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Most Amazing Revelation… SYSTEMS! AUTOMATION!! RESIDUALS!!!

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I spend INCREDIBLE amounts of time listening to podcasts relating to my fields of interest. All of the smart, industrious guys are the ones who are crushin it on iTunes and turning their voices into content, and their content into profits. Most of them, however, do not address the crowd that follows me. And while I do have many entrepreneurs who rock with me, there are way more readers, way more aspiring entrepreneurs, and so many others who just don't chime in. They're busy listening to the same old messaging, experiencing the same old thrills, talking about the same old stuff. In the barbershops and beauty salons, they are not talking about goal achievement and purpose. They're discussing Cardi B and Beyonce. They're not discussing Goggle analytics and wordsearches, they are discussing football stats and reality shows. This is the sad state of things in my hood, and in hoods across the world. And as much as we want success and how much we look up to those who are successful, you'd think our practices might change. You'd think we'd be talking about more relevant subjects. Not relevant in terms of "whats hot and trending" but whats relevant to the health and well-being of our bodies, minds and finances.. If only we changed our practices and spoke of SYSTEMS, AUTOMATION & RESIDUALS so that many of us could progress.

We were once singing "Whats it all about, Alfie?" But now that we have  those answers, the next reasonable execution is, "What are we doing about it, Relentless?" And... That is all. Relentless 

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The Other Side of Yesterday…

You only live once, so why not give this the most effort ever? Why not play to win?

So here we are, on the other side of yesterday. Something new is supposed to happen; but what? Something evolutionary is supposed to take place, or something is over, the end. Each year we experience this “thing” where we make overtures such as “out with the old, in with the new” or we make vows and resolution as and claims, and as we get older and reality sets in a little more, the intentions grow or die off. The momentum languishes or there’s a spike. The vision is clear or cloudy. But here’s the greater truth: all of these are choices. Your decision to rise or fall, to grin or frown, to imagine or forget is exactly what you will experience. The practice of this exercise and the routine of putting it to work for change and progress and energy is all in your hands. I started today, deciding to wake up by 5am; no excuses. I’d achieve more, have time to read, eat breakfast, meditate and plan. So what are you determined to see as a routine?


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