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Your Brand, Initiatives, products & services… all of it deserves to be produced by an award-winning content-creator…

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Monday, November 13, 2017

One Degree

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Doin it and doin it well for all these years! Thank you for feeding my dream!

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Uh oh!!!!!

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Bad Weather, WHAT!

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Friday, December 8, 2017

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Friday, December 8, 2017

What Are You Up To, Relentless?

You bet your ass I'm pursuing greatness and sowing into my passions; my passions for writing, for raising awareness, and for Superpreneurship

You only live once, so why not give this the most effort ever? Why not play to win?

But while thats my current engagement, I find myself leading a group of driven personalities of every type. Including myself, we all got issues, we all got skeletons, and we all got some measure of smoke & mirrors goin on. That said, we all still strive for authenticity. The clarity above all else is always this: we must do the most productive thing within the 24hours we're given. We must be as resourceful as possible with our time & talents. And equally as important, we must stay healthy and informed as we grow and mature and remain relevant. This is life as we know it. This is our "now." This is the nuts & bolts of our "why."

During this journey, smile, improve and don't bullshit me.


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Topless novel relentless aaron urban fiction2Topless


This is the property lately, although when we lived here there was so much more life. No boarded up properties. No “insurance-fires.” Jeff Dixon (now Luda’s manager) lived next door, to your right of the deli. To the left, further down the block was the infamous “Gilmore’s,” where men relieved their desires (in one way or another.) My novel TOPLESS explains it all… Dad sold the house on the North side of town to invest in bullet-proof glass for his new liquor store. The liquor store was attached to the deli, and at AGE TEN I was the free labor; at times operating BOTH the Deli and the Liquor Store when Dad went out for “errands.” (Its no wonder I have 2 younger brothers who were sired “outside” of the family/ different mothers). I lived here till about age 17. My next street address was Parris Island, South Carolina. “Ooooorah!”

Topless novel relentless aaron urban fiction

topless by relentless murder mystery thriller urban lit


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