Relentless Inspiration – Some Friday Appreciation, by Relentless Aaron

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Good Morning to you all. I spent most of the night awake and could not help thinking about all the many people that I know and how we run into one another and the assistance that I’ve given you in some shape or form. But I can’t help thinking that you take what I give you and you move forward but perhaps you feel I don’t see you or that I don’t care about you or that I am not concerned.
How many times have you said to yourself “wow. If I could just pull together all of the talented people that I know, and if we could just group together we could achieve the greatest amount of success, healing, commerce, and well-being for all who we touch.”
Well I had that thought this morning and I don’t agree with the programs that are out there, designed to feed off of your bank account every month whether you work or not. I am a worker bee. That is what I do; I grind. I get it in on the daily. I do with my 24 hours with some people do in a month. Publishing, producing, satisfying clients, getting my workout routine in and keeping proper nutrition. Socializing and networking. Developing new business and new business ventures. And then there are the live shows that I do every month and the community awareness that I am involved in. Just so much going on every single minute of every day; all the movement of one man. Some of you however, even tho you’re working just as hard, may feel that it is not fruitful work.
Yesterday I learned that a friend had some sort of physical breakdown that caused her to pull off of the side of the road and check into the hospital. And I firmly believe that this is because she is missing air, water and rest.
If any of you have been following me for years you know that I am a big advocate of air and water. Water is normal it is part of our physical being. We have to have it. Our body is 85 to 95% water. The body that you know today will not be here in 18 months; the majority of it will be renewed. The scars relearn themselves. but the blood and the hair in the flesh in the muscle tissue and our atoms will all be renewed. Our thoughts and goals will be renewed.
But, to help with the natural order of things and that renewal, you need to drink proper water. And secondly there is air. I’m not talking about the air that we get by default. I’m talking about breathing to live.
Many of us are breathing to survive, that would be those short breaths that you take because you have to. But there is the deep breathing that takes in the air that helps you to live. I learned this from Anthony Robbins and here is a link to the strategy by which you can master your breathing to live and not merely to survive.
Finally, I just want to say that I appreciate you and I see your work and your drive and your energy and I understand your purpose. To tell you to take it easy would not be in my vocabulary. I need you to be strong and I need you to work smarter than you have been working. That friend of mine would not listen to me when I said take a break (regroup) and so that friend was forced to sit to the side of the road.
However, I hope that you will listen to me when I say I need you to survive so that you can achieve. I need you to achieve so that you can realize your purpose and why you are here.
With love and respect, Happy Friday I am Relentless
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