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Whether it is your business, personal or spiritual relationship in question, everyone wants to realize increase. We want progress and accomplishment and ultimately we want to live better lives. But as we get older and as we mature in these fields we realize that increase makes us feel more secure and more well-versed in these areas.

I realize that achieving increase simply means doing more, doing it consistently and doing it better than you did before. However we are also in battled with making the most out of our 24 hours given. Sometimes you're want to achieve increase or to realize more success calls for your quality time. And since we are all gifted with a finite amount of quality time, doing the work it all becomes difficult to manage unless you have one thing; balance. Not only do you have to balance your time but you have to manage your energy. That includes nutrition that includes exercise that includes sleep. For those who are paying sincere attention to my words, please know that as we grow older and responsible for our destinies it becomes essential that we fine-tune where we spend our energy and how we contribute to life. All in all it requires balance to do the most and it requires balance for your mind to be receptive to the resources that are abundant in our sphere. 

It is my hope that you take my words to heart and incorporate them into your considerations and living a better life in pursuing the ultimate dream.


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Abstinence, Faith & Calisthenics – by Relentless

Relentless ABC's of Remaining Fit 

Being Relentless means remaining fit! And remaining fit calls for a lot of consideration and self reflection and self-awareness with the intention of being successful. With a longer life expectancy of human beings as compared to pre-modern age, people have been more vigilant to consider methods of extending life and of existence in general. More solutions have been developed by dieticians and scientists to aid folks on having a guide to staying healthy. And so say I’m jumping on the bandwagon (if you want) but herein you will find those Relentless ABC's of remaining fit. Very easy, yet effective ways of adding to the long list of formulas to maintain being healthy.

A Is For Abstinence

just say noAbstinence should be exercised by the individual in passing up the things that would not make him or her fit. After all, haven't you heard the saying "too much of anything will kill you"? And "everything in moderation"? So that goes for sex, that goes for excessive material items, that goes for food, thrillseeking and that also goes for working too much. Even if you run or workout too much, you can kill yourself. Abstinence on a great level is expected of the individual should he/she wish to start staying fit and keep up being fit. Abstinence ought to be the basis of any person to serve as a disciplinary concept. Without the discipline to recognize when to say no, it would prove difficult to stay away from things that are bad for you.

B Is For Be Faithful

relentless logo“B” represents “Be Faithful”. Being faithful is being able to resist and maintain focus on your objective of remaining fit. It does not imply that you totally become a no-nonsense robot who only distinguishes black from white, but being indulgent is a risky thing to instill. Trust and believe I am faithful to the RELENTLESS brand. From the corporate entities to the clothing to what I speak each day; this is the life that I agree with. RELENTLESS is my word complete with trademarks and copyrights. Be faithful to your brand, to your agenda into your mission. Be faithful in your work ethic, in your relationships both business and personal, and most importantly be faithful in your level of authenticity in how you act, react and move forward in your day.

C is For Calisthenics

fitness relentless aaronCalisthenics or exercise is a part of any healthy program planned for health conscious and health seekers alike. But calisthenics also includes practicing and being the best you can at what you do in your craft. It does not necessarily mean exercising with jumping jacks and running and backflips. But it does mean exercising, running and backflips in your craft. Are you a writer? Then you need to be exercising your skills. You need to be running which means constantly writing and on as many levels as writing calls for. You need to be doing backflips in other words coming up with creative ways and means to present your writing. Whether you are fiction, nonfiction or just a columnist, Calisthenics in writing means staying active.
Do you do something other than writing? Well calisthenics doesn't hafta mean the strict training that one sees in ads and magazines. Those will be for bodybuilders who would want to reshape their bodies. Calisthenics are simple activities. Calisthenics should be done day-after-day for at least thirty to forty-five minutes which includes mainly aerobics. Not only does daily calisthenics improve the cardiovascular flow of the body, it also maintains the desired body weight and fitness level.

relentless author, publisher, filmmaker web design atlanta bnbatl airbnb
These Relentless ABC's of remaining fit are very elementary ways and means for anyone to grasp should they wish to seek a better health state or maintain an already good one. It is a personal choice. The extent of its success lies on the amount of effort that the individual puts in.

But let's sum it all up and call it balance. Just take life on patiently and aggressively, and yet don't bite off more than you can chew.


Stephanie from Amarillo Texas… My Readers Are So Passionate! Thank You!

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