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In case you're not in the East Atlanta region, you likely missed this; the first billboard I've ever crafted/conceived for a client. And its not a small brand either, considering that Crossfit is an internationally known and well-received brand. So, its "a good look" where it relates to the "variety" of skills I possess; another level beyond merely writing novels. And, true story, you can't just write books and rest with that one-dimensional career path in mind/not today, anyhow.


The man was a beast when it came to content! He was putting his mind to work, making something out of nothing/just as Shakespeare, the authors of the Holy Bible as well as so many other imagineers in world history. I can tell you first hand, how dissecting his novels helped me learn the game so that I too could be "Master of The Game." Mastering your craft means being an apprentice and since I didn't know Sidney personally, his teaching (along with that of John Grisham, Lawrence Block, James Patterson & Donald Westlake) reached me through the novels.

And I've been telling stories ever since, in novels, in my graphic designs, Internet Radio, online commentaries, short films & tv commercials as well as in e-books and long-form novels. Storytelling has withstood the test of time, as evidenced by the Holy Bible. And the better the storyteller, the more impact you have on people around the world, whether its simply entertaining them, or inspiring and raising their level of awareness. So, I find myself telling stories in the tv commercials, the music videos, documentaries and websites I create.

But I've now transcended those usual avenues to create a huge billboard on i-20 at Stonecrest Mall. You can see it if you're traveling Eastbound on I-20, after you've passed Panola Rd, and before you hit the Stonecrest Mall exit/on your left hand side.

So, to date, I've got Dr. Wilder's TV commercials playing on Comcast, I've got a commercial for crossfit playing as well as the billboard. I don't know what's next, but I love the diversity of my work and how it calls up my various skills as a storyteller. Its not just about novels. #Relentless

Below: Crossfit & Dr. Wilder video production




Don't EVER get caught in the trap of what OTHER PEOPLE THINK or EXPECT. If you are a writer, people might expect that writing is all you do. 

If you are a graphic designer, people might pigeon-hole you as just another guy playing with software.


I can't tell you how many times I've served clients in one capacity or another (as a photographer) and I was suddenly "the camera-guy." Forget that I've written dozens of novels, or that I've published quite a few books for other people... forget that I've produced TV shows, music videos & documentaries... forget that I have produced live stage shows for decades, from concerts at stadiums to Starbucks... 


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