Relationshhhh (Episode 1) Featuring Actress Dominique


Winston & Trina have a 10 year relationship that recently turned “Complicated” (Episode 1)

We’re ready to record Episode 2: Winston has something else going on that Trina doesn’t know about! (Actress Wanted)

Looking to film/record a conversation between man/woman in a toxic “relationship” the result will be shared in a couple of Internet Radio projects and viral videos on Youtube & Facebook. Looking for honest, candid conversation. Recording today & tomorrow here in the area.

Role: Valerie is insecure with her relationship. She’s been with Winston for a year and he disappears on occasion, he has “secret” phone calls time and again… she has been trying to get into his cellphone, social network, etc but no luck. Yes, he “puts it down” in bed, . however, she’s just not sure whats going on. Here’s a sample of similar completed work:

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