Facebook Murders – A Relentless Film 

Yes, I murder Facebook. Really. Not only do I share my thoughts, but I create here, as well as I share my external creations here. It might be books, films, Internet Radio projects. But beyond the creativity and resourcing I use this social network AS A SOCIAL NETWORK! (Hello??? Anyone here that?) That means connecting with distant friends, new friends, etc.

Some of the older folks wouldn’t understand, but thats not my problem/what you do or don’t know about networking and how it lends heavily to my success. All I can do is hope you learn or teach by my actions.

Having said that, I wanted to take a moment to say hi to and to thank all those in my Facebook family. While many entrepreneurs use Facebook as a default promotional platform, I use it a whole lot differently. Facebook is a very big connector in my life. it has helped me to land the big money deals as well as to survive in the wake of the big money deals. It allows me to stay relevant and on top of current events as well as to promote here and there/where it relates to my community work here in Conyers Georgia.
If I could rename Facebook as it relates to Relentless Aaron, I would call it “Blurred Lines.” Because there are so many of you from so many walks of life and so many geographical areas around the world, and you all have different perceptions of how one should live or what one should say, or the life that one should lead.

And you all are 100% right (becuz thats how YOU see things) as well as you are 100% wrong, again, becuz thats how YOU see things.

So welcome to all of you newcomers in my circle. I hope I am not too offensive to you because I do get vulgar/I have

my #Eminem #EddieMurphy#RichardPryor moments as well as I have my #TylerPerry #JesusChrist #TDJakes moments. I am multi-layered and hardly one-dimensional. bigger than all of that I am accessible. Where many folks who have achieved that certain level of success are

film production atlanta georgiamostly insulated I am here to share my truth, to hear your truth and to make sense of Life’s smoke and mirrors. You may see my emotions, my disciplines, my talents, my love affairs, my progress or failure. You see all of that with images, video, audio as well as thru the largest part of my skill set/my writing. In the end, this is me (like it or not). I am progressing, I am sharing, and we are living and loving and learning together. BTW – That’s my independent, low budget film project Facebook Murders that I produce here in Rockdale County (to the left of your screen). Its an ongoing project/a labor of love. Hope you enjoy it and share and comment. All the best to you and let’s continue to Facebook together. #Relentless




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