Mister Magic playing while Don is talking about some property, while Chico is discussing his latest concert tour, and while Marcia is talking about the latest fashion trends? A community of entrepreneurs pushing forth to share in life’s available resources. And just when you consider all that, here comes the next track, Lee Rittenour featuring Phil Perry, and a few more tracks later, maybe Duke Ellington, Isaac Hayes & Sara Vaughn, its time for the featured artist to perform her 2nd set.

What An Amazing Night @Starbucks, Conyers Jazz Wednesday!

azure mccall jazz singer conyers georgia starbucks relentlessI am still shaken by last night’s impact. I have been around some phenomenal singers in my life, but last night me and my intimate audience (a few dozen people) from the Rockdale County were entertained by the amazing Azure McCall. She sings jazz like none other and generally tours the world/ships, festivals, etc. But last night she crash-landed at my Starbucks Jazz & Wine Wednesday event here in Conyers, Ga. Man-oh-man! WHAT A VOICE! WHAT A WOMAN! Stay tuned for some highlights!

Every Now And Then…

I sometimes need to remind myself of my importance here. Not many authors reach the level of status and acclaim that I’ve reached, so I’m often humbled, cocky, proud, arrogant, surprised, blessed, awesome, inspired, unappreciated, challenged, ignored, all of those feelings behind the big win, the landmark book deal, the press that followed. There are always new levels of living and I’m never complacent or bored. Life is giving me just what I expect, just as I’ve imagined. Most importantly, I’m at peace, even while on the brink of everyday’s greater success. Thank you all for carrying me, challenging me and fueling my drive. The saga continues…


Who’s Having The Last Laugh Now??? PSY IS!!! GANGNAM STYLE!!!

PSY (born Park Jae-Sang, December 31, 1977) is a South Korean K-pop singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer and record producer. PSY attended both Boston University and Berklee College of Music in the United States. 

PSY debuted in January 2001 with his full-length album, titled “PSY… From the Psycho World!,” for which he later had to pay a fine due to accusations that the album contained inappropriate content. He released his second album, titled “Ssa 2,” the following year. However, the release sparked complaints from various civic groups about the potentially negative influence his album would have on the younger generation. Since then, PSY has been thought of as a controversial artist, and “Ssa 2” was banned in 2002 from being sold to those under the age of 19.

‘Gangnam Style’ Reaches Record 2 Billion YouTube Views!

FROM TIME MAGAZINE: South Korea’s rougishly pudgy pop star Psy is ubiquitous online. If you’ve been alive over the past two years, then you’ve seen his viral music video “Gangnam Style” at least once. And if you’re like most people, probably two or three or many more times.

Between the skipping dance (something between the Cotton-Eyed Joe and a mime pretending to ride a horse) and the svelt, colorfully dressed dancers, there’s something irresistible about the video. And of course the song’s bubbly rhythms—”hey, sexy lady!”—are relentlessly catchy as well. And it’s undeniable: Psy has class.

Whatever makes the video work, it’s finally reached a record 2 billion total views on YouTube, less than two years after it was first uploaded. YouTube commemorated the milestone with little dancing Psys around the play count.

“2 billion views … they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers,” Psy said in a statement, Billboard reports. “With appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!!”

“Gangnam Style” was at the No. 1 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 for five weeks. It already held the record for the most-viewed YouTube video.

He’s Got Balls! The Qick Fix & Ola Ray Can’t Shake Michael Jackson

Okay, so an Australian man named Tyrone Bowd has scrotal lymphoedema lymphoedema swelling testicles which makes his scrotum swell, growing bigger than a watermelon and reaching his knees. The thing is, he may hafta pay 100-large or $100,000 (€74k) for a lifesaving surgery in the US to stop his scrotum, which is currently the size of a watermelon, from getting any larger and possibly killing him. If he doesn’t get the operation, the result may be an infections which can raise his temperature and heart rate and can cause his body to turn septic. But, why is this such a problem in a world where even dogs have raised tens of thousands of dollars over and above the cost of their operations? Its just not. What may be a problem is Bowd’s access to resources and/or people who can execute on his behalf. Someone needs to set up crowd funding for Bowd so he can raise money fast, fix the problem and march forth…

Our biggest fault as humans, is not that we have these challenges, but always that we don’t have the resources, or don’t put to work those resources that can often clear the way to less a challenging existence. Sure, challenges will come and go, financial, social, health, career… But when we take the path of least resistance, try to tape things up when we KNOW we need that screwdriver, we’ll find ourselves exercising “the easy way,” that option which is immediately accessible (something like a convenience store) and we’re forced to spend more for it  And as well all know, there’s no such thing as the “easy way.” It may seem easy up front, but you might hafta pay dearly down the road. So, get out of that easy-thinking mode where you tape something, patch something or leave something for later. That sort of thinking is shallow, doesn’t lend itself to longevity, and we all know what quick-fixes gets us. Nowhere-fast. Fast food isn’t healthy for you. Thats not always the rule of thumb, but it usually is.

What else is going on in my life? Well, there’s a woman that I committed myself to (over a year ago). She disappeared, wasn’t returning texts or calls, and of course I found other things (other women) to do. Anyways, long story short, I get a text from her this week that says
I know you hate me right now. I don’t blame you. Just want to say hello and as much as I have tired relentlessly NOT to love you my efforts have not worked. Dated others they didn’t compare. You set a high standard and I thank you…”
The women I’ve been with in my life, and the one that I fall in love with disappears. Is that the big RED FLAG here? Or am I “being too hard” as usual. Damn, life is never as easy as you ‘d like, is it?

ola-ray-michael-jackson-1On a final note: there’s Ola Ray, the pretty chic that was the heartbeat of Michael Jackson’s hit music video, THRILLER has got her own, impulsive, cornet-ass music circulating. All I can say here is OH MY GAWD! and FUC OUTTA HERE with that bullshit, OLA??? What are these girls smoking? Is she so desperate in life that she had to try and recreate the Thriller energy just so that she could make a living/do shows and jumpstart some BS post-MJ initiatives? This chic is more naive than a little bit, I swear. And I’m guessing that there’s some cat/pimp/hustler involved, encouraging her to follow-thru with this hot mess. I recall LaToya Jackson being manipulated by Jack Gordon Our pretty women just go to the DOGS, don’t they? Their minds go before their bodies, and their left with still-great hooters, cellulite locked into leftover Jordache, and jellybeans for brains. Poor thing

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