EAT OR BE EATEN! (Monday morning motivation)

My Monday morning opens with a brutal execution, more teenagers fighting. and now this, probably the most inspiring video of my morning:

…so now that we’ve made it here alive (The first day of the week) are you planning to eat or be eaten? Life will definitely eat you up and spit you out if you allow it to. Life will test you and punch you and kick you and leave you for dead. but thank God we live in the world of choices. so you have a choice to be strong and survive and withstand the challenges of life, or to lay over and be eaten. The big mortgage note is due today. You have a big test for school today. Your company is on the edge of self-destruction. Someone’s life is hanging in the balance. something has you frustrated and stressed out and full of anxiety and you’re ready to throw your hands up in the air and give up. So now that we know all the peril and challenges you’re facing, here’s my bigger question: what are you going to do to turn it all around for the big win???
Yours may not be a decision that is so easy. A lot of times we are part of a team that is losing. we are not in a position to make that decision of changing players. our geography is off and we are living in a place that does not afford opportunities for change. We are even stuck in relationships that we had no business being in from the start. somebody out there needs some real answers!



Its right there in your hands! For you who do not have the experience and wisdom to work things out, your answer is in a book, a video course, or a long conversation with a mentor. for those of you stuck in situations that have you trapped, the answer is in planning, meditating and a lot of times reorganizing your efforts. NOTE: make sure that you are physically and mentally balanced when doing so. Finally, when you feel you have no other answers, if none of the above can help, then a lot of times you require “a sit still,” or even a helping hand. you may not deserve a helping hand because of past choices and soiled relationships. So you’re left with the “sit still.”that means meditation and or prayer, and a conversation with yourself. Number 1, realize that this is not the end that life goes on. Number 2 recognize that you’ve been doing it wrong and affirm that you want to do it right. Back up your affirmation with action. Back up your conversations with commitments that you will stick to. if you don’t have the answers make the commitment to find them. If you don’t know the way or the direction make the commitment to find the way and the direction. If what you’ve been doing and how you been doing it is not working, then jump up and decide to make that change. Stop making excuses for yourself because nobody wants to hear your sob story. We were created to pull our own weight and maybe a little extra. There’s one other thing I need to suggest and that is your attitude. remember that your past does not equal your future and then it at the least you have choices. Family, we were created with the ability to heal and to survive, despite the suffering and pain and anguish we endure. But over everything, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP AND THROW IN THE TOWEL. Recognize that life will challenge you to make tough decisions. But I’m here to remind you that “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO!”
Work it out, shake it up, go for the win! LIVE WITH PASSION!!! #RelentlessAaron



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