Wednesday à la mode

ode to Wednesday relentless aaronGood Morning Wednesday. I know we go back quite some time but I never took the time to share this with you: Week after week, you are a factor in my life. You are both anxiety & satisfaction, the push & the pull… You mark my potential as well as you restrain me. This sometimes feels futile, and that you’re challenging me to stay the course. To forge on and to succeed…

But you also threaten & torture me with the idea of partial achievement and not quite cutting it. You’re so full of mystery, with certain obstacles and dangers under your skirt.

Why do you continue to punish me so? It sometimes feels as if my glass is half empty. But tho you are such a powerful reality in my life, and at times very intimidating, (we barely speak!) I still feel encouraged. I still believe in us. I’m able to look at you so much differently than so many others. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen you naked. I know what’s underneath. I’ve seen it well-kept and I’ve seen it neglected. Although you come and go as you please we may as well call this a marriage. You need to just accept me; you’ve been so much part of my life; like a sister-friend to me. I know you, Wednesday! And I believe in you. Sure I realize that you too have your challenges, your enemies, your fate. So I tend to take nothing personal. I tend to want to see us as friends and lovers. I tend to focus on our good times and our high moments. As such, I won’t let your raw and unyielding power discourage me. Id rather see you as the motivation I need to carry on… The fire at my feet and the clear perspective of my future, whether immediate or distant. I’m sincere when I tell you I love you Wednesday, I know you love me back, and I appreciate you being there consistently to test my Teflon. Once again, good morning Wednesday!

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