Consistence Overcomes Resistance

Author, Publisher, Film Maker. Relentless

Author, Publisher, Film Maker. Relentless

For so many years, I grew up with a radio DJ repeating that quote at the end of every show. His name was Mr. Magic (or bka: Supa-Rockin Mister Magic) and his quote at the end of each show simply included “Persistence overcomes resistance.” I can imagine that most Radio Personalities leave the air with some sort of famous quotation to stimulate the minds of their listeners. However I must admit that understanding the value of that very sage advice had not set in until the later years of my life. I’m talkin about my 30s and 40s, where I came to realize that being consistent (same as persistent) is what led to so many great accomplishments. Note, that certain life decisions and coincidences may impact or impair your ability to maintain consistence. It is my theory that AVOIDING such pitfalls will allow you to experience the true “distance” of your goals & purpose. Afterall, how many of us can identify a time in our lives when we made a decision that created a major shift? (I’m not talkin at the gas-pump, either!) But that life decision was either a great one or a tragic one. Right?

For all these years I have been consistent in filming the activities of my life and the people who I connect with. For much longer than that I have been networking and connecting with “like minds,” such that the “Law of Correspondence” affirms. But for way longer than that, I have been writing both creatively and in my studies. So when you put it altogether, (when you do the math) my success is anchored by my filming consistently, my networking consistently, and my writing consistently. I can go back some 25-plus years to find footage of activities that today are either entertaining or resourceful. And by the same measure I can look back 30 years or longer to find people who I know today and network with today. This has led to a large community and network, one that supports me and with which I resource from time to time. But above all, whether I am in class or alone I have always been writing. I have adopted a practice and a routine that keeps me in love with the ink pen and the line paper. Yes it is fun to type on a keyboard and see your words appear on the screen faster (or so it seems) then in longhand. However, in making my point, I have only been consistently practicing typing since 1992. And what is 20 years of typing compared to 40+ years of longhand? For the past five or six years I have been consistent in my workout routine and in my health/eating habits. That has led to the best body that I have ever known as well as the best healthy/energetic feeling. So then, when I do my own review, I find I have been most consistent in my life with expressing myself creatively, critically or otherwise in my writing. And over the next 5 to 10 years, God willing, my physical health will catch up with the mastery that I’ve experienced in writing and connectivity and video production. Wow. To do the math in my own life is pretty damned amazing. But do the math in some other well-known master’s lives and you’d see the same results. Tiger, Michael, Mike, Leonardo, Jack, Barack, Denzel, Marshall, Benjamin, Russell, Jenner, Bannister, and so on. I mentioned first names (mostly) because I know you will easily put a face with the names, be it acting, sports or music. Regardless who, they were all CONSISTENT.

alg-music-mr-magic-jpgSo now what have you been most consistent at? If my mojo is in my writing, video production and connectivity, then where is your mojo? Where is your strength and consistence? And is that strength and consistency and Mojo something you have mastered? Is that something that is benefiting you? Perhaps something that is providing for your family or your well-being or your own sense of accomplishment? Consistency is one of those lifelong lessons that I have learned from my mentors, whether it was boxing, sales, or writing. And the more I embrace consistency, the more accomplishment I recognize. This is why and how I have written and sold so many novels, and why I have such a huge readership. This is why I have 600+ videos and millions of references on the Internet. This is why I am very connected in the world. Consistence.

So, if you take anything away from this morning’s message, please know that consistence is one of the biggest assets you can possibly have in your quest to succeed or progress. Peace. #Relentless

R.I.P. Supa-Rockin Mister Magic


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