Biggest Things On My Agenda…

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Mason’s Miracle (Documentary), The Godfather/Wesley (short Film/Book Trailer), Tabboleno (Book Cover & E-Book setup), Clarence (Dot Net website, plus 2 video clips), a couple audio clips for Kysa, Eugene (Logo), CrossFit (Video Opener), Wilder (New Commercial), Mail Letters to Prisoners, New Video for Starbucks event, Plans for November Starbucks grand re-opening, East Atlanta website tighten up, 3 books in progress, Newsletter, Relentless Radio recording, Sanchia’s Wedding DVD & E-book…. and then there’s tomorrows show at Starbucks. In between there is the eating, the workouts, the sleep?

 In all, I hafta say life is very busy; a GOOD busy, thank God. The consistence led to the mastery. The mastery led to the acknowledgement, the acknowledgement led to the respect and investment… it all adds up to a legacy fulfilled. Gettin it. Workin it. Constantly. Alone. I asked for it. But in the meantime, I get to choose my clientele. I get to work my own hours, and I get to do it all in an environment of my choice, STARBUCKS.
I am grateful to all of you who have supported me and rooted for my over the years, as much as I am grateful to the clients, both long-term, new & old. This is a wonderful life.



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