Your Logo is Dead-Bring it Back!

Here’s the truth; your company, brand, initiative or message requires cutting edge video for your marketing and advertising. As you know video marketing is an incredibly fast moving area if you want to keep the attention of your viewers and customers (and potential customers) on you and away from the competition your videos need to be kept up-to-date, they must always look and feel special and perform like a brand-new state-of-the-art highly professional production.This is the kind of work I’ve been delivering to the marketplace for years now, and to be completely honest the level of production I deliver as an independent producer and thru my company webfilmbooks misses a whole lot of you who feel you cannot afford to compete on the grand scale. But I disagree. So many of you who I’ve met, shook hands with, spent quality time with, have great value and deserve better. In a way, I’m bringing your brands back to life. Or in other cases, I’m making your brand “pop.”

So we want to give you this unique opportunity to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of video so you can stay ahead of the pack.

We’re offering you a chance for a limited time, to “bring your logo to life” and “make it pop”  using the video tittled Vintage Logo Design: Viable Tips, Inspiration, And Trends – Blog. You can use the animated video production for your social media, websites and even television. Your cost? $20. What we need from you: 1) your logo 2) your tag-line. 3) your contact for customers/clients. You will get the opportunity to see one draft and suggest your adjustments. And then its rendered, uploaded to youtube and you receive the link and file as well to upload to your social networks be it Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

Here are some samples of the work we do. This is a helluva deal. Don’t get left out.

Animate your brand


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