I Did It, You Can 2

Currently watching “the words “about the struggles of an aspiring first time author. I haven’t finished the movie yet but I’m forced to watch him receive a series of rejection letters from publishing companies.  

Putting it in proper perspective, that’s a world I never knew. I never knew trying to get a deal, or sending out book proposals, or begging for someone to publish me. And yet I landed the biggest debut publishing deal that you can imagine. No rejection letters. No knocking on doors. No begging anyone to make it happen for me. No looking for agents. I made it happen for myself! My own human resources. A few good relationships, and a drive that would be impossible to bottle.

This next book I drop: “I Did It, You Can 2” will be an industry Atom-bomb. I’m going to talk about boutique publishing, I’m going to talk about publicity and marketing, I’m going to talk about how I got on the biggest TV shows radio shows the newspapers and magazines in the world. i’m going to air out the major publishing deals that I earned and the weasel book convention promoters, book distributors and shameless in-fighting amongst our own authors. You’re going to learn how one man’s unique and untouchable drive turned into a historic event. You think it’s impossible to hit pay dirt with your book? You think it’s hard to earn substantive media exposure? well think again. I’ve got another story for you that will knock your socks off. “I Did It, You Can 2” coming soon #authorpreneur  #publishedauthor #AUTHOR #writer



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