It All Began With The Books

pound for pound

IT ALL BEGAN WITH THE BOOKS… but before I got there it was VIDEO PRODUCTION, LIVE SHOW PRODUCTION, MAGAZINE PUBLISHING, CLUB & CONCER PROMOTION… I BUILT A FEW NIGHTCLUBS, ORGANIZED LIVE RADIO BROADCASTS IN OTHERS… BUT THE NOVELS went GLOBAL; the stories became viral, and the rest was/is HISTORY. Because of my value and talents, other folks have books & publishing companies. Because of my connectivity and relationships there is progress; people have benefitted from my skills. And today, added to my skills & credits; I make lots of money for Starbucks, whether its attracting new customers or connecting with current ones. I’m smart enough to know that its no biggie for them, and that I’m just a “blip” on their map; but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do, love the people I serve, locally and around the country, and its something that makes/keeps me happy. I woke up today wondering whats the next big thing I’d be doing. Sure, the pressure is on, the battlefield of life it warring, but through it all I’m motivated to ask WHATS NEXT? I hope you all enjoy your week and that there’s something productive & passionate you’re involved in everyday to make & keep you happy. #Relentless

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