pr-ps6832Do you know that you are already the winner? Yes, its true that out of close to 180 million other sperm, you won! These were others who fought to survive… others who fought to exist. You won that challenge, that fight of simply becoming!

Do you know that there were 6 trillion decisions involved (amongst your cells & genes) in order for you to be “whole?” That is, the working, breathing, living, healthy human being you are? Decisions like you having 2 eyes instead of one. Decisions as to how many fingers and toes you’d have… whether or not you’d have straight or coarse hair, or even a working liver. Those odds are pretty extreme if you ask me. (Well, maybe not the hair) 
Then maybe you want to add to that equation your successes and those other odds in your life that you have overcome in order to be where you’re at and to have achieved what you have achieved. Bottom line, folks we are truly anointed and blessed and how many of us take that for granted all the time? So my reminder to you today is to count your blessings and start with the biggest ones. The biggest blessings start with the fact that you have arrived on this planet a healthy human being, with potential that is greater than you ever imagined. #Relentless
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