What inspired me to write?

  I was locked up and feared for my life every day/miss categorized and thrown into a prison where men were condemned for 50 years or more. So instead of turning into a predator or a vulture, I became productive. A squirrel.  A hummingbird. My “honey” was every page I wrote, every chapter and every book completed. My dreams at night we’re not of freedom but of my characters activities and the chapters I’d be writing when I woke up. And when my 7 years was up I had 30 manuscripts ready to go. I wasn’t thinking about a publishing deal, instead I did it myself and began to publish my books one at a time. I developed an audience and a big enough buzz that one of the 10 major publishing companies gave me a quarter of $1 million advance. To get a deal like that today would be a miracle in this failing publishing industry in the world of paper on the demise. I am still inspired to write and I still pump out books now on my 40th book, with my own audience. My advice is to do it yourself if you can’t get a deal and to print the books that are necessary as you are still writing. 40 books and 1000 devoted Fans Is Way better than and elusive audience that is ready to buy anything from anybody. Blessings.

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