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Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.14.00 AMSorry, but I’ve NEVER treated a woman like this in a serious relationship. Mary: “a man that tears u down ain’t really love.” Instead, in my longterm relationships (all 4 of them) I recognized signs of troubled pasts.
Meanwhile I’ve run into poor self-esteem, indecision and “crazy.” So how/when can I take love seriously?
Its not imaginary/my potential to love is deep/where I need & want to be. However I’m not gonna sit around and collect cobwebs in (of all places) ATL.
Yes, I agree with Mary. But I believe a woman that’s been thru numerous losers is herself JADED and unable to see a great catch. A sordid past can lend wisdom but continued poor choices is a practice that SUPERMAN can’t even help u with. #soulmates #bachelorslife#relentlessaaron — at Starbucks.


Baby Needs Leg

so guys it took me less than one minute to text the word WISH to the number 80077. The five dollars will likely be added to my phone bill and at the and of the day I am helping to move an initiative for this little baby’s leg. SOME of you know this and some of you don’t but my father had his leg amputated in his early years and that disrupted his major-league baseball career. so this really touched me and I sent the text at once. It’s only five dollars. Please text the word WISH to 80077 (It can only be texted on oct 30) and lets help out. i’m heading to the gym to get some stress off ( before my date tonight ) how about that! talk to u later


In Deep Thought - Relentless Aaron

 it seems every day brings with it Joy and pain, death and birth, conflict and triumph. Many times, the choice is ours to position ourselves on the high road or digress and take the low road. Many times, strength, courage and or wisdom is all that’s necessary to overcome your challenge. But take it from someone who fell/your past does not have to equal your future.








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