When I came down to Atlanta over 6years ago I had no idea that the weather would be so proud! Here the weather is either so hot, so cold, but mostly so warm. Just a few years ago I realized things were different; found myself submerged in 80° weather on Thanksgiving night. To myself I thought, “wow this is amazing!” So today a lot of the nation is recognizing below freezing temperatures, and where I am feels like 15°. But, I was built for this! It’s Tuesday morning and I am on a mission! I am so ready!!! ARE YOU???? ARE YOU GONNA GET UP, GET OUT & PERHAPS MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS??? Or maybe you’ll call in sick and take cover. Well IF YOU’RE READING MY POSTS, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY A CHAMPION! SO GO GET ‘EM CHAMP!!!10689913_10152791979540733_2857794772454219776_n


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