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We Sure Get Creative (or Desperate) When We’re Hungry

I know those days well, as they aren’t far in the past. I din know where my next meal was coming from. Yes, I had 2 pennies to rub together, bot ONLY 2, and I could feel them in my pocket while driving to Starbucks, gas tank on E, knowing that I was not only gonna make payroll (thats me and me alone, and the $300 in monthly expenses I was maintaining between phone bill, LA Fitness and Internet charges for websites I was servicing), determined to make something out of my nothing. Determined to overcome this negative thought process about my finances/blaming everyone I could think of, and also, still leveraging everything, going all-in on my life’s purpose.

And there goes that word purpose again, that bit about how we’re here to achieve a certain thing, that thing the world will know us for. “Find your purpose, master your craft, follow your dreams.” We hear that all the time. Meanwhile, my other brain is yelling “Fuck that hype.” My other brain is all about blame,  and he said this, and he said that.” And, damn if this din happen, I would be hurt in this or that way…” The excuses go on and on. And that brain is also all about taking wayward chances, and (oh yeah),

imma’ fuck without planting seeds, exhaust my fumes, and go back to business as usual, no strings. It’s a hard-knock life, bitch!

Yep. Voices, characters and images all fighting, breakdancing and playing God inside my head. But even as I can easily find my creative license and excuses why, how come and coulda-shoulda-woulda, it made way more sense and it was way more productive (in hindsight) to think and wonder “how, where, when?” and to imagine the benefits of those questions. Thats my truth (and yours too) to ask and answer questions, and to come up with conclusions, decisions and choices. The state of where you are now has so much to do with the seeds you planted 1 and 5 and 20 years ago. It comes down to deciding you’re here for the journey and not the sprint. It comes down to knowing the story of the bamboo tree and how it takes 5 years to sprout and how it requires watering everyday.

The journey is being all-in on your strengths, on the relationships that make sense and which you’ve discovered value, on the disciplines that have proven wise and effective in your life, on your daily grind & agendas, and furthermore, your journey is about what works, where you’re most resourceful in your own life and in the lives of others. The journey will impose sanctions and play judge and jury, and you will realize reality-checks & balances when you fuck up in your quest towards your life’s purpose; in other words, when you fall off. Your journey will also bless you time and again, every waking day, once you open your eyes to see the fruits of your labors, your decisions and investments in time, energy and people.

True that: this race has seen many sprinters, but long distance running goes to the Kenyans, since they practice endurance and they embrace their rich culture and are indeed “all-in” on the investments of time, patience and energy they give to their calling; even if its by default. Giving up the pussy on the first date: SPRINTER. Circling or cutting around the 10 cars in front of you to cut the line, because you have no patience: SPRINTER.  Fast food ALL the time: SPRINTER.

So are you gonna go for the Instagram Coochie or  are you gonna get in deep with a face-to-face; spending that “real time” with someone you can give and receive with? Someone you can realize commonalities in and with whom you can engage because you are “like-minded?” Are you gonna make the decision in time and energy that will feed you and much as you do the feeding? Life is all about that give and take. That flow. And it’s real comfortable on this side where that reality flows constantly, when you can be focused in your efforts and those 24 hours we’re blessed with.

If you’re hungry and starved, it may have a lot to do with the decisions you made a year ago, whether it was about a person, a job, or even a night out partying. YES! One night partying can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

In the end, I can’t save y’all but I can show you my blueprint.

And if you don’t know it already, you’ll know it now:

Family, when it comes down to life and getting what you want and feeling happy and fulfilled, I want to remind you that YOU NEED A BLUEPRINT! Thats a PLAN, GOALS, and AGENDA and ultimately a VISION. Having that and focusing on that will always having you living life on purpose, never feeling left out. If anything, OTHERS are left out of YOUR unique life’s experience!

And PLEASE DON’T FEEL THAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING when you see others progressing. Just feel inspired and thoroughly entertained by the success of others. Because (Uhh Monique? Daaaahling) you ain’t gonna be happy being bitter. All you’re gonna do is attract all the other miserable, desperate & hungry energies of the world. And at that point, you got just ONE asset left. So (shrugs) go ahead and take it off! INSTAGRAM IS WAITING!



Sidenote: so many actresses have fought and fucked to get up in the ranks of hollywood. Congrats to the actresses who have overcome.

Congrats Tiffany Haddish. No matter who won the 2018 Oscar award, it feels like you already won one yourself!

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Beautiful Day in Atlanta

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Music Break!

I do so much content creation, be it written, film or podcasts… (Lord, that reminds me; I really need to get back on the mic and do it routinely! Anyhow, I just thought I’d use this post to share some of my favorite songs. They’re rare and seldom heard, but their favs. But not only am I posting songs; I have been tuning into a few different video clips. So I will sprinkle them here as well. Thanks for caring about my interests. Feel free to share, comment & like. Peace


Zoe/Nina, This Election, Diaspora Negroes and the White Man who hated on me. #IllSayItForYou

Posted by Aida Rodriguez on Saturday, March 5, 2016


My Response To the Hugely Successful Black Panther Movie

Black Panther

Posted by Relentless Aaron on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Some related clips I found interesting

This part I din know about; the Black Panther Cartoon series on BET, produced byReginald Hudlin


Freddy Cole, Jazz Music’s Eagle

Freddy Cole’s voice is a vintage excellence that massages your thoughts and soothes your imagination.

He sends you reminiscing, as if he’s singing straight to your core. I quickly think of wine when it’s jazz a dominant voice and excellent accompaniment. However, something is so authentic about this talent; his voice stacked with that history, that familiar DNA. Yes, that rich vibrato sinks into your senses, even while he gingerly tickles the piano keys. Yes, here he is, one of the last/if not THE last powerhouse to come from the talented Cole family. Nope, no wine tonight. This isn’t the blues I’m feeling. I’m already dizzy with delight as Freddy’s voice fills the snug, lux living room. Absolutely, my dive into this evening is beyond the overused concept of wine and jazz. Man, I’m feelin all kinds of hot chocolate tonight, how Freddy’s voice is warming my sole… how his careful use of his every breath seamlessly flows with his carefree storytelling inside of each song. Tonight is that perfectly warmed coco. It’s that lather you’d never sacrifice and, and that… well, yeah. That part.

Freddy Cole, brother of Nat “King” Cole, leaves funeral services for Natalie Cole at West Angeles Church of God in Christ in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, Monday, Jan. 11, 2016. The R&B singer Natalie Cole died on New Year’s eve at age 65. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

And yet, when older folk arrive at this place, space and time, I’m generally thinking “no filter.” Where’s all the cussin and bittersweet breakup redemption tales? Nope! In Freddy Cole’s case, his presence is authenticity that cannot be fabricated or revoked or duplicated. This man with all of his experiences, his knowledge base and fellowships affords him an eagle’s majestic flight. It’s a perspective on life, over and above all the world and it’s waywardness. If this music is what drives this elder, keeping him thriving and loved and present and “attractive” enough to draw these sold-out rooms, then God is here. God is watching. And through the voice and fellowship of Freddy Cole, God’s got a grip on this moment. Indeed, everything is a-okay. But as Freddy thanks his intimate standing room only, Alpharetta-based Velvet Note crowd, he reminds us that we should take him home with us, because “everyone… every home needs to have a Freddy Cole in it.”


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Making My Award-Winning Chicken Fried Rice

If you're looking for a different/creative/to-the-point way to make Chicken Fried Rice, you'll wanna watch the following video. Nope, you don't need to live in the Cascade Rd area amongst doctors & lawyers, and no, you don't hafta be a Falcons or Hawks or Braves fan all cramming to get into these new Mercedes and Suntrust Park stadiums. Nope! This is for you average folk, with above average potential (people like me) who just wanna make a good, healthy plate of delicious chicken friend rice. By the way, I am a RESOURCER! So, I don't mind teaching you personally, or doing meal prep for you and your family or company for any of my food which includes salmon, shrimp and ground turkey dishes. I don't do pork, red meat, and I'm heavy on chicken, turkey, and all fish meals.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to share, comment or email me for any other exclusive catering, meal prep, particularly in Fulton County, Cascade, or downtown Atlanta.

Confession: yes, the world knows me as "Relentless," an acclaimed award-winning author in the field of urban lit. But 2 things you should know; 1) you shouldn't pigeon-hole or try to box me in, because I'm way more than you think. I produce some amazing photography, films and websites. I own a brand called "Superpreneur" that is part of my my Relentless University  brand. And 2) I am not merely a chef, an entrepreneur OR an author; what I am is RESOURCEFUL with the time, energy & possibilities that God has granted me during my days in this body. So, please open your mind and know that I am no one-trick-pony. Instead, I'm a talented, hard-working man who has a great attitude and who is wanting the same and more for those whom I touch & influence.

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