A Balancing Act – My Random Sexual Encounters


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TONIGHT will be interesting. I say: Salmon? She says: “No im a veggie” I say: “wine?” She says: “no, Bud Light Platinum” okay, this ought be interesting!




So maybe you watch my posts and enjoy them, or you ignore my posts with a side eye, you could be “spying” to see what new trends I’m on top of/what new resources I expose. Maybe you hate my posts (on the surface) but secretly love them and can’t divulge that you love them because other people are watching to see what you like, love or comment on. Imagine THAT; other people trying to read your mind based on shit I do, as if I’m some kind of litmus test for YOUR moral center. And may I add: what an EFF’d up situation that is where you cannot speak your mind and express yourself. I don’t know this world, I must admit, where your boss is watching, your preacher’s watching, the next-door neighbor’s watching, your mama’dem watching… everybody is watching your every move (yeah YOU) to decide if they want to move with you…

Just one great big mess of opportunity this social networking is. Interesting to know what kind of quagmire Relentless put you in because we are connected in some way <takes a bow>. I like when you all justify me when you repost something that I post; something important and relevant and inspiring. You all always preface your post with “oh ignore his potty mouth he is really genuine down deep inside.” lol!

yes Relentless is an asshole but some part of his brain is very valuable to us we need to watch him

But social media lends itself to the extracurricular activity that ultimately fuels my career and my voice/not necessarily in that order. Its also therapeutic because I don’t have a love of my own, and I truly do need balance in my life. Love affords us that balance, i my estimation. And everyone needs balance. Balance should be a

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prerequisite or should come packaged for every man everywhere.

There would be greater productivity less arguments and less killing if every man had some kind of ration where they could receive and even give some of those Life-affirming, tension-relieving orgasms.

Yes it should be safe, but know that this choice indeed attracts a list of good or bad results for you. On one side of the coin, random sex may leave you empty afterwards, where (as in normal relationships) the experience doesn’t afford the benefits of a “purposeful connection.” Your partner might be someone buying poppers online Amazon but still not be your absolute “soulmate” and was not necessarily for building or procreating or investing time energy and emotions into one person. In fact, you find yourself “manufacturing” reasons why you should jump in bed and love one another. It really is more of a desperate measure where you both are exerting those pent-up, backed-up desires for love. But there’s the flipside to that coin (Robert De Niro voice): there are usually no strings

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attached in the case of random encounters, just those 2 grown-ass adults, getting theirs, inevitably going their separate ways; back to their own individual worlds.

Folks, my random encounters are “off the chain” and generally take on a life of their own. I also (many times) share them with the world; play-by-play. I bring you all immediately to the story (my story) as it happens.

In most cases, you better know that such a relationship may not last. I wish it would, but usually doesn’t. Why? Because, I have my world and she has hers. Unless she’s been uprooted and her hard drive was erased, she’s not gonna drop everything and come running to me for us to happily ever-after. Another thing; I still believe in love and I know that I will eventually give this up and focus on “that.” But my consistent work and contributions to community require that “balance” I spoke of. So, can I get mine???

So last night was another wild meat-packing adventure. She’s 22, vapor-smokes and I watched her

photo 3wax a whole 6-pack of Bud Light Platinum.

I knew we were different in our phone calls and text messages. I knew that we weren’t particularly “yoked.

” But I did know that she was available, that she was cute, and that she was a freak. The women I want to love, and marry and create a life with have issues, or they have their own worlds they can’t get away from. So one day I said “fuck this.” I’m not gonna frustrate myself waiting for the woman I love; deny myself pleasures I deserve. And I know some of you hate me for this because 1) you can’t have this randomness in your own life, or 2) you don’t know how, or 3) You’re already shacked-up, married-up or boo’s-up. Either that, or you’re of a certain age where you’ve “been there/done that” and “randomness” is not part of your life. Sure, some of you sit back and enjoy what I do/how I do it. But there are others who are in denial and confused about how I live. And thats just fine; I’m not here to change the way you think. Many of my admirers/readers/fans, etc just love to watch me break it down; literally & figuratively. So stand by and watch and enjoy the pros and cons of The Random Sexual Encounters of Relentless Aaron.

BTW: In the scheme of things, on that scale of 1 to 10, last night rated about an 8 1/2. yes, it was random, meaning I just met her, and there’s a possibility that I will never see her again. But I can’t help thinking what if. What if…  Lord forgive me for my 48yr old  carnal desires. #relentless



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