The Wednesday Wine Down Is In Full Swing!

Live Jazz conyers wednesday starbucksThis is a great feeling; to be in a place that accommodates your friends and business acquaintances. All good people, all good energy all coming together under one roof… the right mix of jazz music, a live artist, and a climate controlled environment and NOT TO MENTION the wine & food. Can you hear Grover Washington Jr’s Mister Magic playing while Don is talking about some property, while Chico is discussing his latest concert tour, and while Marcia is talking about the latest fashion trends? A community of entrepreneurs pushing forth to share in life’s available resources. And just when you consider all that, here comes the next track, Lee Rittenour featuring Phil Perry, and a few more tracks later, maybe Duke Ellington, Isaac Hayes & Sara Vaughn, its time for the featured artist to perform her 2nd set.

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