Making My Award-Winning Chicken Fried Rice

If you're looking for a different/creative/to-the-point way to make Chicken Fried Rice, you'll wanna watch the following video. Nope, you don't need to live in the Cascade Rd area amongst doctors & lawyers, and no, you don't hafta be a Falcons or Hawks or Braves fan all cramming to get into these new Mercedes and Suntrust Park stadiums. Nope! This is for you average folk, with above average potential (people like me) who just wanna make a good, healthy plate of delicious chicken friend rice. By the way, I am a RESOURCER! So, I don't mind teaching you personally, or doing meal prep for you and your family or company for any of my food which includes salmon, shrimp and ground turkey dishes. I don't do pork, red meat, and I'm heavy on chicken, turkey, and all fish meals.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to share, comment or email me for any other exclusive catering, meal prep, particularly in Fulton County, Cascade, or downtown Atlanta.

Confession: yes, the world knows me as "Relentless," an acclaimed award-winning author in the field of urban lit. But 2 things you should know; 1) you shouldn't pigeon-hole or try to box me in, because I'm way more than you think. I produce some amazing photography, films and websites. I own a brand called "Superpreneur" that is part of my my Relentless University  brand. And 2) I am not merely a chef, an entrepreneur OR an author; what I am is RESOURCEFUL with the time, energy & possibilities that God has granted me during my days in this body. So, please open your mind and know that I am no one-trick-pony. Instead, I'm a talented, hard-working man who has a great attitude and who is wanting the same and more for those whom I touch & influence.


World's Leading Urban Lit Author is also Publisher, Film Maker and marketing guru.

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